Salary increases of up to 14% for nurses

I welcome the news about salary increases of up to 14% for nurses in the public sector. I support the decision.

Nursing is a very challenging, demanding and professional job. It is not a “wayang wayang type of job” and my personal experiences dealing with nurses in the public sector, either as an inpatient or an outpatient have always been pleasant, satisfactory and wrap with a sense of gratefulness.

Our approach towards remuneration for nurses must be truly competitive to reflect its true market value especially when we are a fast aging population on one hand and very importantly, we do not want to lose our good, trained and experienced nurses to countries such as Germany, Britain or even the Middle East etc where salaries for nurses are much higher.

Singapore shouldn’t end up as a nurses training ground for inexperienced or novice nurses before they say bye-bye to us and head for greener pasteurs and better opportunities overseas because if that ever happens to us in large numbers, it will be our own citizens who will eventually lose out.

Just a side note, paying nurses competitively is money well spent and every cent of it but paying those so called Mayors such outrageous salaries for what they do is super stupidity and a huge waste of our taxpayers’ hard-earned monies that no right thinking citizens should tolerate or stomach.



Simon Lim




11 Responses to “Salary increases of up to 14% for nurses”

  • xoxo:

    I hope THE GREEDY GAHMEN dont use this to make more $$$ by upping medical charge$ over and above nurses’ pay increase by a huge multiple?

    Well, tendency is for expecting it to be the case.

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  • KLKK:

    This year, MOH budget ballooned to 18.8 billions.
    Ask yourself, how many community cases? How many imported cases?
    Yet, we still keep on opening on borders to specific infectious region.
    Because of such infectious incoming, we are forced to WEAR MASK everywhere we go.!!
    Efficient? Effective?
    Now, reason to raise MOH budget. Cause they OVERWORK! Need to retain STAFF.
    Ask ourselves, you think MOH are overstaff!!? Yes, lots of MEDICAL doctors keep finding excuses to have APPOINTMENT system, keep asking PATIENTS to retain to Follow up!!
    If medical service is forced to do, if you need many follow up, all subsequence MEDICAL CHECKup bill must be REDUCED.!
    You think PAP will let off this CASH COW to squeeze SINGAPOREANS?!!

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  • Simon think ...:

    How do you know that “up to 14%” increase will make the pay competitive globally?

    Show some data. Compare pay with UK, US, Australia. Show how many nurses leaving each year.

    Don’t be so easily convinced by PAP, can or not?

    You easily convinced bad enough. Then you sing praises and try to convince others?

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  • Medical Charges UpUp&Away...!:

    Anticipating a supersurge in medical charges? Beats all…

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  • Halimah Totally USELESS:

    Opening the flood gates for more 3rd world to come in.Soon, you’ll be attended to by Ah Neh with fake qualifications and Viets, who don’t speak dialects and English.

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  • Xiao Liao:

    I est 7/10 nurses are foreign talents. Raising pay for the majority is what as usual, the PA good at, treating foreigners 10btimes better than citizens.

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  • Pap has the mandate:

    Only PAP million dollars useless clowns are entitled to have their salaries peg to the top 10% private CEO of Singapore and yet these useless PAP clowns have no accountability, no responsibility and no transparency of private entities. For the rest of the community, you must compete with the lowest salaries around south-east Asia with their dodgy qualifications and tourist visa….lol

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  • Give with right hand grab....:

    Since MOH giving out from one hand,for sure theyll grab back with the otherhand…
    Soon we’ll hear of increases in medical charhrs…polyclinic consultation fees, medicines, ward charges etc etc ..
    We’ve all experienced it before in other ministries eg transport …..

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  • Wang Party Steak:

    We must not question.
    We must believe.
    Look at China Model.
    Citizens all well behaved.
    Don’t rock the boat.
    We must obey.

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  • opposition dude:

    Aliens form a significant percentage of workers in any industry, not just nursing. Announcing a pay rise is just announcing a pay rise for them so they have more money to remit home.

    Typical wayang and Simon Lim fell for it. If anything, PAP should just announce the raise and state it’s for SINGAPOREANS only.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on the TISG :Quote-”PSP’s Kumaran Pillai: Contrast the $300 financial assistance given to elderly with what our mayors are getting

    ‘We are a city-state, we don’t need mayors, and this additional layer of administration,’ he says

    Photo: FB/ Kumaran Pillai


    Obbana Rajah


    March 9, 2021….

    “While the state thinks we should not be overindulging the poor and the marginalised, they think it is morally okay to pay obscene salaries to mayors who basically do zilch,” griped the Progress Singapore Party’s Kumaran Pillai.
    In a Facebook post after a door-to-door visit at Sin Ming Estate, Mr Pillai again met some residents he previously handed out groceries to.
    At Block 26, Mr Pillai wrote, an elderly gentleman said that he is getting $300 in financial assistance. The man said that this amount was “barely enough to get by”.
    “He is not working and was thankful for the bag of groceries we gave him yesterday. It is pretty much a similar story with most residents there. They do not have enough to get by”, Mr Pillai added….

    Comparing the S$300 of financial assistance given to the elderly in need, Mr Pillai said: “We are a city-state, we don’t need mayors and this additional layer of administration.”
    Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday (Feb 24), Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh said that many Singaporeans feel that the salaries of Community Development Council (CDC) mayors are “outrageous”.
    He added that this was mainly because they are not perceived to commensurate with the mayor’s roles and functions today. Mr Singh added that Singaporeans feel that the CDCs’ functions can be carried out by other existing entities, or by ministries and statutory boards, including other organisations under the People’s Association.
    “Yet others simply don’t know what the CDCs do”, he said….

    Mayors are paid an annual salary of S$660,000, according to the White Paper on Salaries for a Capable and Committed Government published in 2012. They also receive an annual MP allowance of S$192,500, not including bonuses.

    “My point is, we don’t need to raise taxes to help the poor, just be more efficient… can?”, he added. /TISG”Unquote.

    Response :Do we really need the unnecessary layer of mayor whose work can be performed by others !PSP Kumaran Pillai is right ! Fire off that bast**d Indranee Rajah from the Second Minister of Finance position ! Money under her is not spend right and proper ! And it is clearly seen that she did not object to giving to popular demand in mayor super huge salaries and now even want to unnecessary increase the salaries of women nurses pay by up to 14 % some more, rising the cost of living and taxes even for the no income poor to pay more too to recover costs after unnecessary spending !Pui !

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