Not surprised by the recent ‘racist’ incident

It is unfortunate that the opening expression of disapproval of people from different races courting each other is perceived as racist in our society despite decades of the different races living in close proximity to one another, attending the same schools, serving national service together and working together etc.

I ask myself if I am surprised by the recent incident and the man’s outbursts and my answer is No.

Of course our aspiration is to build a democratic society…regardless of race language and religion and all that is definitely politically correct but everyday living is reality and realities are often times harsh things whether we like them or not.

If we are brave and honest enough with ourselves, then we will recognise and accept that here, we are dealing with primal instincts in people and although some instincts do evolve over time, the odds are high.

In a multi-racial and multi-religious society like ours, what people do and express at home is one thing but when they are in public, utmost sensibility and sensitivity must be exercised.

Some people are very good and clever at saying all the right things but doing the wrong things but given our multi- everything society, seriously exercising utmost sensibility and sensitivity must be our way of life.

To my few sucker friends and you know who you are, what do you all suckers think eh?



Simon Lim




21 Responses to “Not surprised by the recent ‘racist’ incident”

  • Everyone is a bit racist:

    Last time my Chinese boss will send the Indian colleagure buy food from Indian stall. Boss explained that if she went herself, she will be charged more.

    If you go out, birds of the same feather flock together.

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  • Free Choice:

    Let people have free choice lah…
    Anyway they are responsible for it and have to live with their choice.
    Why bother? Everybody already has enough problem from the Covid.

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  • Mother tongue is the culprit:

    eversince -increasing the govt emphasise mother tongue it makes us more aware of our diff,let a child learn second language or even a third so we become truly assimilated,a Chinese boy can learn bahasa besides english
    And a Indian student can learn mandarin,let them learn languages forlove of learning,
    Every yr when I watch parade I feel embarrassed many ns boys donot understand bahasa instructions,when I tell visitors malay is our nat language I feel uncomfortable and cringe,its hypocritical,
    English n mandarin are dominant here,bahasa is only ceremonial,let English be the main language and we learn second or third languages
    Let military instructions be in English,no point being hypocritical,our malay sporeans are wise and can see thru the charade,keep the spore anthem in malay for historical reasons if we must.
    Yrs bk in 1963 the spore malay teachers union met late lky and suggested all schools be in English and teach other languages as second language,it was televised by rts

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  • Promote What is Lacking:

    to build a democratic society…regardless of race language and religion . . .

    It’s not surprising since we are not there yet.

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  • It depends on who says it:

    Who says the following?
    We do not want Malay pilot in our Airforce.
    We are not ready for an Indian PM.
    Older Chinese do not want an Indian PM.

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  • Apartheid of another kind:

    The rich and FTs live in private properties.
    They buy private properties for their children.
    The poor migrant workers live in dorm.
    The foreign domestic workers live in with their employers.
    The ordinary citizens happily live in their HDB flats, not caring about what is going on around them.

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  • xoxo:

    Lets not exaggerate.
    Just becos we read about a few cases like this does not make sgs,on average,RACIST!

    SGS ARE NEITHER RACIST NOR XENOPHOBIC as painted by MSM N our ministers.
    Ministers want to ask WHICH SGZ,AMONG us ALK,AS A GROUP,are racist on AVERAGE COUNT?

    LOOK,most of the sgs within PAP seem to be the racists here,arent they?

    Why,after decades of integrating together as A GROUP ,these sgs from PAP cannot bear to have a NON-CHINESE SEC GEN.?

    BTW,i can embrace a a non-chinese PM like a,Mr Tharman; you see i go for REAL MERITS.

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  • It saddens me:

    After he was fired from his job, a foreign warehouse worker at an online retailer slashed 2 directors of the company.
    He initially performed well at work. He rejected his boss’ offer to be promoted to warehouse manager with an increase in salary from $1,700 to $2,000 as he did not want additional workload and stress the court heard.
    I remember employers are clamouring for dependent pass holders to work here, no need min wage, no need any kind of work permit, one reason is start ups here need cheap employees to survive and take off like GRAB.
    We see first riot by migrant workers after several decades. These workers were happy with Singapore and their living conditions according to the very trusted SPH and MediaCorp.
    We have widespread Covid infection among migrant workers especially living in dorm.
    We read about foreign domestic workers getting abused and even dying as a result, FDW abusing and murdering their employers and family members.
    I do not know what next.
    Maybe the million dollar PAP visionaries can tell us.

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  • Billy ma:

    Is it really true that people here are becoming more racists?
    I don’t think so.

    It’s like how we know now that there’re many more people died of cancer.
    Does this means cancer is causing more dead than before?
    Of course not.
    It’s just that information are more readily accessible, that’s all.

    What is more worrisome is that the WOKE from the west are infiltrating in our society.
    This is more so as the Democrats are running the show in US.

    So expect a lot of nonsense coming from the dudes of Woke.

    Even children songs would not be spared from being called racist.

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  • The laws can only do that much:

    Did white supremacy suddenly appear under Trump administration?
    Why did Yugoslavia break up?
    We mix different races in HDB precinct by laws.
    We don’t do that in sixth ave, namly ave. Of course, there are not many rich among certain races maybe to live in that areas to make the quota workable. Residents in condo not happy with influx of foreign neighbours, not just curry smell or mala smell, move out if they could.
    HDB residents?
    The more the laws suppress the people, the more deprived the people feel and the louder the “pop” would be when the bubble burst.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Shouldn’t Simon Lin know by now that our Pledge is all BS cooked up for proPAPganda? lol

    “…To build a democratic society…” – Errrr… More than 55 years of single-party FamiLEE Dynasty, lik tat oso democratic ah? More like monarchy. lol.

    “…regardless of race language and religion…” Zzzzz…please ask MIW why they claim Sinkies cannot accept a non-Chinese PM? lol.

    Oso hor, how come ‘erected’ President must purposely leave for another race?
    Isn’t that a “racist” policy by itself and contrary to the much touted “Meritocracy” of “Lee Con You”??

    When PAPpies themselves implement “racist” policies, they claim they are doing good for the kantree, but when normal Sinkies say or do the same, MIW (such as “Shamefulgum”) act “Holier Than Thou” and make a lot of noise cry mother cry father on their High Horses?? lol.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    racism is a word with many meanings, depending who is saying it and when the same someone is saying it.

    in lky days whenever he said it, it was, by pap propaganda machinery, counted as the frankness of a pap elder. anyone else at that time mouthing exactly similar sentiments would have the pap one law two pap interpretation law book thrown at them.

    fast forward to pap clown days. whenever he said it, blatantly lying actually, it was said with a lying tone insinuating that it has to be so because the surrounding countries are of a particular race, and actually what pap clown wanted to say was religion but he got confused and said race. that is why pap clown proceeded to appoint an INDIAN who is a muslim to be president. anyone else who dares to say exactly the same thing would be POFMA’ed.

    if the senior lecturer from poly had been pap clown, sure as sunrise pap snakemugam would have said it is so true. because the senior lecturer is not pap clown, so pap snakemugam has said exactly the opposite, faking shock.

    anyway, we talk about ourselves. we used to believe in the pledge, which says we treat one another regardless of Race Language Religion.

    but ever since pap clown selected an INDIAN race based on muslim religion to be president, we stopped believing in the pledge.

    what do we believe then?

    we believe the days of lying pap liars are numbered. we believe better fellow citizens from PSP WP shall form New Government to right all the current lies under pap regime.

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  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    Amongst ourselves, many seem it untoward, say when a chinese courts a malay or indian, or an indian or malay proposes to marry a chinese, etc. But many don’t mind as much, even feel it an upward move should any of us marry an “angmoh”. Is this perception true?

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  • Elite:

    Look let’s cool down. I know the weather is hot, Covid problem hanging in the air. Have to stay at home. Some facing family problems. Let’s no get overboard. Have compassion and understanding. Hopefully everything will be ok. Stay Cool.

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  • Is being pro-alien "racist"?:

    Being pro-alien is as bad, if not worse, than being racist. Why? Because it discriminates against citizens. All countries, except Singapore, give priority to their own citizens for jobs. This is a fact. Their government does not make it cheaper and/or easier for employers to hire foreigners. If they did the political party running the government will be thrown out by voters if the country is a real democracy. This does not happen in a police state because elections are not free and fair.

    BTW, LKY said citizens do not want democracy. They want good government. This is self-serving bullshit because only real democracy will result in good government because there is real accountability and the people can change the government if it does not serve them.

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  • Gary:

    Suddenly many things happening in Singapore!!
    Is this a false flag operation??

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  • Tom:

    A sucker called Simon lost his deposit in GE2020

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  • Dio leh Luo Mo:

    You can, early can already. Don’t need to wait till now. Hahaha. Talk this, talk that. But no substance. You are disgrace to the Singapore core. Hahaha.

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  • Asd:

    I think pray and hope goddess shaman will investigate the racist employment of a race from same village which predominantly made up the company or will goddess shaman turn a blind eye or maybe close two eye

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  • Waterloo Street Indian Rojak:

    There have been many comments from different groups reacting to the ” Indian men preying on Chinese girls ” remark by a Chinese observer.

    However interestingly enough, no stakeholders such as our local INDIAN WOMEN themselves had anything to say up till now.

    To our SDU Local Indian Women –
    why still so silent ? ? ?…

    Don’t you think that you should speak up on your menfolk who have strayed ?

    It would be good and fair to also hear their views on their man folks ditching them for another race.

    I believe indian men have a fondness for light and fair skin oriental women.

    If they find it hard to “PREY” the Ang Moh girls, then their next choice would be the Chinese girls and if this preference is still a hard reach, then maybe they will try their lucky catch on PINAYS.


    Take a look at our public social landscape.

    From the late 1980s when Pinay maids were allowed to work here, quite many local indian men married them.

    I believe Dave Prakash’s parents are most likely people from this era.

    Then, take another look at another south asian migrant workers – Bangladeshis also preying on PINAY maids.

    Whether it is Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Maldivian, Rohingyas etc…. they actually are all from the same race of the indian stock.

    WHY ? Their fondness for fair skin girls for which their indian women lacked.

    In India, fair and light skin toning creams and lotions are popular and in great demand at pharmacies and beauty product stores and salons.

    I also tend to believe that their Miss Universe and beauty pageant contestants used them too.

    So if my theory is right, lets get some views from the local indian women on how they felt that their men are ditching them for oriental chicks.

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  • My 2 cent worth:

    Not true if the angmo lives in HDB flat.

    Nowadays many darker skinned foreigners live in condo.

    Dr Tan Tai Wei:
    Amongst ourselves, many seem it untoward, say when a chinese courts a malay or indian, or an indian or malay proposes to marry a chinese, etc. But many don’t mind as much, even feel it an upward move should any of us marry an “angmoh”. Is this perception true?

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