Total fertility rate (TFR)

As far as our total fertility rate (TFR) is concerned, we started 2021 with very depressed news that out of >200 countries and territories worldwide, Singapore under the pap government again rank among the last few, if not the lowest and the last in international TFR standing.

The TFR replacement level for each child bearing woman is 2.1 but our numbers is less than 0.9 per woman, so realistically speaking, we have lost our battle to reverse our falling and falling and still falling TFR and our native born core Singaporeans is on a steady path of decline to become a minority species in our own country.

For many, many years now, the pap government, instead of working hard, resolutely and holistically to improve our TFR has instead opted for the easy and lazy way through the mass importation of PRs and new citizens to make up for the shortfall.

The ills of such a strategy are not easily visible in the initial 10 or 20 years but beyond that, it will change the composition and character of our society beyond recognition.

To compound our old age challenges, when those PRs and new citizens become old and if they don’t have enough children of their own to look after them which is a very likely scenario, then the burden of looking after them will fall on our citizens and our children and become our burdens and by then, those so called 3G and 4G pap ministars would probably be enjoying life somewhere in the Caribbean or Hawaii etc and I can easily foresee that our today’s fellow Singaporeans, especially those younger citizens and teenage Singaporeans, many of them will have to work their guts out day in and day out and suck thumbs here in Singapore. Either that or many will choose to leave if they can.

Alearly, we might have more over 60s than under 16 years of age citizens and residents in our population. Just think harder about it. It is a scary thought.

We are paying the world’s record political salaries to those greedy politicians that we have and yet, over time, Singaporeans will lose big time due to their meekness, inability or unwillingness to think about issues critically and/or their indifference to demand corresponding performance from their government. Our pathetic TFR is one good example.



Simon Lim




13 Responses to “Total fertility rate (TFR)”

  • opposition dude:

    Well this is why we need to kick out as many of these donkeys whenever an election comes around. All they are good at is talking and not doing. So work hard opposition parties! Hope to see you guys win West and East Coast along with Marine Parade in the next election!

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  • Pap has the mandate:

    Those new Singapore citizens can easily return to their motherland, the Indians can hold Singapore Citizenship as well as Indian OCI. The Chinese are getting PR only and not willing to convert to Singaporean Citizens. Malaysian Chinese are most welcome by the PAP Government but rarely do they give up their citizenships. Hey, even many of PAP Ministers are from Malaysia. Stinkaporeans are so book smart that they become dummies. Good Riddance for gutless Stinkaporeans. Time will slowly purge those gutless Stinkaporeans.

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  • Soon TFR 0.5:

    In 5 to 10 years’ time TFR could be as low as 0.5
    Good Gracious!

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  • To help the TFR rates, may I suggest that the gahment reopens the red ligth district and mandate that the pros cannot wear a raincoat durong bonking.

    If then she gets pregnant, then she automatically qualifies for PR and then Sinkieporean.

    Then add in, if she wants to leave the trade and return to Timbaktu, she has to leave her offspring behind. These babies then will be taken care of by the gahment, all trained to be MPs and Generals, no need to worry the party no members qualified to be MPs and Millisters liao.

    Considering that pariament all one mouth breath, pass such laws should be a jog in the park.

    What do you think?

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  • Harder Truths:

    This is good news. Why should $G citizens have children and see them suffer as third class citizens and beg for jobs and a livelihood? Better $G locals become extinct and leave the island to foreigners. They will know how to handle the regime.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    Actually no need to worry about those PRs reaching 65 and becoming Singapore’s burden. They can easily pack up and leave and withdraw their CPF. They at least still have relatives back home to network. I have many PRC friends doing so already. If you have been reading Chinese articles posted online by PRCs working in Singapore, they have coined this common phrase:


    Children’s playground
    Adults’ battleground
    Old folks’ burial ground.

    Singaporeans, on the other hand, nowhere to “backtrack”. They can only save as much as possible and migrate to somewhere where the cost of living is lower. I am one of those planning already. But many had spent the bulk of their savings raising their kids and hardly enough to support themselves during the old age. Hence my own phrase:
    (Can afford a house, but cannot afford to raise kids.
    Can afford to raise kids, but cannot afford to support yourself when you grow old).

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  • Dio leh Luo MO:

    CB, you don’t run from the one topic to another. You got to answer or respond to your previous topic before you move on to your the next new bullshit topic.

    Sia Suay PV. Sia Suay all opposition parties. Sia Suay all here.

    Think it’s beneath your dignity to answer or respond or you have no answer or respond because you are wrong.

    Talk is cheap. Talking to oneself is even cheaper.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Maybe that is why CCP spread virus all over the world to solve aging population and low fertility problem.
    The mutated strain spread faster, more contagious. The current vaccine will be rendered useless liao.
    Therefore, solve the population problem faster lor.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Well. PAP reaps what it sows. Social Engineering project was and is an epic fail.

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  • #06-187 Huang Ba Dan:

    Last time got stop at 2.

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  • Tremendous:

    The chiefs dare not announce the villagers’ true TFR. They know it’s very bad and like what the writer pointed out, lower than 0.9 and still going south. Only want to announce resident TFR. Only village among all villages to use resident TFR (for all we know includes permanent resident TFR), instead of pure villagers TFR. I mentioned many times before. The village will go into insignificance in less than 6 years’ time.

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  • xoxo:

    Jobleseness plus high COL,do you expect high TFR?

    YOUNG sgs are postponing marriage and starting family.

    Anyway STOP AT 2 disrupted sgs from the inclination in having kids unlike our older sgs as well.

    Blame who?
    You know the answer.

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    10 years ago i speak, ” will SG be around 50 years down the road”

    Today, only the malay family will have more kids, so gov imported desperatèly prc,indian, filipinos, etc etc.

    Will gov be around in 20years time ?

    I dont think so, as SG MAY NOT BE, MYSG WILL MOST LIKELY BE.

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