Relaxation of covid restrictions – late June 2021

The recent relaxation of the covid restrictions brought some life back to the food centers. Business is now becoming getting better.

This is the easy part.

It will be much more difficult to get workers back to the office. They enjoy the freedom of working from home. That freedom came with a drop in productivity that varies according to each individual and business.

There is no doubt that some workers, perhaps a high proportion, will spend some part of their time on non-work activities, like looking after the children or running personal errands.

There is also the loss of productivity that came from interaction among colleagues.

It will take a long time for the productivity to revert to pre-pandemic levels.

This loss of productivity will be critical for many business in Singapore. Prior to the pandemic, the productivity is already quite low (in my opinion) due to outdated practices. This is made worse by the high cost of doing business.

I expect that the recovery will be quite difficult for many business in Singapore. The food sector may perform quite well, but other business will be a big struggle.

To overcome this problem, we need the leadership of the government in improving national productivity. They have to review the regulations and practices imposed by the government agencies. They have to set the new laws that allow the practices to be changed.

If the government continue to let things continue as before, the productivity will continue to slide.

I hope that the government wakes up and respond to this challenge.

Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Relaxation of covid restrictions – late June 2021”

  • A real slave driver:

    Mr Tan must had been a real slave driver. Must personally see every slave 24/7 and make sure they are working.

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  • Hosayliao, with the lifting of the restrictions and the plan to co-exist with the C19 virus as one whole happy family, everyone must be thrilled and eagerly waiting to welcome the Delta Plus C19 variant.

    Sinkieland will go down in history as the island that perished trying to co-exist with the C19 virus.

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  • MarBowling:

    Remember Tan Golden Chain had predicted that everything in SinKapore would be back to normal and business as usual within a few months after the outbreak of Covid19 in early 2020! THINK on the onset the PAPigs had made a very big mistake of NOT INVITING and putting him in-charge of the Trash Force to MISHANDLE OOPS HANDLE the Covid19 pandemic in SinKapore.

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  • xoxo:

    PAP wants Sg to be UNIQUE.
    While others are LOCKING DOWN,PM LEE wants to show off by OPENING MORE,MORE N MORE!


    WE MUST EMBRACE IT LIKE WE MUST EMBRACE INDIAN-FTs n their relatives who are predisposed to B1617 recently???

    One cannot be more stupid when one knows there is a pool of shit and insists to step on it!

    More like idiots!

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  • 39% failure:

    39% failure. Overlooking thousands of cases in Malaysia or 5 figure cases in Indonesia.

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  • ZERO case:

    //Hosayliao, with the lifting of the restrictions and the plan to co-exist with the C19 virus//

    now the white idiots and gang tao tia (head pain) knowing they cannot fight and win over the C19 virus (same same like many countries) unlike in the past could boast about tackling SARRRRSSSSSSSH ???

    so must slowly ‘lower’ the standard (changing narrative) so that they will not have to constantly monitor the “pain” in their head – easier to make 10, 20 or 30 cases look normal (as compared to other countries) than ZERO case hor ???

    sinkie land white idiots are no exception when it comes to high hanging fruits ??? now the story is changing to or priming you to ‘living with convit99′ and ‘endemic’ (probably 158th media standard can do a good job here ????) ???

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  • More Questions:

    The virus is still a pandemic and it is spreading across the globe – Russia, Australia, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Why is it now considered endemic when it is not particular to SG? This is not another common flu and should not be treated like one. Does it now mean that the public must pay for their own test kit, doctor’s consultation, hospitalization and treatment? Have they given up managing the virus because it is too costly and time consuming; easier to pass the responsibility to the people – like clearing your own trays and cutleries?

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  • Living With Delta Variant ?:

    Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh etc are having serious surges in Covid 19 Delta Variant and are now imposing serious lock down to save their people lives

    AND here Lee Hsien Loong is telling us to live with the Delta Variant and wants to open up the country to get more business and increase our GDP.

    WTF are you mad, crazy, gila or Seow ? Which one or all of them?

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  • Smart Nation:

    Open up cross-border travel and see what happens. If there is no surge in new cases, then life can return to normal. However, if there is a surge in new cases, then start the CB all over again! The world is looking to SG and the PAP on how to manage Covid-19. PAP might reckon it is a “small price” to pay to be NO. 1 even if a few people die from the virus. It is the people’s fault if they refused to be vaccinated. Perfect reason. PAP can always make up for the number by importing new citizens. Anyway, Comrade Tan thinks the infection will be very mild – nothing to worry about. So, start issuing C19 passports to the Tokyo Olympics, and at the same time promote cheap air-fares to SG.

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