Has our lives become a game of cards, played by the not-so-skilled 4G?

I refer to the article “Singapore restaurant owners vent frustration as dine-in shutters” (Bloomberg, 24 Jul)

In a 1980 rally, the late Lee Kuan Yew famously said: “This is not a game of cards! This is your life and mine!”

One of the reasons that made those 13 words so famous is that these words encapsulate the very social contract between the 1st generation PAP government and the electorate.

In effect, the people would sacrifice some political liberties in exchange for a paternalistic and competent government whose policies improved the life of people.

If that was what kept the 1st generation PAP in power, then the 4th generation PAP has clearly failed us.

For one, that paternalistic touch has evolved into an absurd sense of entitlement even though there is a lack of substance.

One Senior Parliamentary Secretary who got voted out labelled those who disagreed with him “hypocrites, keyboard warriors and trolls”.

Another MP wannabe shared an unverified meme before giving a lame clarification on why he did so after being called out.

The self-entitlement is strong in this one. Yet it is not matched by LKY levels of competency.

Recall that on 18 March 2020, the Malaysian government announced a lockdown with effect from Midnight. This resulted in many from Malaysia trying to come to Singapore before midnight.

As luck would have it, one infected 39-year-old went to Mustafa which was subsequently “believed to be the starting point for hundreds of cases” which led to the 2-month ‘circuit breaker’.

As the delta variant surged, travellers from that region were still allowed to enter Singapore. This resulted in a second ‘heightened alert’ just as everyone was getting used to opening up.

The latest predicament was in part because of a legal loophole where KTVs are allowed to legally register themselves as ‘bistros’.

And just as the strategy was expanded by telling us that this is an endemic whose solution was to gain herd immunity via vaccination, another round of restrictions was imposed on us. Why did we change the reporting protocol on 30 Jun, to stop giving the case occupation, work place, age, places been to, when, when tested positive, etc?

One just needs to go walking around town these days to note the gloom because of another heightened alert.

Have our lives become a game of cards, played by the not-so-skilled 4G?


Leong Sze Hian




16 Responses to “Has our lives become a game of cards, played by the not-so-skilled 4G?”

  • Sink or swim in Singapore:

    Its a game of money money money.
    Nothing else matters.
    To them , if you cant catch up, too bad u are one of the mediocre lot or free riders.
    A race to the finishing winning line.

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  • John Richards:

    Yup, the 3 Stooges are unable to come up with a comprehensive strategy in this little red dot to combat Covid. They’re probably bored having to have this daily press conferences to repeat the same old shit.

    Get this, 2 of them Stooges are vying for the PM’s job. Isn’t that a scary thought.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    NOT A GAME OF CARD??? …BUT A GAME OF EVIL …when he sold his soul to the Devil n Took hold on the People with his Evil ways passing off as good…Leong kor when quoting the Lie who Con You…”think” what his son did to you n what the bastard did to his opponents…yours is $$$ theirs who suffered under the evil mind is theirs their family who are innocent caught in his EVIL web

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  • #08-193 Stoopids:

    It’s okay, lots of places take things for granted, not really hungry for business.

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  • Be accountable & responsible:

    To these white monkeys,

    Yes this is not a game of cards! This is my life and $m iron rice bowl.


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  • opposition dude:

    After all the screw ups it’s not over yet fellow citizens! Wait for PAP to declare this as endemic and promptly open up our borders to all! You can bet a certain South Asian country will eagerly be sending their citizens over, B16172 variant or not!

    And when the inevitable happens when we kena yet another hundreds of cases wave look for PAP to give excuses like “The virus penetrated our airport defences” and once again blaming the unvaccinated for spreading the virus.

    Just wait for it! It will happen because PAP doesn’t use common sense and has incompetent clowns in charge!

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  • I have solution:

    All the MTF clowns are singing tbeir Bo$$ stupid idea of treating COVID
    as ENDEMIC.

    Cant even stop Delta,what about Delta 2,more powerful.
    More like stupid.
    Maybe we should treat ministers as MINSTRELS singing BIRD SONGS?.

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  • zoro:

    Game of cards?

    Another hamster living in the past cage.

    … … …, the one-eyed man is king.

    Well, higher education can open up our vision, but we are still blind.

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  • Vote for the Opposition:

    If you are not happy with what the govt is doing , VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION IN THE NEXT ELECTION !

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  • yoda:

    The govt must not continue to make policies or decisions that affect sgs negatively while benefitting non-citizens
    Also,sgs’ lives matter,even the simple folks.


    HOW MUCH MORE HAVE WELL-TO-DO NON-sgs living n working in Sg benefitted compared to numerous sgs?
    Pls be fair,not boastful n hypocritical.

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  • Justice Pao:

    Their cronies maybe need the manpower.

    They’re being irresponsible.

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  • Harder Truths:

    “The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy.”

    ― Thomas Sowell

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  • Too unprofessional:

    Not referencing our leaders.

    There are way too many unprofessional, incompetent people holding jobs. People with zero product knowledge, ppeople who can’t cook, people in the service line who have no idea what is basic courtesy, people at work who can’t draw the line between what is professional and what is personal.

    Like that smelly old ang mo (most likely pappy puppy) who stared at me at Ion Uniqlo. Hope his eyes get gouged out. PRICK

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  • Taleban:

    According to MP Tin Tin, the government still owes me twenty over thousand dollars. I only got $600 or $700. When can I get the balance of the money?

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  • Realistically:

    Pity Leong Sze Hian and others of his thinking forgot that LKY failed to live up to what he had said earlier when he systematically retired the genuine Ministers who had the interest of sinkies and SINKaPOOR at heart………….by inducting the current emperor without clothes into the Cabinet on what I would suggest was the first step towards a dynasty, it became self-serving and the beginning of the Pillage and Plunder.

    As I hv given a personal experience, the tender award for design, construction and commissioning of the SGH oncology ward around 1989 when LKY was still the PM at the tendered price of $312k to my former classmate and boss’s previous majority partner when our tender was priced at $247k with the correct and better specs was a clear example of the failure by LKY supposed ‘Whiter than white’ propaganda in the currently ranked 160th ranked Straits Times and other propaganda pieces………….with sinkies swallowing the said propaganda line, hook and sinker.

    With continued misconception about LKY’s supposed record, the outcome has been one which sinkies are now loudly complaining of.

    I had long time ago on sammyboy 3-in-1 kopitiam forum on Delphi, warned about the outcome which sinkies experience today………….I had described the people of SINKaPOOR as the SINKaPOOR SLAVES, but many sinkies must have just thought I was crazy……… I have said many times, I told you so………long before sinkies face the damaging outcome. PATHETIC ranters.

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  • One time payment:

    Give a one time payment of $6K to those that earn less than $24K a year to help them cope with this Pandemic.(use their CPF account to check)
    Many of these low wage earners are suffering now.

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