MSM Demonising Parti Liyani

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Parti Liyani has filed to get AGC compensate her recently and yesterday, I found front page with three subtitles:

1. She was smiling cunningly while Liew son was in court
2. Liew wife got mysterious calls
3. Liew’s driver was asked about the case

The key statement “maid blackmail but end up exposing ganging with another maid harassing Liew family. Honestly, what all these information tells you?

What has them got to do with the family framing the maid and the prosecution sending innocent to jail? In the end, only the son who surrendered to take the rap.

Singapore system was famed for being the beacon of justice but looks like things have deteriorated to this low that MSM is used like a tool to achieve their agenda.


J Bao





15 Responses to “MSM Demonising Parti Liyani”

  • Sue, sue, sue:

    Where got money to pay lawyers and court fees?

    No money how? J. Bao, where are you?

    1. Unless there was a court order not to contact the driver, it was perfectly alright and even the duty and responsibility of Parti’s defence team to contact the driver. He was a key witness at the “crime” scene. He even handled/supervise the “stolen” materials.

    2. Mysterious calls? Give more evidence or shut up. Were those sexual calls or what?

    3. “Smiling cunningly”, when Liew son was in court, is a very subjective interpretation.

    The English translation may not be quite correct. (from web: 窃笑 动词
     「他的做法愚不可及,周围的人无不 窃笑」 2. laugh secretly
    1. laugh in one’s sleeve

    If this interpretation is correct, it is not surprising at all. Most people would be laughing the same way. Remember the high court judge decided that this guy was not a reliable witness? Remember this guy claimed a woman (Parti’s) dress belonged to him, and that he wore women dresses?

    Outside the court, all of us laugh openly about that and shout KNN.

    We are told that whatever the news print, it must be true. No wonder it’s in the black ranking level.

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  • World Press Freedom Top Scorer:

    You ain’t see nothing yet, wait till it drops to 180.

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  • xoxo:

    Well,MSM N not a few gahmen call sgs XENOPHOBIC.
    Still,more and more foreigners want to (and dare to) come and live among us?

    And,more n more sgs are bullying their sgporean hosts at workplaces n elsewhere.

    So,xenophobic or not?

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  • xoxo:

    Sorry,more and more FTs are bullying their sg hosts at workplaces n elsewhere….

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  • Sue:

    Why don’t sue msm!

    After all it’s a sue society

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  • What say Lim Tean ?:

    What say M Ravi ?

    What say Pritam ?

    What say Sylvia ?

    What say Chiam ST ?


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  • what?:

    I wonder whose instruction they received from the “TOP” trying desperately paint Liew as the innocent party. There is no conscience from whoever wrote those report. Singapore should not be destroyed by the shit people working in the shit papers. We need to protect justice of Singapore instead of trying to defend the rich.

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  • #06-187 Huang Ba Dan:

    What’s up with all these? Who did it?

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  • Reboot:

    MSM is looking like a party paper.

    Liew is person friend of Empress Dowager.

    Whole family let off with son taking rap.

    Frame innocent but still enjoys protection from connection.

    This is SG for you.

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  • V fishy $28 m for a creep:

    Don’t u guys find it queer that a court liar was paid $28 m for ??? Service that the lying scum was paid 25% more than the public monies Ah Loong spend hoping to make history. On that matter, is it true the Loonie erecred a bust of himself in the courtyard of his Camb College? Sound surprising that a world renouned univ bent so low to have a zero good doer bust in their premise. It is more strange n inconsistent for old KY on one hand willed that he disallowed any memorial stone piece serected in SiIN while paying for loonie bust? If it isn’t millions, the Camb College must be the most despicable among academic institution. Brit must be fast rotting not lesser than the Americans poisoned to the core with the white supremacy trash which many still valued as gold as Biden openly expressed his arrogance of establishing leadership for democracy when KKK still rampaging around including crossing over to the Cananda. Presumably the Toronto Police still clinging on to their response to the Chinese Community of KKK threat by “ they have not done anything so no action”. Presumably Trudeau Jr isn’t as aware of the anger of the populace as his old man when he dismissed KY advice of following the billionaire trait for himself n his cabinet ministers thru millions $ salary aka legalizing corruption as reflected by little Goh (little relative to GKS who said ‘if u must go, then go’ so he raised his 2 fingers fin reply to interference of his personal affairs n preference n then go n emphaisizing his 2 f treatment with his presidential candidate agiainst OTC, perhaps thru fuller understanding the well hidden agenda of their audio S. Little Goh succumbed n carry betrayal n his trasjy rationale of no corruption with millions aka bribe us with millions n we shalln’t corrupt. U believe it? Hear abt mouth gets bigger if stuffed with more!

    Just like Liite g rationale, the effect is similar if the judiciary does not restore its dignity n integrity by persecutuping liar esp liar from the midst of career bureaucracy. If one can humiliate the Judicial System of a Nation with a confirmed lies proven beyond doubts what lies would he be strewning around the nation to achieved his agenda? Not bringing him to justice will laeve an eternal scar n blemish to justice in SIN!

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  • nfff:

    Liw was making $20M++ before….. golden boy.

    They wanted to save a few dollars by multi tasking the maid.

    When maid reluctant, the family came together to frame her.

    Now innocent maid wanting to sue the govt for compensation, MSM trying to paint as if she is dark maid with vengeance. Our MSM seems to be under the party and no longer objective.

    The strangest of all things is whole family framing one innocent maid, only one person took the rap. This part is very strange, someone behind the iron curtain would have been working.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times website:Quote -”..

    Selina Lum

    APR 23, 2021,..

    SINGAPORE – A domestic worker from Indonesia …was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder on Friday (April 23)…

    Madam Seow, 59, was killed on June 7, 2016. She had 94 knife wounds, most of which were on her head and neck.

    Daryati, 28, had originally faced a charge under Section 300(a) of the Penal Code, for killing with the intention to cause death, which carries the mandatory death penalty.
    Partway through the trial, which was heard for 17 days between April 23, 2019, and March 4 last year, the prosecution reduced the charge to murder under Section 300(c).
    The reduced charge carries life imprisonment or the death sentence, but prosecutors said they would not be seeking the death penalty.

    After she was convicted of the lesser charge, Daryati changed her mind and wanted to run the defence of diminished responsibility to further reduce the charge to culpable homicide.
    The conviction was set aside and the trial resumed.
    Daryati did not dispute the physical acts of killing Madam Seow, but relied on the evidence of Dr Tommy Tan that she suffered from persistent depressive disorder with intermittent major depressive disorder.
    The prosecution’s expert, Dr Jaydip Sarkar, said Daryati was not suffering from any mental disorder at the time.

    On Friday, High Court judge Valerie Thean found that Dr Tan’s evidence did not stand up to scrutiny and that the diagnostic criteria were not met.
    Justice Thean noted that Dr Tan’s report was based on Daryati’s self-reported symptoms with no independent corroborative facts.
    She said that Daryati’s capacity to function was not impaired – she was able to conceal various weapons around the house in planning her attack on Madam Seow.
    After Daryati was convicted, Deputy Public Prosecutor Wong Kok Weng withdrew a stood-down charge of attempted murder of Madam Seow’s husband, Mr Ong Thiam Soon,..

    Daryati geared up for the confrontation by sharpening one knife and hiding a second, smaller knife in a basket under the sink of a toilet on the second floor of the house.
    She ultimately took along another weapon – a long knife from the storeroom – when she confronted Madam Seow.
    Daryati slit and stabbed Madam Seow’s neck,… and continued stabbing her employer.
    Daryati used so much force that at least three of the blows caused fractures to the victim’s face..”Unquote.

    Response :Let’s applause all the judges for refusing to implementing caning for this maid stabbing more than 90 times on Mdm Seow Kim Choo ! The maid should have stabbed her employer best to be more than 200 times before e*** con people judge system understand it is e*** to stab one time or more without caning on murderer woman backside ! All Singapore judges and TR Emeritus website sell their soul to devil ! Murderer face no need published meh ? And the dumb children of Mdm Seow never demand caning ,so mdm seow got stabbed 90 times must be justified ! Pui !

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  • Harder Truths:

    Regime sending a clear message to her and everyone else who have similar situations. They will smear her and make her crawl and beg. This was and still is the way the SCR (Singapore Communist Regime) work.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    we are watch kDramas daily.

    the current one is titled Vincenzo Cassano.

    what is amazing is, this kDrama, and many others, all show how the S$m rich get away with bribing JUDGES PROSECUTORS POLICE.

    maybe the Koreans must learn from pap Singapore.

    JUDGES appointed by leader whose party funds come from pap PA churied via approved system approved by pap parleement.

    PROSECUTORS and POLICE all work under the system never be corned by cotton producing sheep otherwise pap becomes no more.

    anyway, we are all betting this way and that way THAT pap liew mun leong will be jailed, will not be jailed, will be told to do 10 hours community service.

    we say, loudly, pap liew mun leong MUST be jailed.

    we know, for certainy, pap liew mun leong will not be jailed, not under pap system.

    in many ways, the Korean system is far better. because in the end, they can even jail the President Prime Minister.

    cotton sheep in pap Singapore has never seen any such thing. the closest is suicide of pap minister in charge of HDB for taking bribes.

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  • Brahmastra2india:

    For that indian lawyer represented this wi**** maid, he will be punished by Lord, along with all those who continue to bring in the indians and supporting them to destroy the nations.

    We are seeing the effect now.

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