What is Ho Ching up to?

What a wasted opportunity. Instead of having a meaningful and dispassionate discussion on the Leader of the Opposition concept, we are seeing verbal diarrhoea being spewed on the merits and demerits of whether Pritam Singh should have made it public that he was donating part of his increased allowance to charity.

With Ho Ching entering the fray, the discussion just went downhill. Her arrow was aimed, obliquely perhaps, at Singh, although she didn’t mention his name in her FB post. She seemed to be upset that many others give to charity, but then don’t publicise it. And the “most handsome genius” Calvin Cheng was also there in the trenches calling Singh’s action political theatre.

The CEO of Temasek’s indirect attack attracted a lot of attention because she is no ordinary woman. She is a corporate leader and the PM’s wife. Which of the two hats was she wearing? Or was she writing as a citizen, or as the conscience of Singapore society?

Ho Ching is so into social media that she can share or write multiple posts in a day. Some are about inane topics like food and animals, others are about what PAP leaders are doing. We can take comfort from the fact that she is not as bad as Donald Trump who goes berserk in attacking his rivals by throwing smoke bombs and using intemperate language.

But what does her husband, the PM, think of his wife’s posts? Has he advised her against doing it? Or is he the modern husband who doesn’t want to interfere in his wife’s affairs. Whatever his views, her actions cannot be wished away as she is the most important woman in Singapore. And what she says on Facebook will be sliced and diced to unimaginable conclusions. It will lead to splitting an already polarised society.

Ok, she has kind of apologised but water has already flowed under the bridge and the wounds are not going to be healed soon.

The Leader of the Opposition is worthy of a deep scrutiny and debate because it can shape the future of Opposition politics. Many feel that it is a scheme to draw Singh and his comrades into a trap to be slaughtered.

The PM mentioned it at least three times that he was looking forward to seeing alternative proposals from the Workers’ Party. For that to happen, Singh and Company will need all – and I emphasise ALL – the help from civil servants, who should not second guess or hold back from giving information.

The PAP holds the cards in this game. It has many more people, much more experience and much more information. It can turn out to be an unfair affair. The burden is on the ruling establishment to show it is sincere. If there are gaps in WP’s arguments, reveal them but do not gloat over the Opposition’s mistakes. And stop the inquisition-like approach, which some have tended to display.

As for Singh, he has to present water-tight ideas and, if proven wrong, show sincerity and contrition. This is like a Liverpool-Leeds United football match. Liverpool is always the favourite to win against underdog Leeds. But look at the way Reds manager Jurgen Klopp treats his rivals with compassion and empathy.

If both PAP and WP play the game with Singapore uppermost in their minds, then we are on to something.



P.N. Balji

* P.N. Balji is a veteran Singaporean journalist, who is the former chief editor of The New Paper and TODAY newspaper, and a media consultant.





24 Responses to “What is Ho Ching up to?”

  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    The Piece of Wooden Shit once told of Cathrine Lim when she made some political comments…get into politics if you want to comment & critic in politics or something to that effect lah!!!

    So HOW??? the Jinx…PM’s wife and Corporate Cheat plus home wrecker (Lie FamiLee)…

    The Sheeple of Singapore is IDIOTS…NO!!! total FOOLS if they cannot see through The FRAUDS!!!

    There is a DIFFERENCE when you are giving away Decently Earned $$$ compared to LEEgaly Corrupt $$$ gained and given as charity…Cheating and Returning to the Public what you cheat i.e. 2% only leh!!! or LESS

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  • who dat?:

    THE JINX definitely wears the pants in the familee..HC will NEVER in her wildest dreams, be like the graceful & smart Mrs lee kuan yew…

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  • xoxo:

    Seriously,me thinks Pritam’s donation or *forgoing* of The EFFECTIVE INCREMENTAL OF HIS MP ALLOWANCE induces A SENSE OF UNEA$ine$$ in the GREEDY JINX HO for herself n for her hubby.

    Imagine the COLLO$AL COMPEN$ation$ she has awarded to her$elf for such MEDIOCRE PERFORMANCE ?

    Any DIGNIFIED FUND MANAGER would have HUMBLY STEP DOWM long ago with such shameful investment returns???

    Btw,Pritam n WP shud not have fallen into this well schemed ENTRAPMENT.
    And,more importantly,Pritam n WP shud not rush to receive such an ordination except one that has the acceptance of ALL OPPO PARTIES.
    WINNING 10 OUT OF 93 SEATS is not a meaningful quantum of SEATS as it cannot effect a *veto* of UNFAIR BILLS tabled by PAPpie$.
    To me,its prematured and will up as *LPPL*.

    To sum up,WP either is playing along or got *PLAYED OUT*?

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  • no end in sight:

    PAP vs WP-the fixing continues!
    tolong lah!

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  • Great Asia:

    She is earning tens of millions a years from our country’s reserves.

    Did she do any donation?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • 61% cotton producing sheep:

    pap PA paid IBs say there are 2 laws, one for the lee and the other for the rest.

    how wrong the false narrative.

    there are 2 laws for sure, but one for the pap connected and not the lee, and other for the 61% sheep.

    1st, how about the 39% non sheep? well, since none of the 39% expects anything from pap legal system, none is gained nor lost so the 39% is out of the equation.

    2nd, pap connected and the lee. is there any difference? yes, a world of difference. only those under pap regime count as one and any other count as the other aka 61% cotton sheep system.

    this means Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang, although lee for sure but since not inside pap system, is outside pap system and is no different from 61% cotton sheep system. since Mr Lee Hsien Yang has publicly declared he is PSP member, it means he is not inside 61% system but rather on the 39% non system.

    3rd, cotton sheep truly is stupid. they fail to see if the S$m are in cahoots, there is zero chance for them under pap 1 law 2 interpretations system. Any cotton sheep not on pap system try appointing own spouse in S$10 job. See how quickly cpib spf bank negara agc all come after the appointment looking for wrong.

    of course if under pap system, can check today August 2020 all the publicly paid more than S$10 jobs in pap organizations to see how rotten the pap system is, then, even if being paid S$100m pa for wasting tonnes of cotton sheep tax money also no problem.

    better still, even the cj and spf chief and the agc and the bank negara MD all shall not even dare to open their mouths to utter the truth that such appointment is nothing but wrong, legally or otherwise.

    can even anyhow say via facebook and confirm no POFMA.

    last, once again, the rot continues due to 61% cotton sheep.

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  • WP Voter:

    Do not compare her with President Donald Trump who quickly turned the US economy around since elected. He is miles ahead of the SG ruling party which no different from the tax-and-spend Democrats.

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  • Errr, excuse me please....:

    (But what does her husband, the PM, think of his wife’s posts? Has he advised her against doing it? Or is he the modern husband who doesn’t want to interfere in his wife’s affairs.)

    Well, to begin if you haven’t noticed hehehe they’re sovereign wealth fund bedfellows of Sinchiapor Incorporated Crony-capitalism.

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  • Billy ma:

    Who is ho ching?

    She’s a person with tons & tons of $$$$ to drown every one & any one who dares to annoy her or someone or somebody she does not like or able to control.

    She’s the queen emperor in temasek & she’s so use to get her way all the way.
    She gets all the credit & answer to nobody. Not even lhl can do anything to her. So PAP ministers are totally out of the picture.

    She knows that with the wealth she has, she will never for the rest of her life & probably a few generations of her family, has to bow down to nobody.

    We Singaporeans are the nobody.

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  • No shadow ministers?:

    The Leader of the Opposition is also called the Shadow PM. In other countries, the Leader of the Opposition leads a Shadow Cabinet with Shadow Ministers (all paid officially).

    The Shadow Cabinets do come up with alternative policies.

    Singapore leh? What a joke. A Shadow PM without his Shadow Cabinet. He is expected to come up with alternative policies?

    Please lah. Strip the PM without his Cabinet. Ask him to come up with policies alone.

    Tio boh?

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  • Grace FUk:

    Because what LO did was unprecedented it was right to make it public to encourage more PAPaya to donate half their salaries to help their residents.

    The LO walked the talk for being a true people’s representative.

    He put many to shame.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    After 55 years of suppression and repression, and the high numbers of singaporeans who are unhappy and Singapore has a high number of suicides in the world on a per capital basis, why are there still got singaporeans who are naive and dreamy? Singapore is declining and hopeless. In the long run, Singapore will die and re-colonised by the reigning superpower at that time and point.

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  • Addendum to Tracey's post:

    * Suicide is the leading cause of death for those aged 10-29 in Singapore.
    * There are 3 times more deaths from suicide than transport accidents in 2019.
    * 400 lives were lost to suicide in 2019 (2017=361; 2018=397)
    * Males account for more than 66% of all suicides in 2019
    * For every suicide, at least 6 suicide survivors are left behind

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  • how come:

    61% selfish sgs voted to be governed like a communist state.
    so stupid that even the CV19 virus doesnt seem to want only hits fws n others.
    very mysterious phenomenon!

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  • pap false narrative pervasive:

    notice how pap corners the former style of BS via states times and mediacorpse. only the good is broadcast. never the bad.

    so much so the psyche of 61% of the nation is that everything is fine as long as sheep continues to produce cotton for pap.

    the pap BS is so pervasive, from kindergarten to nus ntu smu. only the good half is told. never the bad.

    nus ntu smu all in states times large print world ranking in this world ranking in that. 61% sheep buys all that crap. never realizing how come if they are so good why fake ceca ah neh degrees fake pinoy unacceptable degrees get priority over local sheep holding nus ntu smu degrees.

    when OPPO asks pap how come like that, keechiu sexpert and gang have the standard pap answer, these local sheep need retraining and they need to accommodate aliens so that the aliens bring more jobs to them the local sheep.

    so much of pap BS egged on by 61% sheep docility.

    pap PA IBs say no such thing. nus ntu smu degrees preferred. anything Singapore, from ite poly, preferred.

    but in recent months, when there is retrenchment, who goes first? sheep or alien?

    do we care if sheep works or not? No, we don’t care. we write this only to emphasize our conscience is clear because we have never voted pap. we vote OPPO each time we get to vote.

    world class degree yet jobless in own land filled with ceca aliens filled with pinoy aliens. truly WTF.

    go to changi hospital. see how many pinoy degree doctors are there. these pinoy degree holders not a single one is acceptable to SMC for registration to practice medicine in Singapore. yet, there is a pap loophole which pap gan kim yong knows but has decided not to fill. pinoy doctors although without acceptable basic degree can do postgraduate in Singapore and thereafter from illegit turn into legit.

    when foundation degree is suspect, can any subsequent ones turn illegit into legit?

    remember the ah neh condo man? he has an illegit diploma from a defunct computer school in ah neh land. but from there he got a legit EMBA from UK. so from illegit into legit continues to work in sheep land and live in sheep condo. but this ah neh not medicine so harm is far less than the pinoy doctors.

    do we really care if pinoy doctors legit or not? No. we highlight only the BS pap is doing to all the employment laws which harm sheep producing cotton for pap. more of it we say. more sheep hurt, more pain for sheep, the better.

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  • Focus:

    Focus should be how to improve the lives of Singaporean.
    Many are suffering the effect of the Pandemic…and the restrictions on busimess.
    Going to be worst going forward.
    Many more jobs will be losts…the worst is still ahead…

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  • is there any honesty in pap?:

    we are not talking about the law here.

    as anyone with a brain knows, laws the bad crooked kind, can be legislated via a crooked bad parleement and make all the bad crooked anywhere else in the world look not at all crooked bad.

    what are we talking about?

    honesty, the conscience kind of knowing without any BS what is right and what is wrong.

    for example, anyone with a conscience knows the selection of an INDIAN as a malay president is conscientiously wrong since the intent was to deprive of a human the role and never about needing any race to front the role.

    after all, Singapore’s pledge has always been about without need to care for race language religion in all matters of state.

    truth is, what is happening in temasick gic pap PA show the searing a conscience. what is obviously wrong being done, justified on the false pretext of the end justifying the means.

    what is wrong with temasick gic pap PA. the list of wrongs is very long. but let us just cite 2 wrongs.

    1st, pap PA fronts as the bank for the S$b stolen from state to fund pap political activities. just watch any Kdrama and see how such slush funds are abused and how any culprit can be caught only after the cahoot of the judges police and prosecutors are curbed.

    2nd, temasick fronts as the cookie jar in which to steal S$b belonging to every citizen. it is a form of 1mdb except that it has more power and sway than 1mdb. that is why there is brazenness in the stealing. need S$100m for 2019. no problem. appoint a clan member into a role that pays S$100m pa. if anyone asks, state secrecy law kicks in so that nobody knows the truth.

    any wonder why such an important institution as cpib or pap PA is not under a group but under a single human, who is no different from najib?

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  • Shemale:

    whatever this thing is [ it sure talks a lot of corck

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  • Harder Truths:

    Who cares? $G is f**ked now. Stupid ballsless majority voters.

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  • what say we?:

    just shut her up by making her POS (presidente of SG).

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  • LO:

    Ignore the distraction.
    LO should concentrate on doing a good job at Parliament.
    Assemble a strong team of assistance with all the resources given to help him.

    Also no need to put a show.Need to priorities and no need to please everybody.You can’t.Just do your LO job well and Singapore will thank you for it.

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  • Common enemy:

    We have a common enemy …the Covid 19.The devastating effect will be a long one.
    Singaporean must unite and fight this one.
    Not fight one another at this time,whether we support PAP or Opposition.
    Now is the time to fight the common enemy and for our future Generation.
    Many are suffering and more will be soon….the economy not going to improve soon with the worldwide pandemic situation.
    The only one safe are the Government/GLCs and Civil servants in this Pandemic.

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  • Middle-Fingered Monkey:

    Lucky Dowager did not post the middle-fingered monkey again!
    ”PM Lee’s wife explains why she posted monkey photo on Facebook”
    Apr 11, 2016 01:05 pm TNP
    Most uncouth, most unelected, most powerful …sinkies can only watch and shake their heads.

    Great Asia:
    She is earning tens of millions a years from our country’s reserves.

    Did she do any donation?

    Ha ha ha!

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