Can Singapore tolerate endless brawls and acts of hooliganism?

The recent spate of brawls taking place in Singapore is definitely very troubling and deserves greater scrutiny.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already destroyed our credential in public health preparedness and pandemic management.

Can we afford to lose our credentials in being a safe city where we can raise a family and where women will feel safe to walk alone at night?

Failure to address public and investors’ concerns can negatively impact Singapore’s ability to attract quality FDI and talents need to drive our economy.

The Little India Riot has already subjected Singaporeans to great degree of embarrassment previously and these recent spate of brawls, as such, rekindles the question – are our Singapore Police Force (SPF) adequately trained to contain and deter these acts of hooligan?

For parents with children serving their National Services in SPF, our minister of Home Affairs (MHA) will need to assure all such parents that their children are adequately trained and will not be subjected to unwarranted risks.

Given the critical need for MHA to regain the trust and respect of parents, the general public and investors, after these unfortunate incidents, shouldn’t PM Lee review if he has any suitable candidate from his 4G team that has the capability to take over this ministry and address the humongous challenge facing MHA?

It is obvious that the current Home Affairs minister is struggling to manage two ministries concurrently, and if there is no one capable from Lee’s current 4G team to step up to turn MHA around, then Singapore may face serious implications from PAP’s inability to implement their succession planning.

Already with Lee indicating his intention to stay longer in office after the PAP’s dismal performance at GE2020, questions are already being asked if this will adversely affect DPM Heng’s leadership as our future Prime Minister of Singapore.

Looking ahead as 2020 comes to a close, l hope that from 2021 forward, we can see an end to all such blatant hooliganism as Singapore clearly deserves better.


Joseph Nathan




15 Responses to “Can Singapore tolerate endless brawls and acts of hooliganism?”

  • oxygen:

    SOCIAL SCIENTISTS like Durkheim WOULD CALL THIS increasing street hooliganism of SOCIAL DISORDER as anomie. It is evidence of increasing economic DISINTEGRATION and societal normlessness.

    Given the AGGRAVATING pandemic impact and the crushing erosion on economic security from PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomic dysfunctional Population Recycling Economics experimentation, THIS ANOMIE WILL ONLY GET WORST FROM HERE.

    Goggle search for NORMLESSNESS comes up with this definition.

    Normlessness (or what Durkheim referred to as anomie) “denotes the situation in which the social norms regulating individual conduct have broken down or are no longer effective as rules for behaviour.

    LEE-jiapore will working insidiously towards 10 million population base or more by forcing DIGITIZATION on peasants (dubbed “Smart Nation”) in place of cash to facilitate transactional flow of economic activity??


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  • What ?:

    @ The Covid-19 pandemic has already destroyed our credential in public health preparedness and pandemic management.

    What ?
    U mean mediacorp artists violating covid 19 social distancing and not wearing masks in their gathering or partying ?

    At a time when we need our public figures to act as role models to their fans and the people. Yet they only received a simple fine of 300. I suggest they should be drop from any drama or variety show productions for the next 2 years plus excluded from any advertisements projects or products spoke persons / representatives.

    Else To redeem themselves, another way they should be the first to be vaccinated. And to be enforsed by ministers and top doctors that the injection is truly vaccine and not normal saline.

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  • I beg to differ:

    Fights ?

    Who knows when will a fight broke out. Nobody can predict. A group of friends social gathering , one friend say something wrong the other felt insulted and all hell break loose. Even relatives siblings same thing.

    Even Communist country e.g. China or Russia also has fights. N korea not sure , perhaps nope but maybe people involved in a fight right or wrong both also receive a bullet in the head. That may deter people from fights.

    Even Muslims fight among themselves.

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  • Nothing being done?:

    Need to address hdb poor building materials and install materials that make the flimsy flat noise proof at the very least.
    Acc to a hdb officer who very meekly confessed, they(hdb) have thousands of complaints!
    So what are they doing to improve this mad situation.
    Blatant noise makers are also hooligans!
    Upgrading n maintenance work is bring carried out eg painting n planting etc..
    No use…every 4 years.its just a whitewash exercise.
    What really matters aint being carried out.

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  • Rapgai Sinwan:

    Jose worries too much!

    SPF, built and developed by the present government, is super efficient!

    Perpetrators will be apprehended within hours of the commission of all crimes.

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  • xoxo:

    veLEE HIGH KPI indeed!

    From thuggery to clean streets,no more gangs of the 60s to mushrooming THUGGERY againon our streets?

    Well done!

    From karang-guni to PMEs and back to CARDBOARD COLLECTION AS A FORM OF EXERCISE for our elderly poor.

    From hawkers’ sons to professionals back to hawking???

    Can RETIRED OR STEPPED-DOWN MPs or ministers take up HAWKING LIKE COOK XO CHYE TOW KWAY so that ministers’ sons can take over later?

    Where has our $100 Billion gone to?
    Pls give detailed account to the public to the LAST DOLLAR?

    Will HaLEEma’s Office of President audit?

    Or,no need?…just $ign blindLEE?

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  • Anomie of Crony Elitism:

    You can’t have the 4th most corrupt crony-capitalist government worldwide (The Economist) lording over the 3rd most transparent citizenry in the world (Transparency International) INDEFINITELY….
    even if the Ahgong is a soft dictatorship guiding a psuedo-democracy for sheeples, while the income inequality in Singapore is an obscene 49/57 globally (OXFAM). And despite Bala’s Mendacity Index, Singapore at 158th position is 6 notches below Bangladesh, with respect to the right to freedom of expression (Free Press Index) in the whole wide world; perhaps someday soon Sinchiapor Inc. will meet CCP China at 178th place $$$shipushi?

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  • I suss HSK no longer chosen 1:

    Given how little reported of him lately and how much media attention other MPs have gotten , i suss HSK may not be the pm post LHL.

    Am i so good at reading PAP ?
    I dare not say so out of political correctness.

    Time will tell.

    Ok lah, i suss CCS .

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  • Harder Truths:

    Everything going according to my expectations.

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    Were those involved in the brawl locals or talented foreigners? Like in UK and US, once they get drunk…

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Fighting the wrong enemy, they are.

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  • oxygen:

    ABOUT 18% OF ITS PRISON POPULATION ARE ELDERLY past 60 of age currently. Many of them gladly re-offends soon after release of the prison term. Why?

    Life inside is far more better than outside of food nutrition, shelter and healthcare instead of homelessness and hunger outside.

    It is not just the men that does that – elderly women too.

    I AM FEARING THAT WE ARE ALSO HEADING THAT WAY – the anomie of street holiganism is just SYMBOLIC TELL-TALE SIGNS of national economic and social disintegration.

    The issue is NOT ABOUT LEE-jiapore “tolerating” street hooliganism. No use cutting the grass when rain and sunshine will rejuvenate its luxuriant growth again of crime infestation.

    I fear that it won’t be long when women (with desperate hunger in family) resort to armed violent crime if ILLEGAL STREET BEGGING DOES NOT WORK. They know the law which says they can’t be caned.

    Elderly women “prostitution-like” behavior is also rising in South Korea – allow old lonely men on the street to grope them publicly in exchange for small amount of money.

    Granny prostitutes reflect South Korea’s problem of elderly poverty.

    Soon enough, it will be children taught survival instinct of engaging in petty street crime robbing the elderly.How many can we place in juvenile detention?


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  • highly stressed!!:

    When you live in a highly stressed society like Singapore, with endless stream of FTs and FWs flowing in, what do you expect the citizens to behave when they see their lunches and even dinners are being snatched away under their very noses!!??

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  • the stress of having to deal:

    //working insidiously towards 10 million population base or more by forcing DIGITIZATION on peasants (dubbed “Smart Nation”) in place of cash to facilitate transactional flow of economic activity??//

    on digitization, so that the white monkey gang does not need to go through (or at least minimize) the stress of having to deal face to face with an equally potential stressed-up peasantry in a ‘planned’ 6.9m or 10m open-leg environment ????

    last time, robbers needed to physically rob you to get your $$$$, now online scams have transferred the more difficult work to rob to yourself ??? wallet and handbag or cash till may just have a few tens, hundreds (at most few thousands) to be robbed, while digitally tens or hundreds of thousands can be wiped clean in an instant ????

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  • oxygen:

    YET ANOTHER STAGGERING SIGN of ailing societal anomie – middle age woman and school kids stole cheapo masks from distribution points in broad daylight and right under the eyes of surveillance security camera at bus interchange.

    Food vouchers for the poor were stolen from postal delivery box in poor suburbs.

    LEE-jiapore is SINKING very fast and PAPpypolitics is in TOTAL DENIAL of economic disintegration.

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