A New Structure in Political Governance for PAP Survival and Sustainability

The ruling PAP suffered a stinking blow to its popularity vote to simple majority 61% in GE2020 from its two-thirds majority 69.9% in GE2015. The Opposition could possibly make further if dramatic inroads into Parliament in the next two GEs to finally unseat the PAP Government.

The electoral trend is clearly set in the recent Sengkang GRC votes which comprised 60% of the younger voters below 40 years old. The loss of the 5-seat GRC Constituency to the Workers Party (WP) as well as impressive gains by the first time PSP have unsurprisingly forced PM Lee Hsien Loong 李显龙总理 to delay the handing of power to the next generation of PAP leadership. The Heng See Kiat/Chan Chun Sing leadership may not survive politically — 将军无能 累死三军呢!

Singaporeans want a regime change. Instead of invigorating the PAP MPs to fight against the people’s wish, PM Lee should take a hard look at Mao Zedong’s three written articles借鉴for his MAYDAY rescue plan for PAP’s survival and sustainability via enlargement of his population support.

Part A

A(1) Mao Zedong’s Banditry Years before 1949

In 1937, Mao wrote from his cave the first 2 articles “On Contradiction矛盾论” & “On Practice实践论”.

Suffice to say that the two articles were to distinguish the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Marxism from its European roots by presenting the Yin-Yang 阴阳论Concept of the ancient Chinese Philosophy – constituting Taoism for Yin and Confucianism for Yang in the 4,500 years old unbroken Chinese Civilization 中华文明. Yin/Yang symbolize the Inseparability if Contradictory Opposites of the Natural Order as Mao’s simple note of Dialectical Materialism to a more palatable Chinese population.

In Theory, Mao brought Marxism to China on the basis of the Principle of Unity of the Opposites as what Maoists would thereon call the Theory and Practice of Mao Zedong Thought 毛泽东思想 as the CCP evolved gradually its ideology into Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.

In Practice, Mao’s Unity of the Opposites was constituting the 2 armies of KMT and CCP to fight Japan’s Aggression in what 蒋介石 later summed up from his Taiwan exile as Mao’s Art of War 高超艺术战法incorporating活学活用various aspects of China’s 4,500 years of unbroken 文明 – 从无到有 小米加步枪 於人民战争启发 分久必合 合久必分: 1st, against Japan’s all-out invasion of China in八年抗战 1937-45; 2nd, against KMT三年内战 于三大战役奇迹般地结束 KMT 大陆政权; 3rd, 1949 庄言向世界宣告中国人民从此站起来后, 建立中华人民共和国 以《为人民服务》忠指 fronting from inside 新华门地处而1953又奇迹般地逼美军及所领导联合国十六国军队在抗美援朝战场上丟人现眼地停战.

A(2) The Political Governance Contradiction 政宪的矛盾 of China Post-1949

In 1957, Mao expanded his two articles from fighting war against enemy to managing public peace with a third article (On Correct Handling of Contradiction Among the People 论正确处理人民内部矛盾).

Prior to 1957, Mao was grappling with unease caused by his CCP local cadres and the KMT remnants especially in the War-time Capital of Chongqing 重庆市 amid the PRC Constitution’s rocky adoption in 1954 with the creation of a CCP state organ 人民大会 National People’s Congress (NPC) as 矛 and a united-front 统战议会 Chinese People Political Consultative Conference (CPC) comprising 8 minor parties (including KMT Left headed from 1948-49 by Dr. Sun Yatsen’s surviving spouse) but led by a CCP 常委 Standing Committee member. Mao witnessed his 1956 Campaign ‘Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom 百花齐放’ of enticing citizens to criticize CCP policies foundering out of control whence the引蛇出洞之右倾翻案风 Anti-Rightists campaign was moved in to curb the unrest.

Indeed, the 1957 article helped curbed the unrest by Mao categorizing the Chinese citizens into two classes i.e. the overwhelming MAJORITY Non-antagonistic Contradiction 人民内部矛盾 whom Mao’s 1944 slogan 《为人民服务》 accommodated politically as comrades and the tiny MINORITY Antagonistic Contradiction 敌我之间矛盾 as李自成-inclined corrupt local administrators & KMT conspirators both Mao dismissed/suppressed. The 重庆市 unrest was a local issue on top of his 高岗中央领导问题 given that the population at large supported 中央人民政府 in Beijing.

A(3) The 1959-61 Famine-stricken Three Red Flag Campaign

In 1958, Mao launched The Three Red-Flag Campaign 三大红旗运动 (The People’s Commune 人民公社/The Great Leap Forward 大跃进/The General Line总路线) to modernize Agriculture and industrialize the economy. He also announced his retirement as State President 国家主席 in favor of his deputy Liu Shaoqi 刘少奇, retaining only the chairmanship of CCP and that of its 党中央军委.

In the wake of the 3-year 1959-61三年饥荒Red-Flag Campaign, Mao assembled an unprecedented gathering of 7,000 cadres in 1962 to review their shortcomings. As CCP chairman, Mao made a self-criticism but insisted that bad weather and mismanagement amid corruption of his 地方干部 were primarily to blame – 中央功过三七开!

President Liu’s subsequent farm policy 包产到户 though Capitalist in tone for productivity growth was not entirely wrong but Liu could not be forgiven for wanting Mao solely accountable for the famine. All 9 members of 党中央常委 should be collectively accountable as was the CCP tradition. Liu would become 敌我之间矛盾 and was sacked from the 9th Party Congress in 1969.

A(4) 文革为民族之举 又专又红为共和之功

After the 1962 Meeting, Mao proceeded to improve the CCP 政宪 in a 2-step 群众工作 to rectify the ground. His first step was to send urban educated youths 上山下乡知青 to go down to the farm 向贫下中农再受教育 to吃苦in rural hardships so as to strengthen CCP bond with the peasants.

The second step was launching his most controversial 1966 campaign无产阶级文化大革命 rounding up reckless
造反有理的红卫兵 with 初中三学业水平但无文化事业污点to be sent to the countryside for Socialist transformation. This would ease them into the revolutionary ranks when CCP should adopt Liu’s farm policy 包产到户 to be led by more trusting 邓小平.

Part B

B(1) Dr. Hong Hai’s Two Deficit Factors for GE2020 Dismal Showing

Dr. Hong Hai, a former PAP MP, was quick to point out two deficit factors in the Straits Times Forum after the GE2020 results were known. The factors were i) the moribund political governance PAP 政宪失效 and ii) the failure in leadership renewal 领导无能. Yes, PAP leaders-in-waiting all had excellent academic credentials but with nothing吃苦in experience hardships for leadership ascension.

It is not inconceivable that new and younger voters with the passing of the PAP Old Guard might just be gung-ho enough to vote in more Opposition MPs in GE2025. The scene is set for PAP’s rapid decline to political oblivion?

B(2) 浪子回头 To the Rescue

Singaporeans observed that since GRC and NCMP were designed to extend the PAP rule with young MP with no hardship-driven candidacy, they could not grow naturally to become sustainable leaders. Indeed, the PAP recruited and conditioned them only as yes-men all the way.

Indeed, the only component party that could fit the bill for a PAP-led Coalition Government is the SDP. SDP members were formerly from the PAP Establishment with solid professional skills endowed with bitter experience that could lift SG out of its 小康 Middle-Class Trap.

但新加坡不需自搞什么文革, 只要领导和人民能吃未来大潇条同等的大乱之苦就行了.

Indeed, it was the Peoples Liberation Army with its Serve the People三大记律八项注意的忠指in the Wuhan/Hubei COVID-19 crisis that the medical team led by 钟南山院士 in co-managing the 疫情 that became a spectacular success with first constructing two 1,000-bed hospitals from ground zero in amazing 10 days each and second rendering the invisible virus stop dead miraculously in less than two months without the virus spreading to other parts of China.

B(3) 要读毛主席的书 听邓小平的话 照习近平的指示办事 做李显龙的好战士

Senior SDP members were the PAP 人民内部矛盾 who were more than eager to put things right for the nation whether as hardship-driven 能吃苦的反对党 or as Returning Prodigal Son 浪子回头 – Where the PAP could bond them for productivity-growth of its 5th PM leadership onward.

On 13 Oct 2020,we learned that Hyundai of South Korea is planning to build a facility for production of 30,000 e-vehicles annually by 2025. Yes, it is only a hardware showcase. SG does not have a population befitting a large demand for its market sustainability, unlike Tesla in China. It is the software in engineering skills that matter 要自力更生 劳群奋斗呢. Be careful of what we hope for!

Our need is to directly connect to the world’s No 1 China market which for now is the only economy having a positive GDP growth recovery while the rest of the world is still mired in L-shape misery.

Why not study President Xi Jinping’s 14 Oct 2020 speech on the 40th Anniversary of Shenzhen as China’s first SEZ in his message of deepening 深入高质量 达高水平的 Reform and Opening-up Strategy 改革开放新战略佈局 for SG China connectivity. In March 2020, China launched it’s 4th Industrial Revolution with 新基建 new infrastructure network covering 5G with AI facility.

How PAP ensures its 又专又红的执政步骤, it is up to its 军师. But if it were to collapse despite all the safeguards against future waves of mutating virus outbreak amid the threat of Reserves bankruptcy due to Recession turning into Depression, PM Lee Hsien Loong would still be recognized in posterity as Statesman Extraordinaire – just like 蒋经国 in death today when alive he upstaged his father’s 反攻大陆之计 with his 十大经济项目 for Taiwan.

要团结一切可以团结人民的智慧 从群从中来 到群从中去 先组织联合政府而定胜选的来临. So please let the Inevitability take hold if our Sovereignty really matters! Let there first be a PAP-led Coalition Government!


Independent Compatriot




15 Responses to “A New Structure in Political Governance for PAP Survival and Sustainability”

  • it is better to be PSP-WP only:

    after over 50 years of pure pap rule, all we get are these,

    1, INDIAN is malay
    2, INSIDE 200m is not within 200m
    3, employing spouses at S$99m a pop in government linked entities

    pap knows it is dying and has asked its PA organized IBs to say coalition led by pap.

    good try.

    in four years’ time, immediately after GE2024, these things happen,

    4, pap folks run road, actually try to run road but blocked by 39% patriots
    5, parleement is renamed parliament
    6, coalition government is by PSP-WP only
    7, all current heads running pap registris courts police cpib agc are removed within 24 hours of New Government.


    8, coalition government, yes, but only led by PSP-WP
    9, pap folks retire to enjoy their S$m largesse, no, since all of them shall be brought to court
    10, best of all, the history of Singapore shall be rewritten to document how lee kuan yew ruined the small island nation and how 39% patriots turned the whole thing around within 4 short years from 2020 to 2024.

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  • Reliable?:

    Nearing the 2020 Election; someone said this;

    “Singapore ramping up vaccine manufacturing capacity”: PM Lee

    Without knowing the final forms, product and shape of the vaccine, can anyone or will anyone set up its packaging rigs, not even saying “ramping up”?.

    Though till today, we don’t know its accuracy but it sure sounded very similar to Trump now, trumpeting rounding up, vaccine coming…… and then White Hair says “He’s lying”!.

    And KJ said;

    [Thank you for informing me that CNA, a subsidiary of Mediacorp which is wholly owned by Temasek which is run by Ho Ching is going to be putting out a programme glorifying her husband the PM, in the run up to the polls. KJ]

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  • from Encyclopedia Britannica -:

    Three Principles of the People, also called Three Great Principles, Chinese (Pinyin) Sanmin Zhuyi or (Wade-Giles romanization) San-min Chu-i, is the ideological basis of the political program of the Chinese Nationalist leader Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925), championing the principles of nationalism, democracy, and socialism.

    The principles were originally formulated as slogans for Sun’s revolutionary student group, the United League, one of the chief forces behind the 1911 Republican Revolution, which ended the Qing dynasty rule of China. After the failure of this revolution to establish democracy in China, Sun formed a new party, the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang), utilizing his principles as fundamental doctrine. In 1922 the Nationalists formed an alliance with the Chinese Communist Party. Beginning the following winter, Sun, in response to communist demands for a more formal party ideology, gave a series of lectures in which he sharpened and defined his three principles.

    The first principle, Minzu Zhuyi, or “Nationalism,” earlier had meant opposition to the Qing (Manchu) dynasty and to foreign imperialism; now Sun explained the phrase as denoting self-determination for the Chinese people as a whole and also for the minority groups within China.

    The second principle, Minquan, or the “Rights of the People,” sometimes translated as “Democracy,” could be achieved, Sun explained, by allowing the Chinese people to control their own government through such devices as election,initiative, referendum, and recall.

    The last principle was Minsheng, or “People’s Livelihood,” which is often translated as “Socialism.” This was the most vague of the three principles, but by it Sun seemed to have in mind the idea of equalization of land ownership through a just system of taxation.

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  • oxygen:

    I FEEL STRONGLY THAT if the political economy in LEE-jiapore is NOT REINVENTED, it is GONE.

    The “pathway” dependency of crony capitalism and the legacy of political “sunk cost” of our failed past so evident in the last two decades MUST BE LET GO, no matter what and like it or not if this nation is to survive.

    the turbulence buffeting us from outside is UNSTOPPABLE.

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  • Independent Commie TKL's Craps:

    Suggest the author talks about Mao Zedong’s horny pr*ck instead.
    As for our own supreme leader. He don’t have any.

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  • kopi-o:

    PAP-led coalition?
    No lah,it will be a disastrous PAP-ked COLLISION!

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Well WRTTEN but to make a Long story Short without disagreeing with most of writers post…
    Handing over of POWER???… In the eyes of The Lies MUST be the CONtinuity of the Dynasty with all the Idiots & Sycophant hand-picked in place for the 3rd generation to take over namely the LieHo(r)???

    Tio Bo??? Betul Lah!!!

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    A load of crap.
    CCP propagandist. Perhaps red bean or dugu in disguise ?

    What about negative side like how many people die during culture revolution and the great leap? And how many flee to HK including 葉劍英 daughter who unfortunately failed. How come censored ?

    Author watched too much CGTV or whatever China news channel ?
    What about china 曹亞雄 fiasco , no money to treat cancer in China ? CGTV A lot of 報喜不報憂.

    吃苦 ?
    Not true .
    劉備(吃苦) lost big time to 陸遜 ( 孫權女婿 ).

    蘇東坡 would rather 惟願孩兒愚且魯,無災無難到公卿.

    Since u advocate 吃苦 then the minimum wage fight should be dismissed ?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Even if by chance, the next GE did show that the opposition had won more seats than the pappies, does anyone think they will give up their power?

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  • SDP?:

    How come SDP mentioned ?

    SDP a mole for CCP ?

    Or is this a sabotage at SDP ?

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  • Bad Boy:

    Any of u here still remember when covid 19 first surface in China Wuhan, some of these prc 50 fifty cents 五毛 wrote article claiming it was USA conspiracy. Haiz, The quality of these people.

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  • Many Are Playing It Safe:

    Singaporeans want a regime change. Instead of invigorating the PAP MPs to fight against the people’s wish, PM Lee should take a hard look at Mao Zedong’s three written articles . . . .

    Yes, agreed, many want a regime change. However, they are afraid to stick out their necks and take the road less travelled. These 61% are FREE-RIDING on the action of braver minority.

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  • Independent Compatriot:

    Dear Editor,

    There is a written error in the Chinese Character script in the last paragraph. Instead of 从群从中来 到群从中去 (From the masses to the masses). it should be 从群众中来 到群众中去 – the third and eight characters 从 should be 众 in each case。 I apologize for the oversight。

    Thank you for your editing and re-editing of my contribution. The headline should be (RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL SON or 浪子回头). This was to urge them not to waste whatever is left of the lifetime in Opposition Politics the negative way or their special professional talents so sought after in the hour of our Sovereignty needs. This option is not available to other Opposition parties. So May God Bless Them!

    Independent Compatriot

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  • Independent Compatriot:

    Dear Editor,

    Please refer to the above-mentioned commentary “from Encyclopedia Britannica-”. The commentator mentioned Dr. Sun Yatsen’s Three Peoples Principles. This would be accomplished by the CCP by end of 2020, namely

    1) 民族 – Mao declared to the world ”The Chinese people have stood up 中国人民从此站起来了“ on the eve of establishing the Peoples Republic of China 中华人民共和国 on 1 Oct 1949 after the first 100 years Century Humiliation by foreign powers led by England in 1840 the 1st Opium War, the 2nd Opium War led by the same expedition forces in 1860, the loss of the Naval Battle 甲午海战 to Japan in 1895, the sacking of the ‘Forbidden City” in 北京城 by 八国联军 in 1900, the ”21 Demands“ imposed by Japan in 1915, the formation of the puppet state of Manchukuo by Japan in 1932 and the all out invasion of China in 1937.

    2) 民权 – With the PRC founding came the establishment also on 1 Oct 1949 of the Peoples Democratic Dictatorship. The Dictatorship was entrusted to the Military Arm of the CCP (or the PLA) to ensure that China would not become vulnerable at the mercy of Imperialism 帝国主义 and Japanese Militarism 日本军国主义. Mao’s Jan 1949 article on peoples democratic dictatorship was consistent with Dr. Sun’s proviso that China must not become a plate of loose sands or a China as disunited like a 一盘散沙.

    3)民生 – Peoples Livelihood was first opposed by Mao because it has Capitalist overtone as it promotes productivity growth of the individual household. But after the failure of his famine-stricken 三大红旗运动 in 1959-61,he had agreed to relax his restriction of the farm policy by replacing the word capitalism with market economy to be led by a more trusting Hua Guofeng and then Deng Xiaoping 邓小平 from 1978 onward 2 years after Mao’s death. By end 2020, all of China will as planned be without ‘impoverished’ people when the expected targeted poverty alleviation plan 扶贫计划 comes to an end?

    China has achieved Dr. Sun Yatsen’s All Three People’s Principles in the past 40 years is now a fact. But Xi Jinping in 2020 is now allowing a double circulation flow, one for the rising domestic economy (65%) and the other for the declining market economy (35%) as the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll on Globalization while China is the only major economy of the world recovering with positive domestic GDP productivity growth.

    Independent Compatriot

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  • Independent Compatriot:

    Dear Editor,

    My Apology。 Please update this last letter on Dr. Sun Yatsen’s Three Peoples Principles. For clarity on under whose leadership in the CCP achieved each of three principles, here is the update:

    1. 民族 – The Chinese People。 On 21 September 1949, Mao declared “The Chinese people have stood up 《中国人民从此站起来了》“. This declaration was made in a speech delivered at the first session of the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference (CPC) in the presence of the CCPCC members and the 8 minor party representatives for preparation of the formation of the Peoples Republic of China.

    2. 民权 – The Peoples Power。 On 1 October 1949, Mao declared the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China on the Rostrum of Tiananmen Square 《中华人民共和国今天成立了》 without any formal title except chairmanship of the CCP Military Commission to safeguard China’s unity in peoples democracy 人民民主专政.

    3. 民生 – The Peoples Livelihood。 能捉到老鼠的就是好猫 – In 1981 with the formal phasing out of the Hua Guofeng leadership, Deng Xiaoping 邓小平 took over the leadership assumption without any formal title except chairmanship of the CCP Military Commission.

    Independent Compatriot

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