2nd tranche of grocery vouchers

The 2nd tranche of grocery vouchers(GVs) to help those one and two HDB flat roomers will be delivered to their homes. I say how stupid, backwards and inefficient the pap government has become!

It’s 2 visits and if it is still unsuccessfully delivered, people will have to collect them from the community centres themselves.

The pap government must have been caught by surprise that so many people are so desperate these days that they even stole GVs to help the poorest people among us and some even went to the extend to break open letter boxes to steal them.

News reports of such people being caught and charged in court must still be fresh in people’s mind.

If I were in charge of distributing those GVs, I would do it differently. 150,000 households is alot of households for post personnel to physically cover. It is both very tiring and very time consuming times two. I would still deliver them by post but I will also broadcast on both radio and primetime TV ( could be sponsored) to encourage residents to look out for their GVs, to warn would be offenders of stiffer punishments and public shaming of offenders if ever such thefts happen again and I would also display easy to understand posters prominently where such rental blocks are located.

To put things in perspective, under 100 GVs theft offenders out of 150,000 households in the first GVs tranche distributions is a mere 0.05% offenders only. There are better ways of tackling that and precious time and manpower resources shouldn’t be unduly wasted.

In the words of wise Warren Buffett, business schools reward difficult complex behaviour more than simple behaviour but it is simple behaviour that is more effective. Learn!



Simon Lim





6 Responses to “2nd tranche of grocery vouchers”

  • opposition dude:

    Create short term work for the people delivering these vouchers you know. Then PAP will once again say unemployment is super low even during this crisis.

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  • xoxo:

    All these peanuts cant help much.
    They shortchanged sgs of the amount $23K still?

    They are trying to divert attention from their wrongdoings as usual.
    I want my $23K to be re-instated.

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  • avejoe:

    These are the crumps they are throwing again to the less fortunate, why not credit the money directly into their bank account to save all this hoo-ha, smart city my foot…

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  • Harder Truths:

    Food vouchers are a sure sign of Africa-type third-world conditions in $G. It is also a sign that locals mean nothing to the regime.

    You are here to collect the rubbish the FT throw away. Be happy with that income opportunity. You are not going to get anything better.

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  • Interesting:

    Sad that by giving away just food vouchers will make most people happy today (Yes the kind gesture is an appreciating thought). Back in the WW2 and post war era, yes for own survival a small bun or meal will make the receiver happy for days. But in the digital millennium and 21st century, the higher level of needs will ultimately need to be addressed. You cannot assume that people do not evolve over decades. The past generations are brought up with not many things and technologies and you cannot expect the the future generations of beyond to be satiable by same things that are of past era. Interesting.

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  • Good initiatives:

    Good initiatives to help the poor…
    Would have been better if more effort was put in to improve their lives in the first place.
    Sad to see so many still in such poor situation in this super rich country.
    The social divide is just to big.The pay for the lower group is just too low.
    More need to be done for our poor and needy.

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