The death penalty is barbaric

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The first time I attended a hearing of a capital case and the accused person was convicted was when I was a law student.

The people in the court were ordered to stand while the judge pronounced the words “…he shall be hanged by the neck till he is dead …” I was shocked and what crossed my mind was why do we have to stand when he is to be hanged. If we respect life we should never hang any person. Does standing and listening to those words make us less guilty for taking the life of a condemned person?

I am not sure if the procedure is the same today.

The death penalty is barbaric. As a civilised nation we can perhaps reflect on why we demand death not only for crimes of violence but also for drug consumption and trafficking as deemed by law.


Teo Soh Lung




13 Responses to “The death penalty is barbaric”

  • uselesstankl:

    “While both cases work at T3, they had not interacted with each other, and epidemiological investigations so far have not established any link between them,” MOH said in a statement on Saturday night (Oct 24).

    As a precautionary measure, however, all individuals working at T3 who may have contact with travellers will be tested for Covid-19, it added.






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  • uselesstankl:

    You should live among drug users families !!!


    Is the only ” OPTION”,

    Don’t STOP,

    ASK Thai monasteries monks TOO.



    IN OECD countries,.


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  • TumasikPatriot:

    You have had a Barbaric-Coward & Traitor for a LEEder…

    … after working with the Japanese during the War Adopt their Atrocities when he took Power to Hide his past Cowardice by acting “TOUGH” on criminals as seen and taught by the Japanese during the OCCUPATION…

    he delights in his book the part when Heads chopped were mounted for all to see…

    Hanging & Standing is a ritual he adopted for all to see how a Criminal should be treated in his Evil TIME in POWER!!!

    He should be In HELL’s Hell…Hell is too good for him!!!

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  • An eye for eye!!!:

    some people deserve to hang some may not.

    for murder cases – if a person commits a murder on another person, the family members shall decide if he should live or die. If they think he should hang, they should be the one pulling the lever. This way they will feel or not feel the guilt to take another person’s life.

    As for Drug cases – the prosecutor who won the case shall be the one pulling the lever.
    This way the overzealous prosecutor will feel or not feel the guilt of taking another person’s life.
    Whether the guilt is there or not, they will still have blood in their hands.

    what say you?

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    Hello Teo,
    You talk cock sing song…..
    If death penalty is barbaric, then I ask you:
    1. how about human murderer ? is human murderer barbaric ?
    Your Ang Mo Tua Kee George Bush attacked Iraq but cannot find weapon of mass destruction. Many people were killed in your AMTK unjust war. but I did not see you condemn your AMTK Bush?

    My PAP Tua Kee is right to hang those bast**d who bring in drugs to destroy the nation. Have you forgotten the lesson of the unclothed, unculture burn here burn there PRC who were defeated by drugs called Opium War?

    2. how about animal murderer ? human farm the animals, then murder animals and harvest them for profits ?

    Teo, you suck AMTK too much.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$ all the way
    Singaporeans must be Cheaper, Better, Faster.
    Workers must accept wage sacrifices to keep businesses going.

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  • xoxo:

    BUT,i find it hard to reconcile between not killing an extremely evil person while we have no qualms killing a good person,maybe,in battlefields,even if he is our country’s enemy,OFFICIALLY?

    WE ARE MOSTLY HYPOCRITES,most of us,arent we?

    To me,killing a DRUG ADDICT maybe uncalled for,as he is just a *victim* BUT executing a drug lord/trafficker is acceptable.

    But SOCIETIES ,even advanced countries,are killing drug victims instead of the biggy perpetrator$ who make big money out of others???

    This is a difficult one.

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  • Harder Truths:

    You are another one of those clowns living in Disneyland.

    Using the word ‘uncivilised’ because you don’t like the way things go is a sure sign you are ‘incompetent’ and have no good argument to support your ‘civilsed’ view.

    Why don’t you relocate to the Middle East and help those poor terrorists who cannot find someone as loving and ‘civilised ‘ as you? Make sure you have done up your Will before you go.

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  • Pap has the mandate:

    I do not support the PAP Government injustice system that put someone on the death penalty but I do support the death penalty once proven beyond doubt. Go and watch families destroyed but drug abused. If you are a drug pusher or carrier, be prepared to face the death penalty if you are caught.

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  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    We avoid attending the issue at our peril. For if it’s indeed “barbaric”, then we who enable it by supporting the government become barbarians, worse, also, those now empowered to stop it, worse still, he or those who first passed laws to do the barbaric thing.

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  • it depends on the offence:

    hanging is justified if the crime or the criminal justifies it.

    what crime justifies hanging?

    crimes such as drug pushing, fixing of low wag maid, fixing of WP members in Aljunied GRC, deserve hanging.

    what criminals deserve hanging?

    criminals such as those who employ spouses in S$100m jobs in government owned corporations, those who steal throw a docile parleement, those who syphon taxpayer money for political advantgae purposes such as syphoning 61% sheep money into pap PA for pap political party use, deserve hanging.

    anyone else, especially those 39% who dare to stand up against a corrupted pap regime, certainly don’t deserve any hanging especially when pap the rotten is in power.

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  • What About ?:

    Deserve Hanging – please include suing Bloggers in Court repeatedly!

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  • Jman:

    Ms Teo, your liberal and humanitarian views are theoretically sound, but deeply flawed in practice.

    In theory I’d agree with you, but in practice I’d go with the death penalty.

    Your posts are as though these criminals are rational, reasonable and moral and considerate. Which is hardly the case.

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  • 20 Year Imprisonment:

    Is 20 years of imprisonment enough to deter drug traffickers? How about lifetime imprisonment in isolated island (away from the mainland).

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