Registration for Covid-19 vaccination

I did not receive my invitation letter for the vaccination.

My friend told me that I could go to MOH website to register for an appointment.

I did.

I had to take the first step to enter my NRIC, mobile number and date of birth.

This is to allow MOH to verify that I am eligible to be vaccinated.

I receive a SMS containing a unique code.

I used this code to register for the vaccination.

I was required to enter my NRIC, name, mobile number, email address and date of birth again.

Why was this necessary, when I already provided the data earlier.

I was asked to go through a health questionnaire about past allergies, etc.

This would be challenging for an ordinary person who is not medically aware.

But MOH expects the general public to be educated and able to handle it.

I was then asked to select the venue and date of the first appointment and the second appointment.

The process was complicated, and the entry form disappeared.

I had to register again and provide the tiresome data all over again.

My friend told me that he encountered the same problem.

Welcome to our Smart Nation (sarcastic).

MOH and the Smart Nation Office are run by idiots.



Tan Kin Lian




10 Responses to “Registration for Covid-19 vaccination”

  • Stupid Sinkies Vote PAP:

    Now that TKL has brought this out I realized I’m not alone. On first attempt despite entering everything correctly the form was invalidated and you have to delete everything. Only on second try it went through.

    Don’t think MOH knows the problem cause they always outsource such design work to someone. Only that someone would know why. Hopefully not for stealing data.

    Outsourcing is good for them to push responsibilities to contractors like Kranj Forest. Wonder what has our uni done to their brains.

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL

    MOH AND SMART NATION OFFICE indeed are very smart – you been baited and “had” not just once but twice.

    You been “HAD” and still not knowing.

    I am amused.

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  • opposition dude:

    No need to vax lah uncle, you alone can talk down to the virus and scare it away liao. Vax for what sia, save it for another elderly who needs it more than you is better lah.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    With an extended runway given by the 61%, PAP can take its time to do anything!

    Other countries took only 2 weeks to inoculate 5 millions people, whereas Singapore took more than 2 months to inject 250,000 people.

    PAP expects we need until the end of 2021 to inoculate the whole population. That the efficiency of the PAP, with the galaxy highest paid ministers.

    Making registration complicating is one way to put the blame on you if you did not get to vaccinate!

    I have registered one month ago but still waiting for invitation for vaccination appointment.

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Because there’s no $$$$ to collect.

    If there’s money to collect eg traffic fines, the process is super smooth.

    The real idiots are those who give them the mandate.

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  • Wait for my invitation:

    Im waiting for the notification.. just pasting your particulars online like that easily to get phished!…im not too keen on the vaccine but what choice do i have…need to survive in this rat race by being a lab rat…our gov volunteered us to be!!!

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  • More PAP bullshit:

    Straits times: Almost $500 million in Enhanced CPF Housing Grants given to 15,600 first-time HDB flat buyers

    This is the usual PAP bullshit. The “grants” just means the Government makes less PROFIT when it sells HDB flats to Singaporeans. Must remember that state land used to build HDB flats has value BUT it cost the government NOTHING because it has always owned the real estate – it does not have to be purchased using cash. HDB charges for land which cost nothing to the government.

    Also, the price of HDB flats more than doubled since LHL became PM. He used HDB to “drain” the CPF accounts of Singaporeans. He took the cash from their CPF and gave them over-priced, poor quality, depreciating (to ZERO) flat.

    HDB has become a Ponzi scheme. Its price does not reflect it true value as a depreciating asset (because of the 99-year lease). Owners of HDB flats need to find “sucker” willing to pay a premium by ignoring the remaining lease of their flat which becomes less daily.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    Hope you get an adverse reaction to the vac, hopefully the Chinese manufactured brand, Sinovac. Bye bye, comrade Ah Tan.

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  • Run by armchair scholars:

    I entered my details in my ipad n they ask for mobile nr to send link,
    There was no field to enter mobile nr n had to do it thru handheld,I am univ educated what ant uncle auntie never go to school

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  • Harder Truths:

    WE should call this what it truly is “Sinovac-Alibaba Phase III Testing on $G Guinea Pigs”. Coming to a clinic near you.

    Just curious. If you get side effects (like suddenly contracting incurable cancer) how can you tell? Or is it they expect us to croak first and do an autopsy later? Better make a WILL before you go for the Alibaba jab.

    As for the website – remember all these gahmen websites courtesy of Ah-Neh programmers with fake degrees. You die your business.

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