The 10M Question Gone Awol!

Many people asked about if Mdm is paid $100M, they were served POFMA. So is it $99M or $89M or $99.9M or 8.9M? During the GE, the 10M population statistics was raised by many politicians and they were condemned for falsehoods and even insulted on. So now the GE is over, as usual, this 10M question has gone very quiet. No need to explain to the public, wait for the next GE? This is a question that opposition needs to ask in parliament and get this sorted out for public interest.

One article explained that with the past trend of population growth, we would hit 10M by 2050, thats a reality because it is based on trend. So now the question, what is the plan for Singapore?

Bukit Brown dug, Tengah gone, most of the forests deforested, lots of reclaiming and digging underground still on-going, surely 6M is not a target, it is definitely more. So will we know the population plan for 2030, 2040 and 2050? We believe there is always plan for everything from IT to population growth. Surely there is a plan and numbers are there, so why the public has to keep guessing and being accused of being bogeyman? We want to make our own plan based on your population plan too. To avoid falsehood and POFMA, would it be better for the government who is responsible for the plan to come out and tell us so that no one is guessing?


Micheal Sim




16 Responses to “The 10M Question Gone Awol!”

  • You want answers?:

    There is only one way to get all the answers that you want. However, 11% of your “fellow Singaporeans” are in your way.

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  • PanNex:


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  • xoxo:


    How can OSIM *CHAIR* man be richer than SOME PAPple???

    Makes me wonder.

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  • TumasikPatriot:

    Until the Covid-19 reach its Zenith and the losses and sufferings SINK in the Idiots who LIVE in a EVIL Illusion will NOT KNOW that the reverse of “LIVE is EVIL” and life is NOT the ILLUSION we live in created,…

    PAID for it through Blood-Sweat & Tears of our Forefathers…and Look at them TODAY a Dying Breed to Proud to Beg but ever ready to DIE with NO FEAR…having seen death from WW2 and all the Pandemics and diseases befalling them…

    Unlike a Coward & Traitor who created an ILLUSION to Cover the Cowardice and Evil he did and Fearing Death calling for Mercy on his DeathBed out of FEAR, not REMORSE!!!

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  • it is, truth be told, S$101m:

    if anyone says S$100m, sure as pap lying, will be POFMAed.

    so most play safe and say S$99m.

    some even say S$98m.


    all who went below S$100m fell into the pap trap of looking down when they should be looking up.

    because it is S$101m, never S$100m, and certainly not the demeaning S$99m or S$98m.

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    There are so many LAWS against falsehood, lies and misinformation that the Government of the Day can use against the citizens and the public, both foreign and local.

    But there is not a single LAW in this city state called Singapore against the government and public leaders for DISINFORMATION.

    In the US, there is such a LAW to force the government and its agencies to reveal to the public certain information not disclosed by them.

    Singaporeans must urgently seek to have such a LAW enacted as soon as possible in order to protect ourselves against indiscriminate and arbitrary decisions made by people of means and authority.

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  • Asd:

    I think it is a waste of resource to plan for 10m and then deny any plan for 10m

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    Sinkies are the stupid ones !!!


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  • Wear one's balls on shoulders:

    If any one is positioned to come clean on the wifey’s secret salary it’s got to be the eminently qualified Generalissimo.

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  • Harder Truths:

    The clueless government can plan all it wants. But remember, the days of good money are over. From here on, the people will be made to suffer badly for the dreams of Team Despot to come true.

    There is only so much Team Despot can steal until the system collapses. This is just common sense and history, which the goondu scholars think they are too smart for.

    Do not worry about reaching 10 million. It is a number without meaning since the system is already buckling. You can see it happening. $G’s success story will be long gone well before that figure.

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  • LOL:

    $100 MILLION is not in the plan, it is not the target.
    So anyone says that, get pofma’ed and/or sued.
    Simple as that.
    The govt is not involved in TH, HC’s pay, only PAP cronies are Board Chairman and Directors.
    Why did DPM HSK pofma?
    Public interest because it involves PM, HC’s husband, TH Board or what?
    It is a big black hole like our national reserves, no light can get out.

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  • Great Asia:

    Ho Ching is running Singapore from behind the curtain. Being paid S$100,000,000 annually might be beyond the imagination of most Singaporeans. But nobody should be surprised is she has been paid around S$10,000,000 per year, right?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Today Terminal 3 at Changi airport has a lot of crowds at level 2 at around 1330 hr.Seem like Changi airport business may be picking up.Maybe not 10M question but 100M populations coming…..

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  • No evidence truth?:

    Could legal practitioners in SIN (professionals r practitioner with professionalism of their trade) explain the logic of proving anything is falsehood without evidence of truth? what is the logic if a judge accepting no evidence of what is truth and arriving his verdict in favour of the source which has not providing any evidence of the truth to substantiate what the claimed something is false? Isn’t it imply the prosecutor is above the laws or lawless depending on the angle of looking at the situation! If this is so, why the hell having laws of the Land n the needs to have judiciary with its AGC, sub court, high court n all the legal Wayang ? Doesn’t ownself empowers ownself POFMA is essentially telling AGC entire staff, the Judges, the judiciary entire staff that their presence r superflous n can be done without which wouldsavecSIN billions n the pap ministers n their CB can ownself gives ownself any increase in salary, bonuses, benefits n pension plus continually gainfully employed also on ownself suks suka ownself how much to pay himself n any number of helpers while ownself suka suka ownself going play golf in SIN, Perth or any where using the red carpet entrance n exits now LKY is gone with his ownself ordered ownself that no red carpet air traffic treatment on such trips.

    why wayang with the blindfolded woman with a balance in the Courts? The Courts n all legal phyical estates can be coverted to public land saleable on the market at concealed price. so what is 100,99,99.9, 101 millions. any amt even billions can also goes on the ownself xxxx ownself executioneer blocks. the claim of zero accountability aka no responsibility aka no work substantiated by increasing number of millionaires ministers appointed to a ministry just nice to entertain ownself during the pandemic. same with medical. why SIN need medical director n so on when ministers can talk on medicals just as they can talk on laws etc etc talk talk talk no walk no cocks no walk just talk cock only!

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  • 100 m, Pofma u dead:

    PSTLB Mincester: 100 m Falsehood. Guity like hell

    100 m sayer: What is the truth? 99 m, 90 m

    PSztLB mincester: cannot tell u. Rem my fellow mincester minced that we own no accountability to u.

    99, 90 m sayer: No accountability means no responsibility, then why r u there

    PSTzLB mincester: what we say r laws, even the P, CJ, PC, n all bib n small agreed with their silence. I will ask the OM to fix u

    Sayer, : Ha ha ha. R u comitting suicide to go to OM’s hell residence to get him to fix like he fixed plpyeo
    N washed dns butt to pacify Dan kenna puko on the face n become Chief Dog Bite Shit with a big kowtow for increase in pay n free from the lunatic

    PSTLB mincester: Shxx no throw salt on the sore Sxxx hole. Now you know why cannot tell. Pinky scares cannot be
    Pinky but rotten banana to be chewed by GOR.

    Sayer. Shameless pathetic BL eunuchs sxxxhozz

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  • jialat:

    I believe 10M is on, just that they do not want to admit, so during election, they POFMA and claimed fake news.

    If 10M is not on, why they keep digging up graves, reservoir, airport and reclaim more lands? Why BTOs are getting higher like 50 storeys?

    And worst, they keep telling you foreigners are needed, no impact on locals, they create jobs for locals…. and using media and ministers to keep telling stories about foreigners and shaping our opinions with fake articles and surveys.

    Bro and sis, this FT thing is not yesterday, it has been this way for years, but this pandemic has made this problem more obvious, so they are doing comestic work on social media looking as if they are solving job problems and shaping our opinions with many sponsored articles.

    The PAPPY has converted millions of FTs into PRs and locals, this is why they still have 61% because many new citizens are voting them and hopping PAPPY would further convert more of their kind. This explains why locals are discriminated at jobs where new citizens, PRs or FTs hire their own natives.

    The cowardice of Singaporeans cannot be underestimated, many are so timid to vote against them, until they are impacted. Singaporeans a lot of them have no courage at home with their wives and let alone vote against people who constantly intimidate them with their power.

    We will have more and more third world migrants arriving and being converted for next 4 years, thanks to 61%.

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