Filipino assistant manager leaked details of 6 Singtel customers to a loanshark

A former Singtel Filipino assistant manager leaked the details of 6 Singtel customers to a loanshark because he was unable to settle his outstanding debts with him.

I cannot help but wonder if our Personal Data Protection laws are more for show or do they really serve useful purposes?

Just earlier this year, patients’ personal information were leaked by MOH and now, this foreign talent truly displayed his foreign talent at Singtel. Coincidentally, both cases happened, one to a government ministry and the other, a major government linked company. I say how outstanding the pap government is.

The government and all corporations must understand that they owe their clients and customers a sacred fiduciary duty to keep their personal information secret and by secret, I meant, Secret!

Internal controls and processes must be seriously invested in and beefed up not only in words but very importantly, in deeds. It is especially crucial now that we aspire to be a smart nation, one that wants to go digital in a big way.

Although a large sections of our population are Suckerporeans by nature, by being unconsciously conditioned over the decades and/or by fear, still, the government, all corporations and organisations must never fail them in this aspect of trust and in their professionalism.

Last but not least, I feel that a sentence of 3 months jail and a $30,000 fine in this case is way too lenient. Our sentencing guide lines for such cases must never lose their relevancy and deterrence effect.
I can imagine that if I were one of those 6 persons whose information were deliberately leaked by him, then I am likely to sue Singtel.



Simon Lim




9 Responses to “Filipino assistant manager leaked details of 6 Singtel customers to a loanshark”

  • Harder Truths:

    For every KNOWN case there are possibly a HUNDRED undiscovered cases.

    Where do you think all the false e-mail phishing and telephone calls from fake DBS etc. to customers come from? Santa Claus?

    Sooner or later, the personal details of customers stored by a bank (or maybe stored by a government department?) will end up with some crime syndicate in a foreign country. With so many foreigners working in sensitive places, it is just a matter of time.

    I wonder how many citizens will have their accounts emptied? Or get a $10000 bill for cocaine bought in Africa? Haha – good luck trying to sort this out.

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  • xoxo:

    Besides such *foreign* talents like this one and faking degrees while giving kickbacks,what else do the PAP’S FTs have that sgs have no talent for?

    Guess their MAIN $ponsor,LEE AH LONG, knows the answers?

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  • Pinky is useless anyway:

    FT must have become locals via PR or new citizen, he is taking $5000 job where no Singapore PMET can do.

    There is coordinated effort in importing third world foreigners into Singapore by giving good jobs to these inferior foreigners. Not just state enterprise but ministers. Most converted to PRs and new citizens.

    Crime rates are up and up, foreigners are being the key with robberies, scams and frauds now becoming the new norm.

    Singaporeans voted for it.

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  • KT:

    The trouble is the Millionaire Papayas say we are the first world country, and yet have to open their legs wide wide to invite foreign trashes here. And this so-called “talents” come from third world countries, and many with faked degrees have yet to be caught ! This shows they spend so much tax payers money and still cannot groom talents. It is a failed education system and with scholars as well. All the talents are sent to the Papaya politician club to collect millionaire salaries.

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  • Uncle Leo:

    I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Many are quietly scamming.

    If there’s a pot of gold DONT you think it’ll attract foreign talent to help themselves to some?

    Foreigners must never be entrusted with secrets, financial or related to security.

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  • opposition dude:

    Yes, hail to more foreigners in Singapore! They engage in activities like murder and, of course, prostituition. Everyone remembers Yang Yin who cheated a widow, the one who turned her HDB into a provision shop selling ducks blood and the instances when illegal subletting took place.

    Keep letting them in PAP, we need as many people voting for the opposition to make life better for us in Singapore!

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    You ever applied for jobs? They always say all applications are treated in the strictest confidence. When you join the company, you’ll discover your new colleagues will know about your past.

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  • F Vivian Bala:

    Vivian Balakrishnan will tell everyone, IMMIGRANTS are here to create JOBS!!!

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  • xoxo:

    During lockdown,i noticed alot of FTs on furloughs *SKIVING* when they are supposed to be busy working from home?
    Now,i still observe same.

    Are furlough$ a WAGE OR A GRANT FROM GOVT?
    If grant,why sg gahmen grant $600 to more deserving SINGAPOREANS?

    THE $100 BILLION ARE SGS’ RESERVES,NOT PAP’S RESERVES for them to disburse unfairly.
    How can sgs like nation-builders who unfairly lost their jobs get less grants than any foreigner?

    Sgs deserve to know in FULL DETAILS WHERE THE $100 WENT TO.

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