One must know the Truth before one can know what’s Fake and False

People or organization who want to “Fact Check” (or POFMA) other people on anything will have to make sure they really have the FACTS and NOT just Opinions or “Expert Opinions”. Else you will be making fool of yourself when others just point to your flawed “Facts”. Being Fact Checked for Fact Checking on others is a hilarious irony.

Of course, stupid people can’t really differentiate between Facts vs Opinions. They even regard some “Expert Opinion” as Facts without questioning the basis of the formation of such Opinions by these so call “Experts”. Experts are just human, you know.

The worse type of self righteous ” Fact Checker” who didn’t even really know any Fact before they go around shouting “Fake News” at others! I find it quite hilarious.

Recently I put up the fact that Sinovac tested its Covid19 vaccine in Brazil when the super variants were going around while Pfizer tested its vaccines in US.

Sinovac reported a low efficacy of 50.3% which include all infections with extremely mild symptoms. Pfizer reported its 95% efficacy rate based on those infections with obvious symptoms.

These results are not comparable. Incidentally, Sinovac reported higher efficacy rate in other countries.
But some anti China guy came and called out “Fake News”, insisting that the Brazilian variants were only present in recent months while Sinovac trials were done before Dec 2020.

I simply put up a report from a medical site and show him Brazilian variants went viral since August 2020. Of course, he kept quiet without any apology.

It is easy to shout Fake News on anything you don’t like but if you don’t even know the Truth yourself, then you are just as Fake as it can be.

One must know the Truth before one can know what’s Fake and False.


Goh Meng Seng




7 Responses to “One must know the Truth before one can know what’s Fake and False”

  • xoxo:

    FAKE IS FACT N TRUTH IS FALSE seems to be the call of elitist$ here.
    As long it SOUNDS GOOD,THEY WILL FEEL GOOD even if it is FALSEHOODS they listen to.

    This is the decadence of elites that will cause the people to suffer injustices.

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  • 花非花:



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  • NotMyProblem:

    Why worry about the efficacy of the vaccines? It could be 95% or 5% efficacy, it doesn’t matter, even if it was just H2O, it is the masks that protected you for the past 2 years!!

    The vaccines may be 110% efficacy, but if the PAP’s government keeps importing the virus of all variants into SG, where are you going to hide?

    Even people who were inoculated were infected!!!

    Only the manufacturers of the vaccines are happy and they are protected by disclaimers. When the government kept pushing you for vaccination, the more happy are the manufacturers. Manufacturers are not responsible for any consequences!!!

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  • oxygen:

    JUST LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING in India now. In officialdom, there is no dichotomy of falsity and truth.

    While India is desperate for oxygen, its politicians deny there’s even a problem

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  • Sg slow to react:

    Phizer conducted its own test in US without collaboration with independent party. They fabricate any results they want. Remember last year December on Monday Pfizer first released 91% efficacy, then moderna announced 94% on Wednesday then Phizer announced 95% next day!

    Now Phizer day may need third jab (or even more). Huat Liao! Isn’t it?

    Sinovac was tested in overseas countries such as Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, etc. The test methods are controlled by these countries and test results released by them too. Sinovac can’t dedicate any favourable test methods and results.

    Who is more creditable?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Do not get sidetracked by the word ‘Truth’. This word is subjective and dependent on a viewer’s perspective. Truth creates the idea of right and wrong. So to say there is one ‘Truth’ is a falsity as everyone will have a different viewpoint.

    What we need is a return to FACTS. No one can dispute the facts. As long as we have facts a solution can be found since facts are independent of the observer. They cannot be argued away or denied. They are what they are.

    Stick to FACTS as the basis for any argument and don’t rely on arguing about the ‘Truth’. You will fail every time.

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  • GeneVac:

    The govt who knows the truth or fact may not want the people to know because of repercussions that will tarnish their image or derail their plan like the VacciNation drive if they compensate the vaccinated cases who were injured by the jabs.

    In such cases whether locally or globally they have to deny the facts or delinked the injured vaccinated cases!

    We can’t trust any govt! We have to make informed decision or choice for our own safety!

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