God save the Queen… from her subjects

If there is a certainty that ranks along side with death and taxes, it is the certainty that the average England Football Fan will screw up England’s image at the very moment when global cameras are focused on England.

The recently concluded European Cup should have been a very proud moment for England. The English national team did exceptionally well, only losing in the final on a penalty shoot out and defeating strong teams like old rival, Germany on the way to the final. English soccer has never looked better. The much hyped “English Premier League,” (EPL) was looking like it was actually producing players that could go toe-to-toe with the best in the world.

It wasn’t always that way. When I was growing up in England back in the 1990s, English football was overhyped. Everyone bragged about the EPL and highly talented players like Paul Gascoine (Gazza), David Beckham and Wayne Rooney and yet the performance of the national team was barely worth mentioning. England once reached the semis in the 1990 World Cup but that was pretty much it.

This time, things seemed different. The English National Team reached the semi-finals in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and their run in the European Championship suggests that this was no fluke. England was showing the world that it had a national squad worth talking about. Like the World Cup winning French teams of 1998 and 2018, the current English squad is racially diverse and its recent successes should have been a showcase of a multiracial England showing its strength to the world.

Unfortunately, the fans had other ideas and the behavior of the fans is such that whatever the national squad does on the pitch is irrelevant. One of the most prominent moments was fans without tickets gate crashing Wembley Stadium (all of them not wearing mask – welcome super covid spreader) and then attacking Italian Fans after losing the final. The “black” players on the English squad have been racially abused and just to show off English hospitality at its best, there was “booing” of the national anthems of the other countries in the tournament. As for the “sportsmanship” that the British are so famous for, there was the incident of shinning a laser pointer into the eyes of the Danish goalkeeper on route to the final.

The “Good” manners of the England’s Football Fans can be seen at: [LINK]

England Football Fans behaving like Sewer Rats is nothing new. I’m old enough to remember watching people get crushed to death on TV during Hillsborough and the collapse of the Heysel Stadium is also within my living memory. It goes without saying that whenever England or English clubs went abroad to play, everyone else thought – “Good God – not them again, let’s make sure they f** off back to where they came from.” The only difference with the recent incidents is that it comes at a time when the England football squad is actually giving English fans every reason to be happy. You’d imagine that fans would be encouraging the team to go onto something better after a good showing.

What is interesting about England’s horrible football fans is that England is also the country that produced the ideal of what a man should be – well mannered, sporting and concerned about the welfare of others. The concept of the “English Gentleman,” has become the ideal of what high society in every part of the world should look like. If you look at “independence” leaders in the post-colonial world, many were produced by the system that produced English Gentlemen. Pakistan’s founder, Mohammad Jinnah, who famously said that he would rather be ruled by an Indian Terrorist than an English Gentleman, was also famous for ensuring that all his suites were made in Saville Row. Even when we in the colonies were trying to get rid of the English, we still looked up to the English as an ideal.

So, how is it such that the nation that produced the ideal of what a man should be, can also be the nation that produces the most horrible specimens of humanity at every football game?

As a matter of full and frank disclosure, I went to a public school (defined as the public that can pay). Churcher’s is a small school of no great significance. However, it’s still part of the “Public School” system in the United Kingdom, which plays a role in shaping many of the people who make the UK tick.

While I am a beneficiary of Public-School education, there is an intrinsic problem with its very existence. In the British context, the guys who go to public schools are usually from families that can afford to pay hefty school fees along with the taxes that are partially used to fund the school system provided by the state.

The guys I grew up with, were from what you’d call decent enough families. Sure, I didn’t grow up alongside the super elite who populated the more illustrious public schools. However, my friends were from pretty decent families. I grew up alongside the children of ICI executives and officers in the armed forces. The education was not just academic but social and learning good graces was part and parcel of growing up (as mentioned in previous postings, I actually encountered very few incidents of racism – helped that I was willing to do my part on the rugby pitch).

The state system in the UK functions rather differently. The kids who end up in the system are less well off and often have less resources at their disposal. Teachers struggle alongside unruly kids and less cooperative parents. While there have been success stories from the state system, the problem in the UK remains that as a rule of thumb, the better academic results, which translates into better university placements and therefore better jobs still come from the public school system.

Hence, the system that produces the English Gentleman coexists alongside a neglected system that produces the friendly people at football games. The guys who come from the system that produces the English Gentlemen know exactly how to manipulate the guys from the system that produces football fans. Both Boris Johnson (Old Etonian) and Nigel Farage (Dulwich College) are from the system that produces “Gentlemen.” Their manipulation of statistics on how EU money could be spent on the NHS is manifested by the racial abuse hurled at England’s black players.

Unfortunately, the only solution proposed comes from leftist politicians who will make a few public pronouncements about the public school system. Such pronouncements make good headlines but don’t solve the real issue, which is to raise the standard of the schools in the state system so that they can compete with those in the public-school sector (which was happening in Petersfield when I was leaving – the local comprehensive got themselves a dynamic headmistress who rebranded it the Petersfield School and gave Chucher’s a good run for its money). Very little of that actually happens and until the schools in the state sector are boosted, English Gentlemen will be produced alongside England’s well behaved football fans.

We in the colonies are also destined to follow the example of the mother land in keeping the majority less educated than they should be. In India, you have elite colleges like the Indian Institutes of Technology and Management, producing world class corporate leaders working alongside the colleges that are effectively printing qualifications. Here in Singapore, we have elite colleges like Raffles, Anglo-Chinese, Hwa Chong and Victoria running the entire system and the neighbourhood schools which can barely raise enough to buy an eraser and produce the academic results that somehow get forgotten about whenever the government wants to show the world how “educated” we are.

Whilst it is important to train up the elite, its not sustainable if the elite only comes from one group. If you want a nation to grow you need to improve basic education for the masses. You cannot have one system that produces the ideal of manhood and another that produces sewer rats.


Tang Li

*Although I’ve been based mainly in Singapore for nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege of being able meet people who have crossed borders and cultures. I’ve befriended ministers and ambassadors and worked on projects involving a former head of state. Yet, at the same time, I’ve had the privilege of befriending migrant labourers and former convicts. All of them have a story to tell. All of them add to the fabric of life. I hope to express the stories that inspire us to create life as it should be.




6 Responses to “God save the Queen… from her subjects”

  • opposition dude:

    Oh well they will always be sore losers who can’t accept the fact their country didn’t win the tournament and hence have to riot and cause destruction. The EPL may well be the most popular league worldwide but the teams do have plenty of foreign players if you have noticed. The english guys are spread out amongst the big 6 clubs with foreigners as team mates. So the team is english only in name.

    Sounds a lot like how things are in Singapore, a “core” of Singaporeans surrounded by a massive foreign population.

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  • Fans only? My ass:

    Don’t tell me fans don’t represent the ‘psyche’ of the rest of Brits?
    See how many incidents in SMRT involved those “pommies”? Australia had to deport a Brit family for intimidating town folks.
    An ordinary pommy teenager in UK whacked a Chinese Singaporean for Kung flu reasons?? Wake up Tang, it is save the world from Brit hooliganism.

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  • Smart Nation:

    The elite core “schemes” the system while the people are made to pay and pay. From the news, it appears that the next thing they are coming at is how to make you pay for your old age – elderly care in exchange for HDB buy-back. The more they raise the cost of palliative care, the less residue value you will have on your flat. It means pushing the responsibility to the people. They must have come to realize that given the high cost of living and unemployment/underemployment situation, the children might not afford to take care of their aged parents, and so they come next for your HDB flat. TKL, what do you think? Is the CCP better than the PAP?

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  • @Smart Nation

    If I may interject, please. As a matter of fact, the Chinese are better in this aspect when it comes to taking care of the oldies but goodies (be it gang or non-gang members). If one is alone (no family members), they put one in a shelter (old folks home fully paid for by the authorities) and try to find a simple “exercise” to keep one healthy with some income.

    If one do not wish to stay in a shelter and are employed (but still meet the standard of being “poor”), they have dirt cheap low-cost housing (贫困区) whereby one (贫困户) can rent from the authorities. For these people, practically everything from transport to utility bills are heavily subsidised. For example, transport is free, tourist attractions are heavily discounted or free. Also, the volunteers and staff from the local social community centers (社区) will visit them regularly to deliver free rice, oil and basic essentials to them.

    For gang-members or the employed, they have retirement benefits of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars monthly (depending on last drawn pay) under their old-age social insurance (社保). Medically-wise, they have also health insurance (医保). As long as one was working prior to achieving the retirement age, one would and should have the above 2 insurance to take care of daily needs.

    The medical insurance (up to 80% coverage) is about RMB 200 (SG $40) a year and the social insurance can be a few hundred to thousands (paid by employers), sort of like the compulsory CPF scheme in Sinkieland. For those unemployed, family members or oneself can pay for the medical insurance (very important) and optionally the social insurance (IMO, not worth it if paying by oneself).

    In comparison, how much are Sinkies paying for their MediShit which covers peanuts???

    Allow me to digress a little. Take a tier 2 city and a tier 3 hospital for example. If one is warded for surgery and the hospital bills come to RMB100k, one would only need to pay about RMB20k. However, there is little or no subsidy for imported drugs or medical equipment, like stents, heart pacers, artificial limbs, etc.

    Note: The percentage of coverage under the medical insurance scheme is dependant on the hospitals. Tier 1 will cover less (about 50%), Tier 2 and Tier 3 more, so on and so forth up to a max of 80%. For the officially poor (贫困户), the hospitals or the local authorities will almost likely pick up the tab for the remaining bills and for subsequent outpatient treatment, (医保) can still be used and the staff from the local social community centers (社区) will follow-up on the patient’s (贫困户) condition and situation, extending assistance whenever possible.

    To cut to the chase, in comparison, most Sinkies will likely retire with a mountain of debts and probably have to ‘exercise’ to keep themselves alive, but the Chinese oldies but goodies are generally well taken care of and can afford to go drinking and dancing in the evening. The standard of living in tier 2 and 3 cities are also relatively much lower, so most of their children can comfortably afford to take care of them.

    P/S: Beer per standard bottle at a road-side stall is either free (with order of food) or goes for as cheap as RMB $1 (SG $0.20) to about RMB $7 per bottle (TsingDao), and is normally ordered in cartons.

    This is why I have been saying, regardless of whatever alleged short-fall they may have politically, the Chinese take care of their own, compared to one island near the equator where it is “you die your business”.

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  • Fat Cunt Alighting @ 8 floor:

    The Brits did produce a lot of great pop music.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on the TISG :Quote-”Hyflux in waiting for their white knight, Utico, to put down $10million deposit as confirmation of restructuring plan

    SIAS is requesting for the Middle Eastern firm to put $10 million as a non-refundable deposit into either Utico’s solicitor’s account or an escrow account by 10 o’clock on the morning of Wednesday, Jul 14. Utico is required to respond to SIAS by Friday (Jul 16)….

    Anna Maria Romero


    July 17, 2021

    Singapore — The plan from judicial managers for the liquidation of embattled water treatment firm Hyflux may yet be avoided, provided the company’s would-be white knight puts its money where its mouth is.
    Utico, a Middle Eastern utility company, has been floated as a possible rescuer that would infuse some much-needed cash into beleaguered Hyflux since 2019, but so far, this has yet to happen.
    On Tuesday (Jul 13), it was reported that Utico is willing to put up a S$10 million non-refundable deposit as long as it has 60 days to negotiate concerning restructuring Hyflux’s debts with the judicial managers.
    And now, it seems that the Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS), is taking Utico at its word, at least concerning the money it says it’s willing to put down…

    SIAS is requesting for the Middle Eastern firm to put $10 million as a non-refundable deposit into either Utico’s solicitor’s account or an escrow account by 10 o’clock on the morning of next Wednesday, Jul 14.
    This would indicate that its plans to restructure Hyflux are solid.

    Mr David Gerald, the president and chief executive officer of SIAS, wrote a letter yesterday (Jul 15) to Utico that said SIAS would need concrete proof as well as a credible restructuring proposal from it.


    In addition to the non-refundable deposit, SIAS is also asking Utico to give an undertaking, by Jul 31, that includes a term sheet for the proposed restructuring as well as details for a timetable for the water treatment’s creditors to receive their payments, as to whether these will be in cash or other means.
    Utico is required to respond to SIAS by Friday (Jul 16). /TISG”Unquote.

    Response : God save the queen but why save Olivia Lum from going bankrupt ? All the investors lost so much money and Olivia Lum no need to go bankrupt to payback ?Why is those con people judicial judges never seize her entire millions/billions wealth all hidden away ? Olivia Lum still can employ expensive lawyer to fight for her show how rich she still is ! Still want to waste time with Ultico ? Ultico has no $10 million money to pay !Today is 18th July already ! Dateline of 16th July over already !Is Olivia Lum manipulating Ultico behind the scene ??? Still got so many extensions meh ? Pui !

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