No 10M But……..

I remember Dr Chee and LT were all POFMAed because they mentioned about 10M population. Mr Singh asked the same question many times in parliament but the govt never really answered directly but chose to dodge again and again. Now election is over, I just received a shock of my life.

(Population in Brief 2020)

22,714 new citizens granted in 2019 – an 11-year high since 2009.

32,915 new PRs granted in 2019 – a 10-year high since 2010 (59,460 in 2009).

If there is no 10M being planned, why are they aggressively importing and converting foreigners into new citizens and PRs? They have pushed the numbers even further.

Why are the aggressively hacking down all the forests and reclaiming lands for BTOs and commercial use?

Why in the pandemic, they are still importing foreigners and letting them steal our lunches?

Why are they now advertising for locals to become hawker, food delivery and PHV driver?

So what is the population plan? 8.9M? or 9.9M? or 10.9M?


Tan Chuan Hock




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  • Harder Truths:

    Long before that artificial limit $G society will collapse, as locals will be less than 3m and foreigners 7m or more. This is no longer $G anymore anyway and there is no chance going back in time.

    Most of us on this forum will most likely not be here to see the big problems, mass rioting and foreign takeover happen – for one reason or another.

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  • Flickshit:

    What we cant do now is ‘ to overthrow or kick the PAP out” as most Singapoeans are stupid and fraking useless.

    The best now is to buy or invest in more GOLD and SILVER precious metals and more out of Singapore to Thailand, Malaysia or some other ASEAN countries.

    it useless now, just get ready to move out for PAP will never listen and care for you. Those Old folks or silly Singaporeans has to blame themselves.

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  • Tremendous:

    The chiefs are only doing all these to preserve their hegemony. They cannot deliver on fertility rate, so they have to go for mass imports.
    There are signs that the village is degenerating at a rapid rate, and the bloody idiot chief who launched the hawker diploma is only the tip of the iceberg.
    By the time the village moves into a quick descent to chaos, the chiefs will all not be there.

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  • Lee Kayu can con u:

    Their actual target is 20 million.Five million locals and another 15 million of LHL’s darlings.The 15 million new citizens are there to keep the PAP in perpetual power.The 5 million locals are there to serve the 15 million FTs their families and the PAP.
    This might sound unreal but these are the Hard Truths.The bulk of Singaporeans will be hawkers, security guards grap
    drivers and all the lowly jobs.LHL is a more selfish bast**d then his old man.We local Singaporeans are just a means to an end.His sister did no call him DISHONOURABLE SON a or nothing.

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  • never have intention of 10m:

    aiyoh. now white idiots can say they never have intention of 10m or 6.9m ???

    as current is about 5.6m (or fill in the blank) still can proceed to move to 6.89m (still technically correct for the white monkey idiots hor ??) ???

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  • foregone conclusion:

    Mr. Tan, up till now, there’s pointless to debate the magic numbers in the proposed population growth!! The writings are all in the walls!! They have to relentlessly import FTs, even during the c19 period, for this is the only easy avenue for them to grow the economy!!

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  • xoxo:

    Its a maths *tripo$’ game-boy?
    Critical mass theory is just not about NUMBERS but QUALITY NUMBERS???

    LEE bloke knows very little but is too arrogant to listen and learn.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear Tan,
    What is wrong with 10 millions population?

    The storming of US Congress show that local Americans are stupid people.
    The average local Americans can be easily conned, brainwashed and instigated.

    If America were to depend on their own local population, America will not be a great nation.

    The more intelligent one are those who emigrated to USA, foreign talents.(FT) Yes, FT helps America punch above its weight… yeap and make America a great nation.

    This is why Singapore need foreign talents (10 millions), because FT will helps Singapore punch above its weight like America..

    Money Talk Bullshit Walks

    Singapore’s interests come first. (Yes, country interest come first, then naturally Singaporeans interest will come along)
    Remember, country before self.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear Tan,
    Oppie supporters are essentially gila people.

    1. Oppie want lower insurance, but nobody wants to eat healthy and adopt the changes in lifestyle and behavior that’ll drive it.
    They continue to eat curry fish head, laksa, fried kway teow, fried oyster etc.

    2. Oppie want to have a platform like TREMERITUS to air their voices but nobody want to donate money to help Andrew… hahahaha


    Money Talk Bullshit Walks


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  • Dio leh Luo MO:

    There is no quick fix to reverse the irreparable damage done by the PAP government of Singapore and her indigenous citizens.

    There are no individuals or interest groups, opposition parties or any collective efforts that can stop the rot.

    Even if the PAP government wants to reverse gear they cannot. It would be suicidal for the PAP to do so now. The economy would nosedive and their grip on power will gradually slip away.

    The PAP has no choice but to dig their heels deeper into their own pile of shit. Their present primary concern is to hold on to power, every 5 year election cycle. They will conjure new challenges and problems every new term of Parliament office for the people to fret over. This is to hide their anxiety of lost direction with the 6.9M population policy and the host of problems it had caused the PAP.

    The PAP cannot move backward and have no real idea how to push the nation forward.
    They are waiting and waiting for something external to change their fortune to self-correct their misrule of the nation and its people.

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  • kings in their own home:

    //The more intelligent one are those who emigrated to USA, foreign talents.(FT) Yes, FT helps America punch above its weight… yeap and make America a great nation.//

    really or not ? many of these FTs can excel better in USA lar – as the ‘right’ institutions / system are already in place ?? orelse why FTs move there in the first place as compared to their own home countries ??

    if these FTs are among the best in the home countries, by right, they should be able fare so much better right and be kings in their own home countries ?????

    vaccines with the right dose may be good for one ?? try taking one dose per day see whether good for you or not lar – same goes to imeegration or white monkey open-leg policy ?? everything is about balance ?? too little, it will not do the work ?? too much, it will spoil the broth ???

    when the people of a ‘good’ country start to stir and argue (or fight ‘violently’) TOO MUCH to the extent of harming people / properties, that means something is wrong (breaking point) ??? at least US and A has the mechanism / system to wean out all the ‘wrong’ people ? as for sinkie land, ask youself lor (ownself-check-ownself one curry party function ???) ???

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  • bullshit is bullshit, so dont:

    I think 9.9M is the aim, it will come.

    The POFMA and dodging will continue, WP does not dare to ask any more.

    They will cry xenophobic when they have no reason.

    MSM is actively promoting young grads and PMETs to downgrade themselves to hawkers or doing menial jobs.

    So the future is doom and gloom for the young, they are making way for foreigners to be imported to take the good jobs and be converted to new Singaporeans or PRs.

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  • opposition dude:

    And this is why more people than ever do not trust PAP. Sure they tell us the population shrunk when aliens lost their jobs and balek to where they came from but you know the moment the economy picks up again all these buggers will be welcomed with open arms.

    And PAP will say we need 10 million and above using the same old excuses of falling birth rate, more elderly around to take care of, not enough Singaporeans for jobs and all the usual excuses you have read far too many times.

    So please do your real national duty whenever an election is here. As long as PAP has the majority they won’t ever, ever change and you all know it.

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  • buildings being enbloc:

    //Sure they tell us the population shrunk when aliens lost their jobs and balek to where they came from but you know the moment the economy picks up again all these buggers will be welcomed with open arms.//

    only the very 1st class daft (or their own white interested monkeys) will believe the white monkey gang ? if pop shrunk, how come buildings being enbloc or torn down (for older buildings ?) to built even taller buildings (by at least factor of 2 times ??) ??? and many huge parcels of greenery / forested areas or open grounds here and there have been cleared to build even more ??? maybe TFR has shrunk (due to white wayang monkey results of their policies ???) but more likely the replacement rate from white monkey open-leg policy is greater than (so much more ??) than the low TFR ???

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    Reducing the VOTES of Core Singaporeans is the ISSUE not the Population to ASSURE election victory…”Think” how our population was depleted through LEEgal Abortion and Importation of Life…there is NO LOVE and that is why we are Living an Illusion an IMATATION of Life

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on mothership :Quote -”….

    Tesla ad hiring Logistics Analyst in S’pore indicates ‘must be fluent in Hindi’
    The requirement has been removed.

    Joshua Lee | January 15, 2021,….

    Do you want to be a Logistics Analyst with Tesla in Singapore?…..

    The electric car company headed by Elon Musk is hiring here and recruitment notices have been put up.

    Potential candidates should possess at least three years of experience working with “Logistics in an automotive environment or in Logistics & Warehousing”, the ad said.

    Candidates should have undergone tertiary education, though it is “preferred”, and apparently, not required.

    Fluent in Hindi
    One part of the ad has caught the attention of some.

    A requirement for the job is the need to be fluent in both English and Hindi, though fluency in “other local languages is a bonus”.

    This part of the ad was noted by a HardwareZone forum user who posted about the job ad on January 14.

    The job opening was posted on LinkedIn, and is also viewable on Tesla’s website.

    Need to be fluent in Hindi to move vehicles and parts in Singapore
    According to the ad, the Logistics Analyst in Singapore has to ensure “smooth vehicle movements to the correct locations” in a timely manner.

    The hired personnel will also “co-ordinate the flow of parts from the third party logistics warehouse to Tesla Service Centres and Body Shops across the Singapore market”.

    Another requirement is to communicate with multiple departments and third parties, while coordinating a large volume of transport moves.

    The HWZ forum was abuzz with discussions about the job ad, as such recruitment ads that feature language requirements are understood to be discriminatory against certain individuals.

    Here are the responsibilities of Tesla’s Logistics Analyst in Singapore, taken from its LinkedIn job ad:

    Act as a dedicated point of contact for logistic activities in Singapore to both internal and external stakeholders, covering Finished Vehicle, Service Parts Warehousing and Distribution
    Work closely with 3PL and vendors, coordinating and monitoring supply chain operations
    Ability to work within WARP and TMS2 (Transport Management System) to arrange parts shipments, book vehicle transport and maintain data integrity
    Create communication flows to ensure all stakeholders are informed about vehicle progress from Port to Service Centre
    Record damage claims
    Problem solve and be able to escalate priority issues
    Work with Sales, Marketing, Fleet, & Service teams to aid in internal vehicle movements
    Ability to develop collaborative relationships and communicate relevant information across all levels of the organization….”Unquote .

    Response : Jobs created for 10 million foreigners bringing in more b***t Hindi obviously ? Need this type of company to be setup in Singapore for what ? Kick out Tesla from Singapore . So Singaporeans job is to study to be a hawker ??? Pui !

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