An active government

A government has to run the country. It has to carry out the following functions:

1. Pass the laws for the country
2 Administer the law fairly to ensure order and safety
3. Set the priorities for the country to improve the lives of the people

The government cannot neglect its duty.

In recent years, the US has set a bad example of how a government should be run. There are too much politicking that causes confusion among the people, and lead to chaos and breakdown of order.

There is no clear line between freedom and the respect of law and order.

China has set a good example of how a country can be run. It is able to provide a good life to the majority of its people and the lift them out of poverty. The people in China has high respect and trust of the government. They are happy that the country is run on socialist or communist principles.

Singapore is midway between America and China. The government does try its best to run the country for the interest of the people. However, they adopted practices and principles that are not effective.

It is better for Singapore to follow the example of China, rather than America.


Tan Kin Lian




19 Responses to “An active government”

  • oxygen:

    COCK-EYE SQUID’s obsession with “active” government for all seasons is still trapped in the mindset of the emperor-without-clothes syndrome of Chinese history.

    The late Mao has 4 wives, bedded how many dance troupe ladies and singers and unofficial concubines in Zhongnanhai was very active too of instigating the notorious Cultural Revolution, state farming feudalism resulting in nation-wide famine and starvation deaths in tens of millions, besides a modicum of serious steel-based industrialisation (not like the high-tech of XJP of today).

    Without reform of Deng’s era, active government of a communist regime will still be today no more advance than Russia – a failed behemoth.

    After Xingjiang and HK (openly brutal suppression) in the camera of foreign media, Ah Tiong Land has lost a lot of respect in civilisation. Foreign countries are less trustful and respectful of Chinese growing “political and economic hegemony” under XJP.

    I no longer read of enthusiasm for China’s OBOR tentacle network spanning the Asian and EU continent together.

    China needs the world as much as the world needs China, an active government of brutal dictatorship won’t help but impede Chinese dream in that economic front.

    The world don’t need LEE-jiapore but LEE-jiapore needs the world. If we imitate Chinese political culture and structure, IT IS THE END OF US.

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL

    AH TAN ARH! Why did you contest the PE when you favors a dictatorial leadership structure in political governance? A dictatorship rule does NOT NEED ANY CHALLENGE from you.

    Was it your intention to “improve” the working of dictatorship to greater heights of toxicity damage or simply add kaleidoscopic colour to one-man/one party rule then?

    OR were YOU SEEKING TO BE THE ULTIMATE DICTATOR yourself displacing all power structure if you were successful in the PE, outclassing Mao, XJP or Ho Chi Minh or Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot??

    Your advocacy now seems to contradict your failed PE challenge but I noted that you didn’t contest the 2020 election either as a party candidate (no political party invited you????) or an independent standing on your own feet aspiring to lead LEE-jiapore to new heights even more shinning of reforming political structure than XJP??.

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  • xoxo:

    TKL,you cant be more wrong.
    It is China that follow $in City.
    20 years ago,i was in Shanghai.
    My driver got stopped and fined,for no apparent reason.
    He tried reasoning with the Traffic Police but the police said it was my driver’s bad luck as he(the police) has yet to meet his target for the day???

    $ounds familiar.
    Whats wrong with collecting more money?

    We dont need to compare with China.
    We are *Swiss Standard*,ya?????

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  • Pinky is useless anyway:

    Singapore is midway between America and China. The government does try its best to run the country for the interest of the people. However, they adopted practices and principles that are not effective.

    Mr Tan – I stopped reading after your above statement, “The government does try its best to run the country for the interest of the people”.

    This PAPPY only cares itself, GDP, grip on power and foreigners.

    Maybe you should retire completely since you can’t see the real thing.

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  • Tracey Ching:

    Aiyoh comrade Ah Tan, if China is so good, why the hell are you not living there? Hurry up, migrate there. Go take the Sinovac vaccines. You are really an inferior man. During your tenure as a ceo of NTUC income, you acknowledged making bad investment decisions and lost $$$. No one will miss you when you are gone. Good riddance.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote -”Remains found in pot case: Mum gets discharge not amounting to acquittal for murder of toddler
    She and her husband were charged in September 2019 for killing their daughter in a Chin Swee Road flat in March 2014.

    Dominic Low
    SINGAPORE – A woman accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, whose remains were found inside a metal pot five years after the alleged crime, has been temporarily let off the hook for murder.

    The 32-year-old was granted on Tuesday (March 2) a discharge not amounting to an acquittal for her murder charge.

    A discharge not amounting to an acquittal means that she can still be prosecuted for the offence later, depending on the evidence that emerges.

    The woman is still facing 12 additional charges, including multiple counts of abuse involving four other children. Her case is expected to be heard again on April 13.

    She and her 33-year-old husband were charged in September 2019 for killing their daughter in a Chin Swee Road flat in March 2014. The toddler’s remains were found in the pot in 2019.

    They cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the children’s identities.

    The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said in a statement last month that the other four children are the woman’s.

    As for the father, the AGC had said it would be proceeding on the murder charge against him.

    He faces 13 other charges, including child abuse, perverting the course of justice by disposing of and concealing the dead girl’s body, giving false information to a public servant on her whereabouts, and drug consumption.

    When the girl died, the woman and her husband allegedly burnt her body before concealing the remains inside a metal pot. This was further encased in a sealed box and kept under the kitchen stove in the flat, according to court documents…..

    Among other things, she allegedly hit them with a belt and a hanger. She is said to have fed her two-year-old daughter and another child chilli padi and garlic as punishment.

    The woman is also accused of ill-treating the girl in March 2014 by failing to provide the toddler with adequate medical aid, even though there was a medical emergency. Details of the emergency were not disclosed in the court documents.

    She allegedly ill-treated her surviving four children by leaving them inside the flat without adult supervision, as well as adequate food and water, from Feb 8 to 9, 2018.

    She is also said to have lied to a Ministry of Education liaison officer in 2017 before giving false information to two Ministry of Social and Family Development officers the following year..”Unquote.

    Response :Woman murder toddler no need to be caned ,still can get acquittal from “murder” ! Singapore has a e*** minister of law and con people court full of con woman public prosecutor and con woman judges that can see clearly it is murder charge case yet can acquittal woman but charge murder on man ? Pui! Woman totally no wrong meh ?

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    tan kin lian is wrong.

    pap run government is the most covertly corrupt, placing kakis in S$m jobs as payoffs, treating kakis such as liew mun leong differently than decent fellow citizens such as WP members in Aljunied.

    are we bothered?

    No. because we know, sooner and no later, pap loses also East Coast to WP, marine parade to WP, West Coast to PSP, besides those now run by excellent WP truly elected parliamentarians.

    are we saying pap heng swee kiat will lose in East Coast?

    YES. pap heng swee kiat guaranteed to lose in East Coast within 4 years from today.

    mark this page. we buy a six pack and donate it to pap clown and gang if what we say heng swee kiat does not come true.

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  • Gov works:

    This is a very good photo of how the gov works.

    Is this a good system? For some “people”.

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  • Pap has the mandate:

    TKL, please stop taking those drugs. You are basically saying what the PAP Government is doing, follow the money. It is interesting that even the Chinese communist leaders are sending their kids to the west to study. If the west is so bad, why send their children to study in the West. Stay in China, likewise in Singapore. The PAP Government said Singapore Uni is one of the top but none of the Singapore PAP Goverment Ministers Children and Grand Children Study there. Hell, even LKY the old dead geezer change the rules to allow his own grandson to study in an international college in the disguise of special needs. He soon change the rules back once his grandson graduated…LOL. The saying for many Government, “Do what I teill you but not do what I do”. In another words two sets of rules. One for the common people, and the other for the so called “Elites or well connected to PAP”.

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  • PRC Insurgents:

    Wow , Mr TKL you really believe China no more poor people.

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  • left behind:

    It is important to know what is democracy and its importance. China now talk about Xi Jinping thoughts and Singapore talk about Lee Kwan Yew thoughts. If a nation is only about one person’s thoughts and neglect other people thoughts, everyone behave like slave, puppets and robots, I don’t know what good it has. A nation must consider its people’s views and thoughts, otherwise even a nation has hundreds of thousand of genius, it cannot use them. If a nation only accept one person’s thoughts, then what is the meaning of a nation and how tragic it is.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    left behind:
    A nation must consider its people’s views and thoughts, otherwise even a nation has hundreds of thousand of genius, it cannot use them.

    So,what Oppie plan to do about it ?

    No Action Talk Only, what else can Oppie do ?

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$

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  • To Kin Lian & his Red Fetish:

    Don’t have enough storage?
    Buy a chinese phone, so you can be sure that the CCP has a backup of all your data….

    No matter how much I love freedom and democracy, I know I can never stand with the Hong Kong protesters again. The CCP broke my freaking legs.

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  • General Custer:

    TKL… really believe the people in China are all out giving support to Communist China? Already, 300 m people have resigned from the party. What does it tell you? Are the Chinese people out of poverty? Don’t listen to propaganda!

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  • xoxo:

    Active govt?
    Its more like ACT$Y govt.
    In between USA and China?

    TKL,you are so so cartoon.

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  • Desmond Lee is talking cock:

    Straits Times: Tree inspections in S’pore carried out every 6 to 24 months: Desmond Lee

    Desmond Lee is also full of shit just like HSK, Tharman, SHAMmugam and Vivian.

    The recent death in the park from a falling tree shows the ineffectiveness of tree inspection. Only what is visible above ground can be inspected. The tree roots which hold the tree upright cannot be inspected.

    Also strong winds and/or heavy rainfall are quite common in Singapore. These can bring down a healthy tree.

    PAP should get its priorities right. The government has more than enough money to do more to protect users of public parks from the dangers posed by tall trees. More should have been done.


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  • @Desmond Lee is talking cock

    I agree. Take Japan for example, full of quakes every year, so checking half yearly can do meh?

    It must depend on the circumstances and the environment.

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  • WP Voter:

    Hello. Follow CN? Do we want a dictatorship in Emperor X in future in SG? No way. SG is still very much British-led–like it to not. Not America. Certainly, not the e*** goons (who stole the 2020 election) in the current administration.

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL,

    WATCH YOUR FETISH OBSESSION with China – in time of global distress and panic of pandemic spread, this is HAPPENING in China.

    Fake vaccines seized in China, South Africa just ‘tip of the iceberg’: Interpol

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