Disgracing ‘The Quintessential System Of Justice’

The hypocrisy of calling for others to respect our justice system while ignoring due process when it suits our own goals diminishes our credibility and is an equal threat to a just and fair society. When office-holders were products of the party’s establishment, this mostly didn’t matter, as they quite naturally acted within the unwritten boundaries of the system and process. This is a cogent description of the erosion of the process of justice at the lower levels. Even more troubling are those ‘nominated for judgeships’ who are utterly unqualified.

In this case we see Prostitute Prosecutors at work: their job, income and career is based on getting convictions, not necessarily determining guilt. It is heartening to see our public defenders when facing a justice system that is stacked against those who happen to be poor, disenfranchised, or powerless.

There is still some hope to be derived from the adage that the wheels of justice turn slowly. In the High Court arguments and decisions I have read, great weight has been given to evaluating the effects that the checks-and-balances and the separation-of-powers are much more a gentleman’s agreement, than a codified set of enforceable rules, independent of whoever holds any particular office at any given time.






21 Responses to “Disgracing ‘The Quintessential System Of Justice’”

  • Colour:

    Excellent Justice is blind.

    Bad judgement is often COLOURED! Below the belt.

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    We’ve always had that dentention without trial thing since…
    That in itself mocks justice.

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  • uselesstankl:

    Very very TRUE !!!!

    I SALUTE YOU !!!





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  • Conned Care:

    To the PAP – Our court system is just, transparent and perfect
    To the world – Singapore court is well know as kan**roo court filled with stooges, Prostitute Prosecutors and animals of wild wild west.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on ST :Quote -”FinCEN files: Banks moved US$2 trillion in illicit funds despite warnings, leaked documents reportedly show

    The reports were partly based on documents filed by banks and other financial firms with the US Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen).PHOTO: AFP
    NEW YORK (REUTERS) – Several global banks moved large sums of allegedly illicit funds over a period of nearly two decades, despite red flags about the origins of the money, BuzzFeed and other media reported on Sunday (Sept 20), citing confidential documents submitted by banks to the US government.

    The reports were partly based on documents, called suspicious activity reports (SARs), filed by banks and other financial firms with the US Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

    The SARs, which the reports said numbered more than 2,100, were obtained by BuzzFeed News and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and other media organisations.

    In all, the ICIJ reported that the files contained information about more than US$2 trillion (S$2.7 trillion) worth of transactions between 1999 and 2017, which were flagged by internal compliance departments of financial institutions as suspicious. The SARs are in themselves not necessarily proof of wrongdoing.

    Five global banks appeared most often in the documents – HSBC, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered and Bank of New York Mellon, the ICIJ reported.

    A bank has a maximum of 60 days to file SARs after the date of initial detection of a reportable transaction, according to the Treasury Department’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The ICIJ report said in some cases the banks failed to report suspect transactions until years after they had processed them.

    The SARs also showed that banks often moved funds for companies that were registered in offshore havens, such as the British Virgin Islands, and did not know the ultimate owner of the account, the report said.

    Among the types of transactions highlighted by the report: funds processed by JPMorgan for potentially corrupt individuals and companies in Venezuela, Ukraine and Malaysia; money from a Ponzi scheme moving through HSBC; and money linked to a Ukrainian billionaire processed by Deutsche Bank.

    In a statement to Reuters, HSBC said “all of the information provided by the ICIJ is historical.”

    The bank said as of 2012, “HSBC embarked on a multi-year journey to overhaul its ability to combat financial crime across more than 60 jurisdictions.”

    Standard Chartered said in a statement to Reuters, “We take our responsibility to fight financial crime extremely seriously and have invested substantially in our compliance programmes.”….”Unquote .

    Response :”money from a Ponzi scheme moving through HSBC”? Did HSBC employ too many fake degree con Indians ????

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Our LEEgal system is loosely based on a BLINDFOLD loosely tied behind the Lady with the Scale…

    Verdicts will be based on… “Heads I WIN Tails you LOSE”

    That is how LOST we are in The LEEgal system of SingaporeINC, not a country

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  • Jman:

    As someone mentioned, this is really Liewgate in Singapore.

    The entitled ways of the well connected, the presumption of guilt and lack thereof, the frighteningly loose way in which the investigation was carried out, suggests some serious flaws and shortcomings in the system and peoples’ attitudes here.

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  • Pap guaranteed lose:

    Malaysia has its blemishes but I have greater respect for its justice system than SG’s.

    Say what you like.

    Their Ministers can be fined in court for their lockdown violations. Look, our MPs could around outside before the GE and during the circuit breaker when we were not supposed to loiter outside.

    This is double standards isn’t it?

    The courts must be reminded that respect must be earned just like everyone else. Ok you fine people left and right but does this make people respect you?

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  • Pap guaranteed lose:

    There’s a book to be written here.

    I’ll pre order. Hahaha.

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  • Asd:

    I think the weighting scale need send to productivity standard board for calibration

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times : Quote -”Maid who admitted killing employer has murder conviction quashed as she seeks lower sentence

    The Telok Kurau home of Madam Seow Kim Choo, where she was killed by her Indonesian maid Daryati on June 7, 2016.PHOTO: ST FILE
    Selina LumLaw Correspondent
    SINGAPORE – A domestic worker, who admitted to a reduced murder charge in April for killing her employer, has had a change of heart and now wants to rely on psychiatric evidence in the hope of avoiding life imprisonment.

    On Monday (Sept 21), the High Court allowed an application by Daryati, 28, for her murder conviction to be quashed, after her lawyer told the court that she “wishes to be heard on a defence of diminished responsibility”.

    The case will now be scheduled for the trial to resume where it left off.

    If the court accepts that Daryati was suffering from a mental condition that diminished her responsibility for the killing, she will be facing life imprisonment or jail of up to 20 years for culpable homicide.

    The contents of the defence psychiatric report have yet to be revealed in open court.

    Daryati’s lawyer, Mr Mohamed Muzammil Mohamed, later told The Straits Times that his client felt that “life imprisonment is on the heavy side”.

    The Indonesian does not dispute that she had repeatedly slashed and stabbed Madam Seow Kim Choo at her Telok Kurau house on June 7, 2016.

    The attack left the 59-year-old victim with more than 90 knife wounds.

    Daryati was originally tried for murder under Section 300(a) of the Penal Code, which carries the mandatory death penalty……

    The trial was heard for 17 days between April 23 last year and March 4 this year, and the prosecution has yet to close its case.

    On April 6, the prosecution reduced the charge to murder under Section 300(c), which carries life imprisonment or the death sentence.

    However, prosecutors told the court that they would not be seeking the death penalty.

    The case was adjourned for Mr Muzammil to prepare a mitigation plea.

    The lawyer told ST that his client gave instructions to mount a diminished responsibility defence while he was preparing her mitigation plea…..

    Daryati faces a second charge of attempting to murder Madam Seow’s husband, Mr Ong Thiam Soon, then 57. This charge has been stood down for now….”Unquote .

    Response : 59 year old victim with more than 90 knife wounds and the con people court judges don’t sentenced her to death for murder ,what went wrong ? Some more the second attempted murder charge can be stood down without charging .Confirm a total evil con people justice system in Singapore where woman kept talking about women equality but when you see this maid woman murder people also no need to be cane on her evil backside ,no need to cut botak in jail,no need to be hanged,no need to serve long life imprisonment,and want to change law for more women equality some more . Pui !Pui!Pui !

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  • DieBySin:

    You serve mammon hence there can be no justice for the common man and everything is corrupted by money especially those at the top. The top corrupted, seated highest among all is the strong man, and the corruption of the system trickles down to the poor and weak. The middle section are equally corrupted as the top.

    There is no escaping under the current system by the all powerful strong man who commands the highest rewards.

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  • bornloser:

    The choice for the governmnet:
    Protect your cronies and be damned or
    Protect our justice system and be glorified for fouture generations.

    Being shortsighted and self-serving they will go with the former.

    A terrible shame for them and for our country.

    We are waiting with bated breath for justice to be done ie minimum jail sentence of at least 6 months and confiscation of retirement entitlements.

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  • Han Fei Tzu's Sinchiapor Inc.:

    To ensure an effective bureaucracy and to protect his authority from encroachment or usurpation, the ruler must make use of shu (“administrative techniques” or “statecraft”). Rulers of the Warring States period found it advantageous to employ men skilled in government, diplomacy, and war. But how to separate solid talent from idle chatter became a serious problem. Shu was Han Fei Tzu’s answer to the problem. After assigning posts according to individual capacities, the ruler should demand satisfactory performance of the responsibilities devolving on their posts and punish anyone who is derelict of duty or oversteps his power. The ruler may authorize an official to carry out a proposal he has submitted. He should punish him not only when the results fall short of the stated goal but also when they exceed it.

    “Shu” is also Han Feizi’s answer to the problem of usurpation, through which more than one ruler had lost his throne. The interest of the ruler and ruled are incompatible: “Superior and inferior wage one hundred battles a day.” Therefore, it behooves the ruler to trust no one; to be suspicious of sycophants; to permit no one to gain undue power or influence; and, above all, to use wile to unearth plots against the throne.

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  • Han Fei Tzu's Leegalism cont'd:

    With supreme authority secure and good order prevailing, the ruler proceeds to aggrandize his realm by means of military power. Might is the decisive factor in interstate relations. Military power is inseparable from economic strength. Farming being the only productive occupation, all other callings, especially that of the scholar, should be discouraged.

    Giving relief to the destitute is both unwise and unfair. To collect taxes from the rich in order to help the poor “is robbing the diligent and frugal and indulging the extravagant and lazy.”

    (from Encyclopedia Britannica)

    The founding natural aristocrats of Peoples Action Party were “neo-Confucian” in character, men marked by altruism and many talents – with the people for the people. Now however, let none be beguiled by the mandarin Sinchiapor Inc.’s claims to Confucian inclinations – these elitist chinese legalists tinged with indian casteism.

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  • Pap guaranteed lose:

    There used to a statue of a lady holding a scale to indicate justice outside the old Supreme Court and City Hall.

    It has been removed?


    Because over the years the scale of justice has become uneven on its own to reflect the prevailing lack of justice?

    Hahaha. Must be.

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  • xoxo:

    These days,JUSTICE IS BLIND may be construed as JUSTICE $ystem is totally *BLIND* to the WRONG-doings of RICH & POWERFOOLS.



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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -

    Mr Andrew Ho Chee Meng died after he was restrained by members of the public on Nov 1, 2019. One of them said he had seen Mr Ho taking upskirt pictures of a woman.PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS….

    Shaffiq AlkhatibCourt Correspondent
    SINGAPORE – The Good Samaritans who chased and restrained a man for allegedly taking an upskirt video in Little India last year had not used excessive force and his death was due to a “natural disease process”, said State Coroner Kamala Ponnampalam.

    But she added that it is preferred and safer for the police to handle such matters.

    In an inquiry into Mr Andrew Ho Chee Meng’s death, the state coroner said that following an autopsy, the 46-year-old Singaporean was found to have died from hypothyroid cardiomyopathy.

    The Singapore General Hospital’s website states that cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle.

    A Health Sciences Authority forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy said that Mr Ho had a history of hypothyroidism, which made the heart slow to recover from its contraction in time for the next one.

    The doctor also felt that the stress of running while being chased and Mr Ho’s subsequent restraint contributed to his death.

    State Coroner Kamala said in her findings dated Sept 11 that public participation in crime prevention efforts is “necessary and ought to be encouraged”.

    She added: “It may be prudent, however, to promote reporting to police or seeking police assistance as the preferred and safer option.”

    She noted that the witnesses made no attempt to reposition Mr Ho or actively check that he was well even though he had vomited.

    Video footage of the incident also showed that Mr Ho later stopped struggling and was lying motionless on the ground for about three minutes.

    The witnesses, however, “either did not observe this or did not think that it was significant”, said the state coroner.

    She said that Mr Ho’s unresponsive state was detected only after police officers arrived at the scene and one of them found that he did not have a pulse.

    State Coroner Kamala said: “The witnesses were obviously unaware of the medical risks associated with methods of restraint or the need to continually monitor as a means of mitigating that risk.

    “That said, it is noted that the witnesses did not behave in an overly aggressive manner with Mr Andrew or use excessive force to restrain him.”…”Unquote .

    Response : What justice is this that when a man is restraint to death and all those evil women public prosecutor never charge those that restraint that man till he died ? Without such restraint,will that man died ? It is the judge duty to decide whether those people who held him down is guilty or not not what coroner says count .So how could there be completely no charges by public prosecutor ?

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  • @Soccerbetting2

    Another load of BS from the half-baked agencies. So many died from C19 and MOH always say its due to heart failure, fall, etc but never C19 infections which caused it.

    In this case, the suspect had a heart condition and had the good guy not tackle him or chased him, then he would not have suddenly die from it.

    Take me for example, I had clogged arteries and growth in my brain vessel. If I kenna tackle and then blood vessel burst, then the agencies will maybe come up with another BS say I die because I already had stroke and my blood vessel burst at that moment in time. So not the person who tackled me fault.

    And if I had high blood pressure stage 3 and a rude policeman shouted at me and makes my blood boil, then I die not his fault because I already have HBP?

    So if I know of a person who has heart problems, then I behind him shout and scare him into a heart attack and die, then I cannot be held liable because he had an existing illness and he died from heart attack, nto because I scare him?

    What a load of crap and BS!

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  • SIN LeNepotism-Trumpism:

    Oflate, some SINkies draw parallelism between SIN Le’Nepotism n Trumpism. At first, it sounds bizzard. But with POFMA, n AGs of AGC n AGOappointments, Indranee redfined relation, association ac void n replaced it with career success presumably based on membership into the Pmollionair Club which not long after her great bootlicking, she was admitted into the Club which the FGapists were hoping to lure billionaires like Ma Yun from PRC.They did with Pc kungfu actor n hollywood no queenie englisho actor but the lament remains thatt they were unable to trap the trillionsires which prefer the real whites n niot bananas in white.

    Was Rachel MEadow speak on SIN was the thought flashed thru when she starts talking n. Seems she got mixed up Prime M with President as SIN President Is pulled on strings unlike what she sad. Cleared n next paralleism flashed n understanding follows.. What Sinkies paid billions to do Jobs for the Nationals become the onus of the citizens n POFMA n the harem instead of getting the cuprits got all the citizen paroits with AGC flies r trying blatantl that no need evidences The mnisters r the laws n wfhat they say count. Pathetic to find few of the bench presiding have to reserved judgement. For what reasons, most undaft es wonder. Consult FG or ah nen chieftain over morning koffee b4 they can decide.

    Non racist whites n colored American still have a chance to settle the anger against the scums n his scums n boot them into the sewage but angry citizen on TR E lost his chance N has to contrain n protect herself from the Million& hands wring her throat n trust to her troat.

    See the video n hear Rachel! Your opinion wrt the Trumpism-SIN lenepotism parallelism FG indeed. Parhetic the professionals with t academic records reduced to kowtau to lick n brownose. Where have all the Integrity, dignity n talent gone? Gone to the $$$$$ everyone!

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  • Justice : peeing jokes:

    POFMA -
    1) gross violation of the Separation of Power, an ivonic tenet of democracy
    2) minister verdict without needs of evidence really a contempt of Laws and legal profession. The silence from the legal practioners,, the judges, the Law Society, AGC clearly movk the laws of the land and makes justice a joke. The AGC rationalize on their right to convict by the minister without needs of evidence. The very fact that the judges presiding have to reserve their decision despite of the contempt of the court n bench that they have to be engage in conbating the anyi justice stance of the AGC rep. The significance of a Blinded lady wth the balamce is humiliated n a shame tothe entire private n publiclegal community. Justice enforcers succumbed to compliant to the power have no right to uphold justice! This is human dignity n integrity, failing which really means betraying the trust of the citizenry. The very claim of bureaucracy is compliant to the power should have the Chief Jstice jumping up rom his seat in defence of justice which he has vow to do si with his lefe.But Singaporeans r not seeing this. IpOFMA is a very formidable evdence of ompliany bureaucracy. The loud declaration of LKY, GCT n LHL regarding the significance of contesting allegation defaming the system in a Court of Laws n failing which the citizenry can take the allegations to be true n the relevant public institution should come in n enforce the laws failing which is a double confirmation that the allegation is true.

    Singaporeans wiould like to hear from the enforcers of the justice systems to exercise their independence on c.ases including the redefinition of conflict of interests on career success of dubious interpretation n the claim of the power has zero accountability to the citizenry, a blatant evidence of lying in the vows they have taken before Chief zjustice, president!

    Justice equality n freedom are promised in our anthem, in our national flag n in all the vows each ministers n mps took on the heads of their faith. Lying on oath n vow is no less crime than corruption n cheating.

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