Where are all the ‘better jobs for Singaporeans’ that DPM Heng keeps talking about?

Before GE2020, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat promised that the government’s focus was not just to create jobs but to create “better jobs for Singaporeans”.

He has repeated that mantra a number of times, the most recent being on Sunday when he declared that bilateral agreements that Singapore signed with other countries does not deprive Singaporeans of employment opportunities but instead “creates better jobs for Singaporeans”.

DPM Heng has never once backed up his claim with data and evidence. He has also not explained what he means by better jobs. Higher paying jobs? Recession-proof jobs? Retrenchment-proof jobs? What sectors are these jobs in?

On the contrary, in recent weeks we have been learning about discriminatory hiring practices against Singaporeans, about management jobs in sectors like banking that are dominated by foreigners, about organisations like our own sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings being top heavy with foreigners.

All of which makes it crucial for DPM Heng to back up his oft-repeated claim that Singapore’s open door policy and trade pacts like CECA only serves to create “better jobs for Singaporeans.” Without presenting any data and evidence, how does he expect Singaporeans to swallow this assertion of his?

We also keep getting contradictory messages. Yesterday, President Halimah Yacob stressed that Singapore’s workforce “can compete against the best in the world” due to the country’s strong education system and training pathways.

If this is so, why are foreigners taking away so many of the plum jobs? Organisations like Temasek Holdings say it is a necessity for them to maintain an open door policy and scour the world for top talents. CEO Ho Ching even said it is “natural” for the organisation to hire from the world.

Try reconciling this with President Halimah’s statement that Singaporeans “can compete against the best in the world”. Apparently not in our own backyard! Are Singaporeans supposed to venture overseas to compete against the best in the world?

The most outlandish take on competition for jobs has to be credited to Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing, who said earlier this year in Parliament: “The real competition is Team Singapore, comprising Singaporeans, PRs and foreign workers here, competing with the rest of the world to give our fellow Singaporeans the best chance possible to win, not just in Singapore but across the entire globe.”

Imagine that! Team Singapore is not just about Singaporeans – it comprises PRs and foreign workers too!


Augustine Low




12 Responses to “Where are all the ‘better jobs for Singaporeans’ that DPM Heng keeps talking about?”

  • Charlie:

    The betterer and bestest jobs go to Ministers, their spouses, children and cronies. The leftovers go to Sinkies. An utter utter rubbish and disgrace!

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  • Singapore core:

    Good job coming.
    Wait for it.
    Government promise Singapore core …high pay job.
    Hope it come true..

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  • Leelian:

    HSK talks cock. CCS thinks we are sheep (oops I mean thinks cotton comes from sheep). Can we trust their words?

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  • opposition dude:

    Stroke man just like goondu Loong is all about talk and nothing else. All that rubbish about foreigners this foreigners that is all hogwash and nothing else. We have said enough times that there are far too many non Singaporeans on the island but PAP pretends not to hear.

    All that will happen is what we have seen for the last decade. We can expect more non Singaporeans to be allowed in to work recession or not. PAP will continue to increase the numbers of work permit, S and E pass holders. And also conveniently blame companies for hiring a majority of foreigners when they are the ones who let all these people in.

    More wayangs are to be expected since PAP loves doing them. So afraid to name and shame those companies hiring majority foreigners ah? Why so protective sia? And MOM still happily renewing and approving passes day in day out too!

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  • no hope left:

    what can we expect from this 4G garbage of a gov.
    i gave up long ago.

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  • PAP Is Too Much:

    No point talking anymore. These people from the PAP are simply against Singaporeans. If not, why do they care of foreigners more than Singaporeans. Maybe because some of them were previously foreigners.

    Bear In Mind, just fiack them off in the next GE PERIOD.

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  • Headless chickens cock talkers:

    No supporting data, no convincing evidence so what’s better about the jobs you create o facile factotum! And madam milo wants Sinchiaporeans to compete against the best “what” of the world? Errr, could it be satay sauce or tahu goreng? And then Chinese chamber of Chan wants his Crony Teammates to bind closer together to take further advantage of Sinchiapor’s sheeples and foreign slaves.

    Pappies! your crony team members have the best salaries above all nations of thd world! Trickle-down economics and labour exploitation lahhh….

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  • the truth will shock us:

    i have a nagging feeling that theyre hiding something big.
    somewhere something had gone bad/wrong and so theyre coming up with all these trickery to hide the messes theyve made.
    the lies theyve been telling us just dont gel!
    anyone else feel like that or its just me being silly???

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  • Harder Truths:

    Talk cock sing song. Mr Magoo has never worked a day in his life in the real world. A man who cannot see the reality is blind. What do you expect from a blind man?

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  • KSH:

    S Pass is no longer relevant in today’s environment. It is time to delete this category of foreigners. You are an Employment Pass holder if you are highly qualified and experienced. If you are a skilled worker, you are a Work Permit holder on higher-skilled worker levy otherwise a normal Work Permit holder. There is no such thing as mid-level skilled staff. Even if such a category exists, these are jobs that Singaporeans can fill.

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  • Good jobs:

    We need good jobs not any jobs.
    No more show…real action needed.
    Make a real difference this time…make good to make Singaporean as core to our companies here.

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  • Uselesstankl:

    Trainees will be prepared for roles such as environmental health and safety specialists, facilities technicians and security officers


    You call these JOBS, Tankinlian ???

    You caĺl these ” JOBS “, HENG ???





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