The Enigma Of Baudrillard’s Trained Bears In NUS Tembusu

Slavoj Zizek

We know Slavoj Zizek, a great provocateur who always take matters further to the point where experience and common sense defeats his own critiques. That’s honorable of him but is a problem (for me) with his actual work: his thought retains a kind of secular-puritanical animus toward individuality and self-gratification, which I think derives from the intellectual and ideological environment in which he came of intellectual age – socialist Eastern Europe.

Zizek’s old school European intellectual writings about diverse areas of human endeavor such as philosophy, psychoanalysis and social theory. It should be clear from Fernando’s career that he is exploring life as an idiosyncratic spectator. This doesn’t make his point of view invalid, but it does bar the common person, and collective community he belongs to, from embracing his work. His convoluted style of thinking and writing can only be understood by people with similar academic background, I suppose.

Once we saw the necessity of justice in the liberal arts, we gave credentials and momentum to the immaterial and intangible ideals which have guided us through thick and thin. Finally, humans elaborated the intangible bonds of connection that transcend mere human existence into the concept of spirit, recognizing a timeless and universal principle which transcends mortality.

The uncanny rise of Adolf Hitler to supreme power over an advanced, highly educated nation and people, his inexplicable oratorical gifts, sense of political timing and maneuvering, and last but not least the oft reported personal power and magnetism he exuded that defied rational analysis, will forever be a fascinating subject of study. At least the Germans who voted for Hitler were not cutting their own throats — unlike our own inexplicable voters.

In her ‘Origins of Totalitarianism’ sixty years ago, Hannah Arendt discussed how tyrants come to power. She spoke of segments of society who were previously mostly apolitical, but who believe that the government is disregarding their interests and jeopardizing the constitutions, and support a politician who will fight the evil institutions of government in their interests. They fail to comprehend that those very institutions are what protect their interests and, thus, enable tyrants to come to power.

But it is the individual psyche which can only function as an ethical system. Ethics are essential to sanity and reality-based perception and action. One can be a Capitalist or Communist, and seek to liberate or oppress. The fact that Mandela was a Communist reinforces that.






6 Responses to “The Enigma Of Baudrillard’s Trained Bears In NUS Tembusu”

  • BK:

    A brother in spirit! Lately I’m indulging in how the brain functions. Certainly the studies on neuroplasticity show that the cultivation of the person is not merely spiritual or intellectual, it is physical as the relevant part of the brain grows in size.

    “Simply put, the brain orders the body to adapt to suite its needs. Another example of neuroplasticity has been found in London taxi drivers. A cab driver’s hippocampus — the part of the brain that holds spatial representation capacity — is measurably larger than that of a bus driver.”

    It seems there is this ecosystem whereby our behaviour influences the brain which in turn reinforces our behaviour. In reference to your article. To be ethical is a challenge that we need to continuously exercise. We feed into society as society feed us.

    In political term, this means a concern citizen cannot but be an agent, whether small or big way to be aware, reflect and act.

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  • Love thy neighbor as thyself:

    “Act in such a way that you treat humanity – whether in your own person or in the person of any other – never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end in itself.”

    (Immanuel Kant, “Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals”)

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Aiyo!!! very the cheem leh!!! but do continue there will Intellectual sheeple reading and WAKE UP!!!

    TRE is meant for the stupid not smart and smart with some SMART arses farting around

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  • Harder Truths:

    Why are all these useless Europeans looked up to? They are good for nothing except bullshitting the world how great they are. But Asians seem to love them and worship them.

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  • to undermine themselves:

    //They fail to comprehend that those very institutions are what protect their interests and, thus, enable tyrants to come to power.//

    aiyoh. the elites know this very well lar ??? but they have the power to better ‘subvert’, ‘abuse’ and ‘manage’ the institutions than the lesser peasants lar ??

    and the daft peasants are trained to undermine themselves and ‘fight’ among themselves to ‘sustain’, ‘promote’, ‘enhance’ and ‘perpetuate’ the interests (via institutions ???) of the elites (some aka as ‘tyrants’) lar ???

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  • SojoüRne:

    @ BK
    Bro, grateful that since you’re done airing your interesting viewpoints on spirituality that you’ve moved on to neuroplasticity.

    Here’s a brain-training suggestion – get into the habit of writing more to TRE articles. There is a good chance one can refine ones’ quick-thinking writing skills and you may get responses that, if you can be honest with yourself, will be teachable moments. You will also see how very perceptive (if a bit snarky) readers evaluate what is written.

    One more thing -How about turning off the damn TV? Would that help?

    @ TUMASIK Patriot
    I had a similar experience with a psychic who was pitching a book at Simon & Schuster around the same time. He was remarkably accurate and certainly opened my mind a bit. I wonder if it was you, the same psychic…

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