Drone intrusions around Changi Airport

Drone intrusions around Changi Airport have seen steady increases over the past >year.

According to a today’s Straits Times story, there were only 8 such cases before July last year and so far this year, there were alearly 44 cases according to Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

Flying drones is definitely fun but it poses clear and present danger to low flying aircrafts. Any one aviation accident that is caused by the flying of drones could easily be catastrophic on a mega scale.

The rise in drone intrusions around Changi Airport clearly tell us one thing. Weak people are in charge whether it is over at MOT, CAAS or the government itself or all.

It is not impossible to effectively curb drone flying around Changi Airport if only we have firm and serious people in charge. Drone hobbyists are unlike cinema goers. Drones are not cheap and the hobbyists belong to an exclusive group of hobbyists. Monetary penalties levied on them are not likely to be effective.

We should not delude ourselves into believing too much of public education too because that is slow and its effectiveness is limited. Questionable even.

If I were in charge, I will push hard for mandatory 5 strokes of canning for adult offenders. For minors, it will be mandatory reformative training of at least 6 months. For retailers of drone, it has to be made compulsory upon them to ensure that their customers understand the punitive consequences of drone flying infringements and online retailers are to be banned. Drone owners need to be licensed too.

Such measures may seem draconian at first but when compare flying drone fun to potential aviation disasters that could happen, then seriously no right thinking persons should object.

In my straight talking way, when ministers, never mind how big their titles maybe move their backsides, it is not always them dancing the beautiful waltz but merely wayang and our citizens must have the shrewdness in then to see through it.



Simon Lim




7 Responses to “Drone intrusions around Changi Airport”

  • The MOLE:

    This “think” wouldn’t be getting my vote for sure.

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  • High School Drone Society:

    In China, High School Drone Society is the in-thing.
    Can SG have the same?

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  • xoxo:

    Drones are just another *hip* thing.
    Problems will surface if their use is not properly regulated; intrusion of privacy,drugs trafficking,money laundering,illegal gambling etc.

    Caution is needed before its widespread use here in TINY sinkapore.

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  • Billy_ma:

    This problem must be nipped ASAP.
    Don’t wait for a major disaster before it’s too late.

    The penalty must be more severe to deter more people doing it & creates a more dangerous situation.

    Remember thise days how PAP simply allowed people to speed all over the place on their PMD.
    And how people got injured & some died because PAP is so incompetent to foresee the problem.

    Act now & eliminate the risk.

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  • Simple Simon:

    Just impose harsh penalties.

    Time to readopt old systems.

    Get the criminals.
    Get their families.
    Get their other relatives.

    This is similar to pappy solutions.

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  • Marked:

    Moles infested column.

    Agenda to laden the creative and inventive minds with hindrances and more oppression.

    Under the PAPi world, peasants must be dulled but pay taxes promptly.

    Unlike China – “Grow my Childs, invent and create, we will take those minor discomfort and risks for you.”

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  • Halimah Totally USELESS:

    “One shot, One Kill”, so says the MOD, what a load of BS.
    Can’t even control all these Drone intrusions.
    All a terrorist need is to load a drone with explosives and drop it.
    What you gonna do with all that fanciful multi billion F35 purchases when you can’t even control a few Drones.

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