Trace together should replace safe entry

Many people are worried that the government can download the trace together data to know where they have been.

This concern is misplaced.

They have already been recording safe entry for the past year. The same entry data include their name, nric, location and time of each place that they have visited.

They were recording several times each day.

This data is already available in government servers and can be accessed without their knowledge.

The trace together data is quite limited. It contains the token ID of the other party that has been enclosed contact and the time of contact. It does not contain location.

The data is stored in the mobile phone.

Any access will be made with the knowledge of the owner.

Trace together gives much better control over privacy.


Tan Kin Lian






12 Responses to “Trace together should replace safe entry”

  • Harder Truths:

    Not related to this (bullshit) TKL article but important news

    The Sinopharm’s (made-by-CCP) vaccine has many problems.


    Tao Lina, a vaccine expert from Shanghai, analyzed the vaccine’s instruction manual and found numerous issues with it. Tao found that there are a total of 73 local/systemic conditions listed in the “adverse reactions” column, and called it the “most unsafe vaccine in the world.”

    Best part of the article

    “Moreover, the (CCP) State Council noted that the vaccine will only remain effective against the virus for a period of six months from inoculation.”

    What a joke. Maybe sold on Alibaba also for $2

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  • Armadillo:

    TRE Techie;

    What can we expect from 25 days? Verify this;


    The Apps not only require Bluetooth, it actually also requires the internet connection to regularly obtain TempID or forward dated TempID from the health authority backend.

    It is this data exchanges and internet connection requirement that users were NOT specifically informed though it is covered in the technical papers. This data exchanges with the health authority back-end could be the “Joker Card” with your phone while the software is resident in your phone. For those not technically inclined, it is like a Trojan horse, but the authority will say that it is a good horse but to the community, any horse in your phone is a BAD UNSAFE horse.

    Using the Apps is therefore pronouncedly unsafe in this regard for the basic reason that such “secret” communication with the govt body is largely unknown, not guaranteed and the public were not informed of its requirement.

    Please inform this to all your READERS and ask the alternative parties to question the authority in the Parliament.

    I would advise everyone to delete or uninstall the Apps from their phone and only use the token. I think there is a reason why it is always out of stock – YOUR PHONE AND DATA “could” be the prize.

    Hope it helps.

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL, GOT A PERTINENT QUESTION TO ASK of your brevity of thoughts and strange (last line) conclusion in this thread.

    TKL:The data is stored in the mobile phone.

    Any access will be made with the knowledge of the owner.

    Trace together gives much better control over privacy.

    Data access made with knowledge of the owner (of mobile presumably) is (BETTER ???)”protection” and “preservation” of owner’s privacy (INVADED)?

    I am NOT so sure if this is your English language expression haziness or is it your “HONEST INTENT” in seemingly utter confusion or your “FRAUDULENT UNCLEAR” of your seemingly confused state of mind.

    Safe entry, to my understanding only CAPTURED the places you have visited and checked in the safe entry. If you meet in Kopitiam or Orchard Road or Geylang chicken farm without safe-entry check-in – it is NOT CAPTURED at all.

    But with Trace together, the other parties in close proximity of token can be asked WHERE DID @ Mr TKL met you at what time and what place and what other interesting business you both transacted?

    MORE PRIVACY OF TRACE TOGETHER than safe entry limited location capture of only you???

    Correct me if I am wrong.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    It was supposed to be “Trace Together ONLY Safe Entry” but now it becomes “Trace Together AND Safe Entry “, just to check where you had been instead of just whom you were with.

    Now your TT data has where you went and who were your contacts!! If you happened to be sitting next to a terrorist, you will be assumed as one too.

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  • xoxo:

    No lah,we shud REPLACE you!!!

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  • @Armadillo

    I can preliminarily confirm at this stage that the app does require DATA/WIFI connection to work, as can be seen from the amount of bandwidth its uses.

    As to why/where/how/what the connections are for, probably would have to go deeper and maybe reverse-engineer or dissect the codes to find out.

    That is certainly beyond my paygrade and therefore may have to ask a lady friend of mine from Tencent if she has time to play around with it.

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  • Mr Socket Hook:

    @TRE Techie

    Installing Trojan horse in your phone is like a licensed thief in your house.

    PAPi cannot be trusted for telling half-truth.

    When someone purposefully hide from telling you the truth, it means 100% cannot be trusted. No wonder the TT token purposely out of distribution forcing people to use the Apps. What a tricky brain.

    Everyone should read and uninstall the Apps immediately.

    When there are so many bytes of information from your phone exchanged through the WIFI, likely those bytes are encrypted and your lady friend would be having a very difficult time. Furthermore the encryption protocol can be changed or hopped with time making inspection difficult.

    Hopefully your tencent lady friend can catch it.

    We all wait for your good news.

    Hope all readers will tell this to all their friends and let them decide to uninstall immediately.

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  • Stupid Ah Tan:

    Any access will be made with the knowledge of the owner.

    Contact Tracing stored on phone, OK with owner knowledge. This partial fact is like a fish bait for typical fools like TKL.

    It is the regular data connection through WIFI or internet and the data exchanges that the owner don’t even know what the hell data have been transmitted away. This is the hidden fact that TKL and the public are not informed.

    TKL should not be so stupid to pretend to be smart and advises others wrongly.

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  • @Mr Socket Hook

    I think it is premature to jump to any conclusion as to what teh app may be doing ‘behind-the-scene’. It was introduced for contact tracing and I think we should trust its intended purpose unless it is proven otherwise.

    As for me, I have just began to learn how to develop an app, which is why the purpose of downloading was for me to play around with it and maybe learn a thing or two in the process, no other intentions.

    IF anyone is really concerned with what the app may be doing behind-your-back, a simple solution is to simply just give it 4 permissions, namely:

    1. Use Bluetooth (to say hello to the friends nearby)
    2. Use DATA and WIFI (to connect to servers to generate random IDs) * Data charges from Singtel may apply if you are not on a WIFI, so make sure that your plan has sufficient bandwidth.
    3. Read mobile serial number ID (Almost all apps need this on, it just identify the phone, like the machine name on Windows computer)
    4. Use Storage (it has to write its data to the phone, so must be allowed)

    Other than the above, just untick the rest, ESPECIALLY permissions to read phone records, read phonebook, read SMS, read MMS, read calender.

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  • Mr Socket Hook:

    @TRE Techie;

    UNINSTALL AND USE THE TT TOKEN. ITS THE SAFEST AND FREE. With the tiny battery in the TT token, it means surely only Bluetooth is used unlike the Apps, which not only use the Bluetooth but also the WIFI/Internet connection, Why? Common Sense.

    Promises Broken means anyone can doubt them, not credible and cannot be trusted.


    Don’t even bother with the 4 permission and waste your phone battery.

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  • @Mr Socket Hook

    I don’t need to use the token because I am not in Sinkieland, but where I am, there is also such an app that was a MUST during the Wuhan pandemic.

    What I did was exactly what I suggested, which is only gave it the 4 permissions I mentioned and nothing else, Bluetooth was not needed for that app, it uses GPS, so that was allowed in place of Bluetooth.

    Its working like a charm to date.

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  • Mr Socket Hook:

    @TRE Techie;

    Then please keep and limit your advise to your own communist country men and stay there, the country that installed the “sky net” to read the peoples’ email, their text messages, fish on who you call, recall what you talk etc..

    Firstly we don’t assume that remote commands will only be executed within the bounds of the phone OS [operating system] hence the user permissions under it and even if it do, we all know that manufacturer installed remote commands to activate the phone to locate itself and report its GPS location and other of such undocumented backdoors “maybe” exposed to the govt bodies under special arrangement, we don’t know. Check with your 10 cents friend.

    So to be safe and protect your own privacy definitively and regardless, it would be wise for Singaporeans to uninstall the Apps and only use the TT token. By doing so, they have the best of both worlds, still supporting the contact tracing while better protecting their privacy against unknown elements and waste their phone battery.

    When govt can backtracked and tell only half truths, then it is time to be wiser.

    UNINSTALL THE TT APPS AND USE ONLY THE TT TOKEN. ITS THE SAFEST AND FREE. Won’t be Wrong. Respect your own privacy and better protect yourself.

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