Do not take extreme measures based on unjustified fear

When I put up this crossing two years ago, I received many negative feedback. They include:

* The crossing will collapse
* The wood will rot
* I have to get approval from the authority.

These feedback were given by people who did not bother to get the facts and carry out a risk evaluation.

They only imagine the worst that could happen and form their opinion on the imaginary risks.

They represent the majority of the views given.

There were a few people who said that the crossing is okay, and if it does get into trouble, I would be able to take corrective actions at that time.

How does this affect the insane ministers?

They took the same approach in dealing with the pandemic. They imagine the worst that could happen and took extreme measures to deal with it. They locked down the economy to a large extent.

The spent over $100 billion of our reserves (i.e. more than $20,000 per citizen – including children). They also destroyed countless livelihoods and businesses.

Although the actual risk turned out to be rather low, they continued with their insane measures.

It is a common habit for most people in Singapore to imagine the worst case scenario and take extreme measures to deal with the exaggerated risk.

This applies to our ministers as well – even though they are supposed to be more intelligent than the average person and has access to more data to make the appropriate decisions.


Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Do not take extreme measures based on unjustified fear”

  • opposition dude:

    Thank god uncle Tan just posts his drivel online and not have his ideas carried out. Here we have the classic textbook example of theory only just like how PAP operates.

    Theory says Singapore is facing a pandemic so analysts ASSUMED voters would have a flight to safety and reward PAP with a high vote share. Theory mah. We all know what happened to this theory.

    I do have to admit, uncle Tan has posted loads of his articles which made me laugh at his simplistic theoretical thinking.

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  • Sad situation:

    Many are in sad situation and suffering because of the Covid and the lockdown.
    Many business fail and many lost their income.
    Those that need help most will find the various support scheme does not apply to them…or it is so difficult to get it even it is inadequate.

    When you need it most…it will not get it…reality will hit you when you realize you are all alone in your trouble.

    Better to depend on your self to survive hard times…Promises of help are just empty slogan.

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  • Reality:

    Reality is the lockdown has killed many business.
    Many years of building up their business all goes down the drain.
    Sad situation.

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  • TUMASIK Patriot:

    Tan ahhhh!!! you can afford a BETTER crossing than that leh!!! Cheapskate!!!

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  • Garranglor:

    Very small longkang.

    Any average Singaporean could just hop/jump over.

    Nothing better to do?

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL, IF IT IS NOT SERIOUS, why the global rush to develop a vaccine costing millions/billions each and seeking FDA approval past regulatory safety demands regime prevailing??

    TKL wants a spark to lit up the prairie fire fanned by strong gale force winds and then curse decision-makers of not serious or do enough. He is talking through the glass wall of pretended/mocked reality – his usual drivel.

    If TKL is right on this one, we might have some businesses surviving, a few customers since the pandemic might have, presumably, killed most of the the rest of human specie.

    Have Mr. TKL thought about this – the world still need “social distancing” regardless of the vaccine and why? He was in a key CEO/Finance role. Surely it is reasonable to conclude that he won’t be clueless of answer/s to this riddle, right?

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  • I beg to differ:

    ( If true ) I support the above.
    Regardless it something simple but if it provide convenience to others e.g. a shortcut. Mr Tan at least u are doing something, some action.

    Ignore those who only only whine.

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  • xoxo:

    If TKL caught the COVID FLU ,he will still think it is nothing?

    TKL is plain daft.
    Covid is still a bug risk.
    Taking it lightly is foolish; better be safe than sorry.
    Still,looting a$100 BILLION FROM CITIZENS’ RESERVES and disbursing it in the manner the PAP has done so is irresponsible and unfair to sgs who help accumulate such reserves in the past.
    Granting $600 to our jobless countrymen while giving non-sg FTs much more is clearly ANTI-CITIZENS N UNJUST especially when the govt tells poor sgs that $1K salary per month is sufficient to sustain them.

    Other countries are into 3rd n even 4th wave of COVID already.
    Importing more NEW CASES simply increases the Risk to sgs ,like it or not.
    Opening borders too hurriedLEE is foolhardy.
    Maybe this govt loves *gambling* .

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  • #06-195 Ren Char:

    QUOTE – They also destroyed countless livelihoods and businesses.

    This part is true. Irrefutable.

    I’ll just give places like Midpont Orchard food court, Orchard Central, Orchard Gateway a miss. If safe entry or silly seating arrangements are more important than customers, then the safest thing to do is not have anyone in your premises.

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