Inconsiderate parking in Singapore

I would like to share my humble suggestions on what can be done about inconsiderate parking in Singapore.

Inconsiderate and indiscriminate parking are very, very old issues that pose inconveniences and even danger to others and to almost all motorists, it is an experience that they must encounter one time or another if they have been driving long enough. Many of them are guilty of inconsiderate and indiscriminate parking themselves too.

So, why has this bugbear remains so unsatisfactory for ages under the pap government? The answer is actually very, very simple.

Inconsiderate parking can take many forms. Parking of cars at motorcycle and handicap lots, indiscriminate parking, parking of cars without a season pass at season parking lots, parking of motorcycles at HDB void decks etc are just some of the many examples of indiscriminate and inconsiderate parking.

In short, official enforcement efforts are not serious, not frequent enough and not strict enough despite the thousands of summons being issued annually. Semblance of enforcement is not meaningful enforcement and people mustn’t be confused about it. If the relevant authorities are truly serious, thousands more summons with much higher quantum would have been issued.

Next, I suspect that the relevant authorities are quietly tolerant of such behaviours and the penalties are too soft, so, it is worthwhile for motorists and motorcyclists to perpetuate their inconsiderate behaviours, try their luck or simply being outright indifferent! Period.

The government has the legislated powers and the responsibility to act and address the situations effectively but powers in the hands of weak or incompetent people is power wasted and that is why inconsiderate parking has never been effectively solved under the pap government.

I propose citizen vigilante to supplement official enforcement efforts. Encourage members of the public to take pictures of indiscriminate and inconsiderate parked vehicles and send them to a Central Command (CC) and very importantly, this CC must have the power, the seriousness and the will to act and not a wayang wayang CC. I further propose rewarding whistle blowers whose information were punitively dealt with a $30 grocery voucher. Hopefully such incentives will encourage more public spiritedness.

I further suggest that our relevant laws be further tighten so that even for first time offenders, a mandatory fine of $300 is imposed and for repeat offenders who commit another indiscriminate parking offence within 3 months of the 1st offence, a mandatory fine of $800. Third time offenders will have to attend court. For those who try to game the system, a jail sentence is mandatory.

In our zest to come down hard on our age long inconsiderate and indiscriminate parking challenges, I want to also suggest that more leeway, flexibility and understanding be extended to delivery drivers who work hard, long hours and honestly to earn a living. It is wrong to have a big head, a big cane but a small heart.

To effectively tackle inconsiderate parking, we don’t need the pap to bull us with their generals or scholars. What we need are serious minded people helming enforcement units and efforts which the pap has shown to be quite inadequate and impotent thus far.



Simon Lim




3 Responses to “Inconsiderate parking in Singapore”

  • Fine. Fine.:

    Simon, please fine those who reserve lots for the arrival of special people. Some even reserve multiple lots for one car, and many hours beforehand. That inconsiderate behavior is so bad, must fine more than $10,000 and disqualify from you know where.

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  • mike:

    ‘Inconsiderate’ is normally a symptom associates with level of moral education.
    In past decades, this had become less true.

    From this topic, i can see your miw doctrine of ‘Fine them all, and let judge sort them out’. Are you fake?

    Over the years, parking lots had been ‘quietly’ reduced in size:
    1. Due to bad regulation and god knows the reason :DDD
    2. Limited resources LESS carparking SPACE! >.<

    Don't you realise that after parking you might need to buy a car with sun-roof? :DDD. If you park your car without left right neighbour cars and when return there were neigbour cars, you might strongly consider looking for your transit link card to take public transport? And you might find a more favourable parking lot which no other cars may innocently-accidentally open their car doors and Scratch your expensive mobile HDB? Perhaps consider special car with doors like Lamborghini?

    Ok, ok, enough of sarcasm. See below OFFICIAL NEWS for evidences. :P

    In a 2011 URA circular, minimum width of a lot was set at 2.4m

    In 2016, URA started this:

    Then passed the stick to LTA in 2018:

    Ok, now may be can write another topic?

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  • A dose of their own medicine:

    Park your car in front of theirs so they are blocked & can’t get out. Get your pet to shit on their car.

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