Closing the border to travelers from the United Kingdom

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the top public health official in America. He was asked in an interview – should America close the border to travelers from the United Kingdom?

Dr. Fauci replied in a soft spoken voice – At this juncture, closing the border would be over reach. (TKL uses the world “over react”).

He said that they should monitor the situation and decide later, based on a better knowledge of the mutated virus, whether it was necessary to close the border.

In making this statement, Dr. Fauci took into account the economic impact of closing the border to these travelers.

Basically, Dr. Fauci said that we do not know at this time if it was necessary to close the border. We should monitor the situation before taking any hasty action.

I agree with the approach recommended by Dr. Fauci. We should not over react to any risk. We do not know if it will become serious or not. We cannot, at this time, assume that it will be very serious and close the border.

My crystal ball asked me to send the video recording of the interview to our ministers (he did not want to call them ‘insane’, out of respect to them).


Tan Kin Lian




19 Responses to “Closing the border to travelers from the United Kingdom”

  • B117:

    Bus117 plies between Punggol and Sembawang, so does the new Covid B117, plying between UK-US-France only?

    It all begins with 1 case and the whole wide world suffers unbearably. By then, no country dares to keep pointing fingers to one another. All are accountable for this global village called Earth. Wither do vaccines?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    America is either a rich country or a poor country with lots of debts .The most likely reason why it has the most corona virus cases happening in America is that it failed to close its door shut out all foreigners to the country when it is required to .It cannot shut its door totally as it has a large economy depending on rich foreigners to come in to invest and buy their goods and product !And it has a good relationship with b**$* India and such that maybe India b**$* corona virus went over to America to spread there worsening America corona virus situation .Did you all read of the recent America General Election where all those Indian beasts in India pray for one of Biden e*** b**$* woman who has an Indian descendant history to win ,and true enough,with the support of Indian beasts that is all the while indirectly meddling with America Politics ,Biden won .And why Singapore need a “Malay” woman President is no mystery .This is because the e*** women wing group want to run the world with all women in different countries spreading their e*** women rights mentality controlling the economies ! Pui!

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  • oxygen:

    MY CRYSTAL BALL SAYS SEND YOU TO LONDON OR SOUTH AFRICA and leave you permanently there.

    What is economy with a massively-infected population base NO LONGER EFFECTIVE OF SUSTAINING ECONOMIC FUNCTIONING?

    You idiot!

    Read this for your little education.

    London and a large swathe of SE and East England is in a lock down. No Christmas for them for even one day in a year.

    UK imposes more lockdowns as mutated COVID variant causes record cases

    And Hong Kong, another densely populated urban setting ill-conducive to containment of pandemic spread did this.

    Hong Kong imposes 21-day quarantine for visitors, adds South Africa to banned list

    and now even China did this

    China will suspend UK flights indefinitely over fears of new Covid strain

    A LOT OF SINKIE must be glad that you lost your history-making election deposit.

    If the majority of “no-confidence” vote choice in that PE were wrong of judgment, YOU COULD HAVE RE-CONTESTED the 2020 GE as an independent candidate (if no political party wants to associate with you ASSUMING ONLY) TO PUT YOU WISDOM AND ABILITY TO LITMUS TEST ONCE AGAIN.


    Or did you, and I am mistaken or haven’t noticed??

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  • DavidNeo&VanessaWan:Toilets:

    Overeact? People are put under surveillance.

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  • Yon Asunder:

    O Ye Brudder
    Do ever bother
    Just open the border
    Yon asunder
    Let it be a blunder
    From Alaska to Down Under
    Coz it doesn’t really matter
    anymore……for sure.

    Just sing the Grease Lightning song:
    (Mr Brown’s cover?)

    We trace together, rummer, rummer, rummer…
    We die together, rummer, rummer, rummer…
    Shang, shang, shang ti shang shibub
    Evrything will be fine…

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  • oxygen:

    DESPITE THE ACCLAIMED AVAILABILITY OF VACCINE now released for mass immunisation, the lock down in UK and travel ban to and from UK in the wake of this virus mutation TELL US POINTEDLY AND EXPLICITLY EXACTLY HOW DANGEROUS IS THE EVOLVING THREAT of on-going virus mutation still incomprehensible to science.

    TKL IS TALKING CAWKED yet again in his regular drum-beating. He is NOT ADDING to his “popularity”.

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  • Traffic is the source:

    @oxygen, @B117, @Soccerbetting2, @DavidNeo&VanessaWan, @Yon Asunder;

    There must be a way to contain the “virus”, example by starving the source.

    He is apparently going against the grains to solicit readers’ attention and comments and TRE would flippantly accepts his nonsenses for site traffics and advertisement revenues. Is there a traffic kick-back for the “virus”?

    I would say, to shunt and starve the source [skip, don't click, don't feed] so as also to force TRE for quality and filtered articles even genuine personal opinions.

    The “virus” will wane off a natural death.

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  • Death rate is still low:

    Well maybe Mr Tan not wrong as illustrated by Mediacorp artists and non mediacorp artists + DJs flouting covid 19 measures.

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  • xoxo:


    JUST GO PAY A VISIT TO FWs at oyr dormitories.
    And,ya, no need wear mask lah?

    Tkl,you shud join the circus!
    They need more clowns!

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  • Vaccinations for grasssroots:

    Close to every singaporean has not been infected.
    There is no need for 90% innoculation given that the new strain effect is not totally clear and what long term side effects vaccines will have.

    So volunteering should be the way and those at front line should be vaccinated first as well as our singapore defence force, civil servants and public servants and hospital and hospitality workers.

    We must protect our important people. VIPs. These should get vaccinated and a certificate of vaccination should be issued as proof.
    As grassroots leaders are involved in social related activities, they should get vaccinated to show support for govt. Jabbed once. Twice if needed.

    All professionally registered prostitutes once vaccinated should be allowed sex with customers at geylang approved legal brothels. Many have pent up urges and needs being away from home and lonely this festive seasons.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Do not worry. More on the way – you think this government will be satisfied with only one case? We will soon have dozens. $G will be #1 in Asia again!


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  • New Strain:

    The media reported only 1 case of new variant detected in SG. The other 11 are “preliminary positive” which adds to 12. Does the new variant have to be imported? The virus can mutate in any place that has it and spread from within. However, by allowing foreign travellers into the country increases the chance of importing the new strain. There could be more cases of the variant in SG than the initial discovery.

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  • New Strain:

    Japan already announced ban on foreign nationals. SG continues to welcome foreign nationals; Phase 3 opens very soon . SIA resumes flight to the USA. PAP definitely puts SG at the top in Covid healthcare management. Singaporeans have to be proud of the govt for being able to attract and welcome foreigners here (inlcuding the WEF) when other countries are closing their borders. Here is another opportunity for PAP to show the world that they have situation under control.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Malaysia records highest daily Covid-19 case count; KL most ….
    KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Malaysia on Saturday (Dec 26) recorded the highest number of new coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, with 2,335 infections.

    Capital city Kuala Lumpur made up the largest share – 31.2 per cent – of the new infections, with 728 cases, followed by Selangor with 710 cases and Johor with 412 cases.

    The previous record was 2,234 cases on Dec 10.

    The Ministry of Health also revealed 11 more new Covid-19 clusters throughout the country, taking the total number of active clusters to 215.

    Of these active clusters, 59 contributed to Saturday’s cases.

    Only 11 of the total new cases were imported, health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah said in a statement.

    More than 300 of them came from the prisons and immigration depots involving nine clusters…

    Dubbed the Jalan Seng cluster, the site now has the country’s largest outbreak, with 232 positive cases.

    There were two fatalities reported yesterday. They involved a 44-year-old woman from Sabah and a 70-year-old man from Melaka, both with a history of health conditions. The total number of confirmed cases now stands at 103,900, with 451 deaths.

    Tan Sri Noor Hisham said there are currently 108 Covid-19 patients under intensive care, with 50 requiring ventilator support.

    Meanwhile, the director of the Sungai Buloh Hospital in Selangor has threatened his staff with disciplinary action if they are found to be flouting Covid-19 rules, Malaysiakini quoted its sources as saying yesterday.

    The warning was said to have been issued after the Health Ministry reported as at Dec 18 that a total of 1,771 hospital staff had tested positive for the disease, the majority of whom were nurses. “Unquote .

    Response :Don’t just close the travel border to UK only .Do close the travel border with Malaysia too .Beast Malaysia corona virus spread will be even more deadly than anything !Malaysia is another doomed corona virus country .Malaysia cases maybe local cases since their border are not opened or controlled state of opening .I have already years back highlighted on website to leave enough space for food plantations and meat productions.Tengah site should not continue for building more HDB Flat ! It should be reserve solely for food plantations and meat to secure our food supply rather than depend on Malaysia side for food supply ! Their corona virus may taint their food and water supply and spread over here too ,beware! Don’t forget to kick out e*** b**$* Malaysian born e*** woman Amy Khor Lean Suan and her e*** b**$* family ,the bad luck Malaysia born cow and e*** b**$* Lee Bee Wah,b**$* Olivia Lum, back to Malaysia to solve their Malaysia corona virus !Pui!

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  • covid:

    Very good suggestion. I love it to spread the virus around.

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  • oxygen:

    @ New Strains

    A little fact check here if you entertains.

    New Strain: Japan already announced ban on foreign nationals

    What about the (postponed) summer Olympics due next year?

    And this “excited exaggeration” to borrow the legal parlance?

    New Strain: Singaporeans have to be proud of the govt for being able to attract and welcome foreigners here (inlcuding the WEF) when other countries are closing their borders.

    The WEF (World Economic Forum) since its founding in 1971 nearly 50 years ago have always be held in Davos in January winter month, Switzerland. It was a jealously guarded preserve even more so than the much contested Summer Olympic Games.

    Why did Davos give up its host preserve in 2021 suddenly? It wasn’t an opportunity open for bidding at all. And you therefore cannot “attract” this otherwise unavailable opportunity.

    IF WE HAD BEEN ABLE “TO ATTRACT AND WELCOME FOREIGNERS” to this 2021 WEF in Singapore, why this “late” sudden announcement not made public in Davos in 2020 or soon after?

    Are we asked to host or we volunteer to host WEF to “welcome” maybe 10-20 thousands in total of foreigners from the global map because no one else wants to risks the pandemic risks still raging and incomprehensible to science?

    It could be held in Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Sydney – previously successful hosts to Olympics.

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  • WakeupSG:

    This smart SARS-CoV-2 virus started at Wuhan in Dec 2019 & to stop its spread China activated the whole of Wuhan, a city of 11 million people lockdown in Jan 2020. But the smart virus starts spreading to Europe triggering a global pandemic!

    It is not showing signs of slowdown as UK reported a new mutant virus strain which is more contagious than Wuhan virus.

    Now we have it in SG the UK virus! Will it explode just like the Wuhan virus?

    As SG opens its doors to the world to conduct the to-be-held WEF supposedly in Switzerland in May 2021, I hope that the SG Govt will not under-react just like when Wuhan was lockdown in Jan 2020 & this costly mistake & missteps resulted in the cases exploding in the FWs dorms & a costly $100b budget to cover their incompetence & failure!


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  • New Strain:

    December 27, 2020 at 9:20 am (Quote)
    For now at least, Japan has declared a ban on non-residents. SG must have offered or agreed to host the WEF. The “attraction” is mutual! LOL! It will be even more attractive if SG offers to pick up the tabs like the Trump-Kim meeting. However, with the new strain B117, this could be “fatal attraction” if you get a super-spreader.

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  • oxygen:

    @ New Strain

    WE CAN’T QUARANTINE VVIPs for X days in a hotel before the commencement of the WEF if they test positive on swab.

    A visiting super-spreader might share his/her goodies with those already “vaccinated” AND WE THEN DISCOVERED THAT LOCALs so-called VACCINATED ARE DUD “vaccine” (perhaps with WATER or young fresh coconut water that could be bought in supermarkets) for television show only.

    New Strain: , with the new strain B117, this could be “fatal attraction” if you get a super-spreader.

    Or the prior vaccination protection didn’t work on B117 and all hell break lose as contagion spread like fire like South Korea is going through now.

    A foolish moment of bravado in LEE-jiapore which the Swiss at Davos no longer wants to host in 2021.

    Another lockdown costing another $100 billion down the drain?

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