Hong Kong delaying use of SinoVac vaccine

Desmond Tan

Further to One of vaccines chosen by the PAP govt is cheap but not that effective, int’l media but not our constructive, nation-building media (I stand happy to be corrected) report that HK is likely to delay using tbecause of a lack of trial data, raising transparency concerns over a shot Beijing wants to sell internationally.

If it’s approved which minister will be jabbed with it to swhow us SingHealth users that its safe?

Secret Squirrel tells me that VivianB and Darth Mugam are pressing for junior minister Desmond Tan to get the jab to show us plebs it’s safe.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) can obtain TraceTogether data for criminal investigations, said Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan. Replying to an MP’s question in Parliament on Monday (Jan 4), he said the SPF is empowered under the Criminal Procedure Code to obtain any data, including that of TraceTogether. He said the Government is the custodian of TraceTogether data submitted by individuals. Stringent measures are in place to safeguard it.

CNA on 4 Jan


This set the cat among the pigeons and the govt is legislating to ensure that only serious crimes will trigger the use of this data,

Morocco Mole (Secret Squirrel’s sidekick) says his second cousin removed working in the Home Affairs ministry claims that Shan is upset that Desmond did not take the trouble to explain that only serious crimes would have triggered the use of the data.

Police will restrict use of TraceTogether data to ‘very serious offences’, says Shanmugam

ST two weeks ago


Whatever, Desmond Tan had better look for a new job. When he gets sacked, no parachuting into a cushy TLC or GLC pretend job.


Cynical Investor

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12 Responses to “Hong Kong delaying use of SinoVac vaccine”

  • oxygen:

    HONGKEES ARE A SMARTER lot than Sinkies – they joined the rest of Asian countries and move in “baby steps” for good reasons in holding down the risks impact of blind mass vaccination.

    Why Many Asian Countries Are Being Cautious on Vaccines.

    “The technology used for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has never been used before in humans and although safety looks good, the more data the better.” so says Adam Taylor, virologist at Griffith University, Australia.

    And technology is HYPED TO INFINITY – 99.9% of tech start up fails. People forgot there is only one Google, FB, MSFT, NFLX etc.

    None of the current available Covid-19 vaccine is tested for TIME DURABILITY of protective cover. China says its vaccine is good for a few months – at least they are “honest”. Vaccine tested on first 200,000 Israelis turned up a RAPIDLY DIMINISHING EFFICACY to 33% after the first dose (i.e. a few LOUSY weeks before the second dose is inviting) – this alarmed UK health regulator.

    What is not tested beyond allergic risks reactions – known and unknown – is THE UNFATHOMABLE DANGER/RISKS that once injected to coax the immunity responses of those vaccinated might turned up far more effective trigger of stimulating immunity than warranted or desirable.

    That is to say, the injected vaccine TURNED ROGUE of a Trojan Horse – the virus adapts and grows a lot stronger and faster spreading and vaccine totally lost its effectiveness – leaving those vaccinated no chance of survival fight.

    In the past, doctors happily prescribed antibiotics to counter flu infection BUT NOW THEY DISCOVER THAT SURGICAL PATIENTS has no more fight or weak fightback on infection in surgical room/procedures with antibiotics because the virus have “learnt” to OUTSMART & overcome the strongest antibiotics injected. That is, to say, antibiotic have TURNED TROJAN HORSE.

    Are we prepared to have a nation 75% waiting to die from this Trojan Horse ready to unleash its terror in revenge on human civilisation?

    In any crisis situation, the obvious easy solution is often the MOST DANGEROUS pathway to find an escape route.

    If the contrary is true, we wouldn’t have a pandemic crisis on hand.

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  • China's reply:

    China’s reply to CI (22/1/21). “What would the world look like without a Chinese vaccine?”

    Wow, CI so famous that China has to reply to his view.
    It’s also possible that CI was echoing someone else’s view.

    You decide.

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  • PRC Zealots:

    Strangely? Never highlighted here.

    Hong Kong fourth wave: younger patients warned after Covid-19 kills previously healthy 42-year-old woman, as 95 new cases confirmed

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  • xoxo:

    What more Singapore?

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  • Bad Boy:






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  • Is Pfizer Honest?:

    Israel, which, like the UK, is currently in its third national lockdown, has so far vaccinated more than 75% of its older people with at least one dose. Early reports from the vaccine rollout have suggested that the first dose led to a 33% reduction in cases of coronavirus1 compared with efficacy of at least 52% reported in clinical trials.2

    A preliminary report from the Clalit Research Institute compared the infection data of 200 000 people aged 60 and over who were not vaccinated with the infection data of 200 000 people of the same age group who received one vaccine dose and were monitored for at least 11 days from the date of vaccination. On day 14 there was a “significant decrease of about 33% in the rate of positive tests for the coronavirus” among those who had been vaccinated. This decrease remained the same between days 15 and 17.

    The report has raised concerns, as published results have suggested that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine was 52.4% between the first and second dose (spaced 21 days apart), and data assessed by Public Health England indicated it could be as much as 89% protective from day 15 to 21.

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  • Is Pfizer Honest?:

    The technology used for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has never been used before in humans and although safety looks good, the more data the better.” so says Adam Taylor, virologist at Griffith University, Australia.

    THE MID and LONG TERM side effects are UNKNOWN!

    Pfizer trials are not affiliated with university or third party scientists unlike Moderna. Therefore there is lack of credibility in Pfizer results which are reported by Pfizer itself (unlike Moderna). Pfizer first reported 90% efficacy, two days later Moderna reported 94.5%, then one day later Pfizer reported 95%. Can you sense something?

    Pfizer vaccination already resulted in 29 deaths in Norway elderly aged 70 above.

    China vaccine results reported by Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, UAE, etc not by China. Sinopharm seems to have better results in overseas trials than Sinovac. China use trusted method which already used for many decades.

    Good luck!

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  • CI is just moron:

    who is anti China.

    He either f by China before financially or something else; or he is pro Taiwan/HK independence; or he is non Chinese and has hatred towards China/Chinese for whatever reason.

    If you are HK or Taiwan people who is pro independence, i would not want to intervene your internal affairs with China.

    If you are non Chinese and a China/Chinese hater,

    listen 1, singaporean Chinese (almost all don’t give a damn to democracy) maybe westernised but if war breaks out between China and US, they will go with China.

    listen 2….The rise of China is lifting the status of every Chinese on the planet and provides protection to ethnic Chinese all over the world especially south east Asia.

    listen 3, China in her thousands of years of history never invade other countries. China government is working very hard to improve her people’s lives and never keen to bomb and occupy other countries for some e*** agenda like US.
    China is very safe, super infrastructure, very high tech and liveable environment though air quality in some cities need continuous improvement which the government is working on it.

    US is forcing countries (5 eyes + India + Japan) to be enemy of China just because China is rising to overtake US. China never wants to be enemy of anyone.

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  • @Bad Boy

    The deputy city mayor has apologised and assured the residents that more effort will be pushed into the job.

    Well, he better or he may be out of a job real real soon.

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  • Partial truth?:

    Thats not true.

    He has his position and views.

    You have yours. If u have good reliable China friends or colleagues or biz partners or u married a good wife or u have a good gf ; u defending them its understandable. But is still one sided.

    Remember Sun Xu. Not sure if hes rich but u come here to our U at least a bit of appreciation. If not hapy just withdraw and continue elsewhere.

    China has always invade since ancient times e.g. Part of Vietnam during Qin Shi Huang but he died and the troops stood in position. Soon uprising all over China. The former Qin general become King himself of that taken land.

    If u study geography how much China landscape has change over 3000 or 5000 years. Of course some is alliance some is conquer.

    Stop talking about humiliation again. Mongolia army invaded Europe and rape alot. Base on gene a lot of later generations have Mongolia gene. Thats also humiliation but people dont keep mouthing it around.

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  • Bad Boy:

    @ Well, he better or he may be out of a job real real soon.

    That raise a good question.

    We have seen many China officials fired or sacked. Those jailed due to corruption or other crimes aside.

    How many of those fired China officials are living a run down life now ? Please quote 10 examples since hundreds are fired or booted out since Xi ascended. No follow up reports from CCP tv or China news ?

    Maybe some become directors of state own companies or private companies. Some hired by private sector.

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  • @Bad Boy

    As far as I know, government officials when fired are prohibited from being employed by any state-related/state-owned/state agencies in their lifetime.

    Additionally, what I also know is that if these sacked officials are charged in court (regardless of whether jailed or fined), their children are NOT allowed to be a member of the CCP (党员) or be employed in any 公 (police and army),检 (prosecution) and 法 (courts) related agencies. That would also mean that their children cannot be employed in ANY government agencies that require one to be a member of the CCP.

    It is like the olden days of “诛九族”, but it applies to only 1 族, i.e. their immediate offspring. So these convicted officials’ grandson or grand-daughters are not affected.

    There are of course some sacked officials who did managed to get good jobs in the private sectors but it most probably has nothing to do with the gahment making any arrangements.

    So the difference is huge compared to a certain island near the equator where those former members of the VVVIP white club get cushy jobs arranged and waiting for them by the LEEders.

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