The domestic worker from Myanmar who was tortured and murdered in Singapore

This is Piang Ngaih Don, the domestic worker from Myanmar who was tortured and murdered in Singapore by her employers.

I say this again, and it bears repeating:

What kind of “first-world” country are we when we think that a basic, human need to have time to oneself is somehow a privilege, or something which someone else (our employer) can have the power to negotiate away?
Humans – any human – need personal time and space.

This is a BASIC human need.

Yet here in Singapore, foreign domestic workers are so completely disempowered that the authorities here allow employers and the worker to negotiate away off-days, in lieu of payment.

We should ban this. Abolish this nonsensical practice.

It is dangerous and opens the domestic worker to horrendous abuse by the employer as Piang’s case shows. As have many others.

I recall it took more than 10 years for activists to campaign for workers to have even a day-off. Yes, it took that many years to persuade the govt to allow this basic human right.

I can only hope that we do not take another 10 years to abolish this horrible restriction, to deprive a domestic worker of what we all enjoy freely and indeed everyday.


**Read this post by Lynn Lee, a filmmaker, who had visited Paing’s village in 2016 when she was murdered.


Andrew Loh




17 Responses to “The domestic worker from Myanmar who was tortured and murdered in Singapore”

  • xoxo:

    These 2 points i note about daft sgs.
    One,daft sgs love finding faults with other sgs.
    Second,even as they suck up to FTs like Angmohs and Ah Nehs,they bully the FWs( foreign workers).

    Screw these 2 idiots.
    Jail them.

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  • Don't stop.:

    Don’t stop. It has taken the Oppos decades to convince Sinkies to vote PAP out. Blame who you know.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Death Sentence. Now.

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  • Give Death Sentence:

    The Indian lady employer starve her – sometime gave her only one piece of bread with water to eat. She was beaten, slapped, punched, kicked, hair pulled backward until the neck bone fractured, hot iron pressed onto her forehead, tied to window grill etc.. everyday until she died. When she died she was only 24 Kg.

    What kind of human being is she ? The employer really insult and disgraced Singapore. She should without doubt be given the death sentence immediately. No such excuses as having mental problem and begging for mercy.

    HOW COME THIS CASE TAKE 5 YEARS TO APPEAR IN COURT ? There are some murder cases that take only a few month before the offender is charged in Court. Is our Authorities sleeping on the job?

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  • @Harder Truths

    Neh, she has mental condition and wasn’t charged with murder, so no chance of a death penalty.

    Of the 28 charges she was slapped with, there’s culpable homicide, so I am thinking maybe “life” or at least 20 years?

    The police husband also kenna charged, but not for homicide and I think he should also kenna jialut jialut for he close one eye for 10 months.

    What do you think?

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  • PAP is Finished:

    Hang that e*** b*t*h.

    Your friends are nice nice when they get together with you. Best way to see their true colors is to stay with them. Because it all comes out when people are at home.

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  • John Richards:

    That b*t*h of an employer should be locked up in solitary confinement and the key thrown away. Feed her bread and water in a cockroach infested cell.

    Her pathetic and balls-less husband should be charged as well because he stood by and watched without doing anything.

    The doctor who examined her shortly before her death could have saved her life if he bothered to investigate her injuries. Her dramatic weight loss should have been a big concern. At the very least he should have made a police report and have the matter seriously investigated.

    The poor girl is dead. The people responsible, whether they actively participated in her death or looked the other way while she was being killed, should be made to pay a heavy price.

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    No Excuse, a Bastard wanted an Elite society whereby they are MORE equal…all others are Lower Mortals or Idiots from a Elite Police Force where they watch a crime committed in their presence and turn their Face…Why??? an Elite wife is committing the CRIME on a sub-human species from a 3rd world!!!

    The PRICE to pay for Elitism…Hitler can’t do BETTER!!!…he only gassed his victims

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  • SG is NOT 1st world:

    This is NOT the first case however where a helper was badly abused or died.. at the hands of their employer/’s family members….!! Sad and horrific…more like human trafficking….low low pay but slog like crazy!

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  • This is Sg, stupid:

    True blue Singaporeans have been nurtured and brain washed to be apathetic.
    Look at how PAP treats its opponents, eg lawsuit against WP’s. I can understand when my PR and naturalised Singaporean colleagues criticise WP for doing that when the government has given sufficient funding to town councils, but many Singapore born citizens also say the same thing. How about the $2 paid up company founded and run by ex PAP members that managed PAP town councils for years? The company paid only a few hundred thousand dollars for a software system that the government spent millions of dollars to develop?
    Singaporeans are educated to care for themselves only, like HDB upgrading, enbloc, HDB flat prices, getting a private property, etc.
    How many Singaporeans really help out people in distress in the street, like helping an old man pushing a trolley over a bump on the pedestrian walkway. I have seen foreigners (maybe they are Caucasian PR here)doing that. I am a true blue Singaporean, born and educated here.
    Shanmugam said we need education.
    It starts from the top, dear Shan.
    The perpetrators case are not the less educated old folks that had to “fight” to get up a crowed doorless bus in the past.
    The husband is a policeman!
    The doctor(s) who saw the victim in review and consultation did not even raise the alarm. It is really sad.
    The perpetrators’ tenants?
    Words fail me not just for this case …

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  • It is a senseless murder:

    The son just lost his mum like that.
    She had to suffer the abuse, torture in silence and finally death.

    Generally, Singaporeans just do not care about others. Maybe it is the so called Asian culture with thousand years of history.

    Singaporean students take part in social and charity for ECA or some merit points, just like their parents helping out in school activities to get their children into good primary schools, oops our future PM said all schools here are good school, and if you observed carefully, he said that with a tinge of “smile”.

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The family has absolute power over this poor domestic helper.

    She need the money. That is why she left her young son to work here. I wonder how much she borrowed and spent just to be able to work here.

    Same for Singaporeans who take huge housing mortgages to be enslaved by their employers.

    Some say they have choices, they buy flat, upgrade to private properties for price appreciation, status, their children can inherit same, and they can retire comfortably.

    In Singapore, money reigns. PAP Ministers have to be paid a lot to be able to talk at the same level as the wealthy people they help enrich. That is why DPM and Ministers have to attend REDAS functions to tell them nicely about responsibilities. Cut the crap, do these wealthy and influential beings listen? Yes, they will repeat your motherhood statements and do the converse. What can you do?

    Did Piang have a choice once she was here?

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Cmon first world countries no murder case ?

    UsA dont have ?
    Europe dont have ?
    Japan dont have ?
    South K dont have ?
    Australia dont have ?
    New Zealand dont have ?

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    What kind of human being ?
    A real human being.

    We are humans in between over a spectrum of 100% Buddha Jesus to 0% cold blooded Seral Killers or Hilter or whatever.

    Everybody have emotions and stress. Everyone have psychologies issues , just more or less. We just need to stay focus and patience and not lose our sanity.

    Human nature havent change much. This we have to recognize.

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  • Singaporeans Are Free Riders:

    Today in SIN city there are still more murders and killings on every other day.

    ” Our death penalty deters such crime “.

    My Foot.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$

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  • sad:

    Sad case…
    Should have not happen here.

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  • How Come Myanmar Kept Quiet?:

    Is it because they have political problem right now. I expect the people in Myanmar to protest in front of the Singapore Embassy.

    Our authorities should have to provide some answers to them.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    How come no one raise Myanmar’s ASSK father allied with Japan during ww2. ?
    He went to Japan to pay respect to the Emperor and the Emperor confer him a officer title.

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