A delayed political succession does not reflect well on the capabilities on the 4G leadership

A commentary by Channel NewAsia on Friday (5 Dec) touched on the political succession in Singapore. The COVID-19 pandemic and the weakening of the economy has led to delays in handing over the reins, despite the 4G leadership having already picked Heng Swee Keat as their “first amongst equals”.

Is a delay of succession inevitable?

Amongst several political analysts interviewed, the consensus seems to be that succession would be delayed beyond 2022, which is the year that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said he would step down as he turns 70.

Mr. Leonard Lim, country director Vriens & Partners. Lim felt that the handover would take place in 2023 “the earliest”, which is during “the second half of the Government’s term”. However, he added that this would be complicated by the Presidential Elections that year.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lim felt that the latest time frame in which the transition would occur would be in 2026 – a year or two after the next General Elections. If this were to take place then, Mr Lee Hsien Loong would be 73 years of age whilst Mr Heng would be around 64.

It was interesting to note that Mr Lee Hsien Loong was 52, and Mr Goh Chok Tong was 49 when they took over the reins.

Another academic, Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser from the National University of Singapore felt that the leadership transition may “skip a generation and be passed to those in their early and mid-50s by 2025, like Chan Chun Sing, Lawrence Wong and Desmond Lee.”

A third, Associate Professor Eugene Tan from the Singapore Management University said that whilst he does not “foresee a generational skip in leadership from 3G to 5G”, there could be a possible skip from 3G to ’4.5G’. Nonetheless, “this could be politically unsettling even if [Singapore emerges] well from the COVID-19 crisis”.

No confidence in the 4G?

Professor Eugene Tan was also quoted as saying “Questions will invariably be raised in the event of an inordinate delay over whether the 4G leadership is equal to the task of leading Singapore in the post-COVID era.”

Socio-political commentator and blogger Andrew Loh asked: “If the so-called 4G ministers are apparently still deemed not capable enough to handle a pandemic, or to take over the reins of leadership, then why are we paying the highest salaries for public servants on the planet?”

What do you think?




6 Responses to “A delayed political succession does not reflect well on the capabilities on the 4G leadership”

  • US needs:

    U need <1 b to help the destitute while pap needs 60 b in addition to pay cut. where r the 60 b gone? Creating political billionaires so as to have the nerve to talk with the refugee multi illionaires from PRC Ants just as when peanut goh made his motion of paying million so the ministers can speak tall with MNC CEOs. how much have the three runaway fromPRC paid to The private govt of singapore temasek to get their zpR n how much are they fleeced to be citizens? of course the daft singaporeans r nit allow to know the details nor where these sale amts go forvpap govt has been privatised presumably to pap aim under the liewwith a commission of 25 millions. speculation n scientific deduction based on the little information lraked out. the dhs n his half iry SH have to tell the daft Sinkies. Of course they cant because govt is private

    I$pwho benefit from the $60 billions beside the hefty increase in salaries of the Cabinet ministers now the member of BOD of Govt of Simgapore (pte). As Tan WP telling his presiding sub court judge that he can’t wait to see him promoted to justice of high court. but what can Terry say to the judge presiding over his case what he would anxiously wait for his promotion ( unless CJ but CJ has been in the right books, what then? Ah perhaps another lau pinoy maid bully. pinays r hoping to see govt of sin (pte) thru its comp temasek to send him to Phillippine to negotiate the shift of us base to Singapore. they hope they will welcome him with a spray ar the airport. so mis pte GoS giving a bonus of IMore than 25 m as the recipient has more high position that SH lau bully of pinoy maid . So terry may said that he look forward he jotously hopping to dbs with his 50 m to invest on bitcoin to multiply it to billions as the dhs Gor will soundly advise him.

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  • xoxo:

    Both of them are LEE LOYALIST$.
    Both interned by LKY,one his PPS,the other TANKONG PAGAR GRC?

    Probably both swear to serve the Son blindLEE without questioning.
    So,both are very dangerous.


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  • NoConfidence:

    It means pseudo gods are unreliable. Such an almighty person in power will only destabilise nerves and ultimately the world.

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  • “Another academic, Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser from the National University of Singapore felt that the leadership transition may “skip a generation and be passed to those in their early and mid-50s by 2025, like Chan Chun Sing, Lawrence Wong and Desmond Lee.”

    I agree with Tan. It is not likely that Heng will become the next PM, not due to political reasons but due to his sickness. One do not recover from a stroke completely, I was told, once kenna it will always be there waiting to explode again. Therefore he cannot handle stress and anything which may cause his blood vessel to rise.

    Unlike Trump in the USA whose job is to only cry father and cry mother online, the PM of Sinkapore is a very busy man. Not only he has to attend to the needs of 5 million dafts, he has to also spend time fixing the oppos and also allocate time to sue Tom, Dick and Harry.

    I don’t think Heng would be able or willing to risk his HBP and suffer a relapse to become the PM (as if he has a chance).

    My take and I believe all along was that Heng is merely a smokescreen, it has and all along been KeeQiu, the preferred famiLEE man.

    What do you think?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Mr Magoo was picked by the Despot. Why> because he is a seat-warmer with no pappy or popular support and therefore no threat to the next real PM – the Rising Son from the West.

    Just like Indian Become Malay, Inside is Outside, Your Money is My Money (Forvever), the Rising Son will be Crowned without citizens’ consent. If President can pasang kaki then why not PM?

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  • no confidence:

    No confidence. Unless u r a nitwit otherwise howccan u have confidenceHeng to seat warm for a street urchin n supervise by a negative investor who advise Singaporeans to invest pin bitcoin with a extingushing nfi dns!

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