Policies and legislations are badly formulated

If children can understand that with greater power comes greater responsibility, then why can’t the 4G PAP politicians in parliament understand or at least be as smart as our children?

Just because someone saw a need to empower Safety Ambassadors to carry out checks without the need of a warrant, a bill was rushed in parliament and it is now causing serious tension between Singaporeans.


In a video that was circulated on social media by a Nick Mikhail, who questioned why officers were allowed to enter his home without a warrant or a court order, we can see at least six officers in the living room while his wife was all alone at home.

What is troubling was that the Ministry of National Development (MND) was more interested in defending its right to enforce an ill-conceived regulation rather than looking at the glaring oversight from the health perspective.

As we are in the middle of a serious community outbreak, why didn’t anyone in MND or MOH realize that every officer that enters the house will inevitably increase the probability of passing the dreadful virus to those residing in that house?

Is there really a need to be fielding so many officers in this instance?

Where are the health safety protocols to protect the average Singaporeans from the increased risks of being infected or reinfected in such instance?

For goodness sake, why can’t the executional protocols be clear and specific so that the rest of the officers can wait outside while one or two officers seek cooperation from the lady without intimidating her needlessly?

This shows not only how badly policy and legislations are being formulated or enacted these days but also the lack of clear executional protocols needed to safeguard public interest and the well-being of our frontline officers and workers.

Yet when the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) was expected to be checking on premises with higher risks of breaching safety regulations and measures like KTVs, their minister cited some lame excuses that our enforcement officers were too stretched and could not conduct sufficient checks on KTVs, which led to the recent outbreak.


Seriously, how long more must Singaporeans tolerate such complacency & arrogance before those ministers entrusted with these responsibilities learn to take their responsibility more seriously?

It is in instances like this that l truly feel sorry for our frontline civil servants, including our Safety Ambassadors, who like many other fellow Singaporeans, are merely struggling to put food on the table.

Rights To Question:

It is not their faults that this stupid legislation lacks clarity and justification, and increases the risks of misunderstanding and confrontation when enforced.

To make matters worse, someone in parliament forget that there are no photographs on the badges of Safety Ambassadors.

As such, shouldn’t the public have a right to question or should they just comply blindly with this ill-conceived legislative power and allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to enter their house just because they have a badge?

Re-balancing A Flawed Regulation:

It is even more sad when frontline officers gets verbally abused or physical assaulted, or when well-tempered individuals loses their composure in the heat of the moment and gets charged.

Surely this legislation was not intended to cause mistrust or divide us as a nation right?

This begets a question – why must our frontline officers and those unfortunate individuals end up being victims of ill-conceived legislation while those who are entrusted with these responsibilities get away scot-free?

To make matters worse, those very politicians who had consistently failed us even have the audacity to put all the blame on Singaporeans for being non-cooperative or being hard to pleased, really?

Singaporeans need to be aware of these legislative discrepancies and help one another forward and stay united.

More importantly, we need to raise up these discrepancies so that both our frontliners and fellow Singaporeans will not be inconvenienced by it, presuming that those politicians will take the initiative to right all the wrongs.

Check & Balance:

Here is another dilemma – should we report these discrepancies to the minister for Home Affairs or should we raise it up to the Law Minister?

Can the check and balance in the Executive System of our government remains functional when a single politician holds two conflicting portfolio?

If we were ever to have a rogue minister holding these two key portfolios concurrently, then that rogue Minister can easily bring any law or legislation into effect whenever he or she desires more legislative power to control the people like puppets.

Importance Of Staying United:

If those politicians in parliament keep having the audacity to consistently fail us without any sense of remorse, then Singaporeans must assume the responsibility to help one another until the next General Election comes around so that we can do what is right and avoid hurting one another.

Yes, Singaporeans must help one another and stay united as we find ways to clear out those deadwood from our parliament.

In instance like this, l do wonder if we Singaporeans still believe that Singapore deserves better…


Joseph Nathan




22 Responses to “Policies and legislations are badly formulated”

  • Not doing their job well:

    These people need “immediate, unfettered access”, and they should clear out cupboards, check under the beds, check for dungeons and attics, and stay there for 24 hours to ensure there are no skeletons, I mean, visitors hidden somewhere. Post guards at the back door and the surrounding walls. Did they do these?

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  • Crimes in waiting:

    For Police, you can see he is wearing name & number. You can call to check if they are not fakes or scammers. For Social Ambassador, no way. Chances to be hit by fakes, scammers, robbers, or rapists are high.


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  • Stress, Depression & Suicide:

    By now, the Parliament should discuss thoroughly on how to reduce Stress that leads to Depression and Suicide.

    This Pandemic is causing a lot of stress in every aspect of human life, across all ages.

    The highly vulnerably elderly are fast losing hope that suicidal thoughts are constantly playing in their minds. Yes, they are truly facing the music.

    Students are hampered in their studies as online lessons are way below the standard that physical classroom offers. How far has AI progressed as an essential tool for online learning is a very big question mark.

    Young children are carrying backbreaking bookloads like camels, growing physical and psychological humps unnoticedly.

    Breadwinners are fast losing their jobs, hence the unbearable anxiety and insecurity leading to mental imbalance and crimes.

    Apart from manning daily chores without maids, Housewives of poor families are heavily burdened to make do with whatever little their husbands could give that can be put to table to feed their children.

    What is The Rich Parliament for and how it can enrich the quality of life of The Adversely Affected People is a matter of great concern.

    Whither do The Nation and where are its Billionaires & MultiMillionaires.

    The Road Ahead is not just a national song of Pride. It certainly has to do with the Wellbeing of its People, hence its Survival as one of the Richest Nations.

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  • Excellent!!:

    Excellent!! Well said!!

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  • Tremendous:

    Villagers deserve better but the law chief is like that.
    First, he opened up a can of worms by pointing to the Oppo chief for indieland agreement.
    Next he also kept his mouth shut when Oppo chief asked for facts and figures.
    Then he scanned the environment to see who crossed the line on issues and opened his mouth again to make his
    presence felt.
    Passing a bill is easy for him with the backing of so many idiotic chiefs and voters.
    None of his business when policies are ill conceived or formulated, he thinks.

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  • Kite flyers:

    Ambassador can be carrying the virus.and pass it to the home too!too many going into this particular home!better go fly kite!

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  • We Live and Learn:

    We sgs have been bullied by these bad policies for ages.
    The only resource we have now is to circulate any bad experiences on social media…to hopefully get the gov to tweak or change the policies for the better…and to alert fellow sgs to be aware.
    In life we all have to live and learn..

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  • Kite flyers:

    Appointment all citizens as safe ambassador

    Better then vaccine!FOR CRY SAKE!

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  • Kite flyers:

    Can get shivers whennn you get the non thinking holds power…

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  • ah chik:

    Daft sinkies love stupido monkeys.
    So,they accept peanuts in return for paying million$.
    LKY saw this and therefore passed the “DAFT” COMMENT on Bloomberg TV,didnt he?

    Wondering why sucg anti-national comment in international arena did not get POFMA,even if retrospectively?

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  • expediency over utmost care:

    aiyoh. when you delegate such GREAT power to the extent that they (can be all sorts of not so great half-baked chat-ba-lang people with cha-ba-lang understanding from x, y, z, 1, 2, 3 so many institutions ??) can go into someone’s house (which used to require a warrant ??) ??

    then it is bound to create all sorts of tension even if the law says can go into house hor without warrant hor ?? such expediency over utmost care / sensitivity over someone personal privancy / properties ???

    who wants to let people into their homes (that is why it is called home, bastion of very own privacy ???) ???? why need warrant (unless warranted lar) which used to be authorized by very senior persons (assuming this group is not-so-chat-lang people ??)

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  • Elite:

    Maybe I am still living in the past.
    When I implemented or create something or carry out an assignment. Heard of B plan or even C plan to rectify or arrest the problems. I learn from the army. “Army always cock up” Now seems that when things went wrong. Pointing fingers and damage control coming into the scene .
    I remembered that there is this setup of QSM ( Quality Service Manager ) in all Ministries. When I wanted to voice out or give feedbacks. Believe me. Matters were look upon.. I was updated and given an explanation of my feedback and action taken. Who say Police don’t apologised. They do apologised after my feedback to QSM. Not once but many occasions. After investigation. The police will apologised and whoever concerns will be reprimanded.
    I further understand at that period of time, the QSM are not from their own ministries but from all over different ministries. Today, the QSM are from their own Ministry. Things are not the same. The QSM don’t write back or inform one about the situation.
    I hope that QSM should be reinstated from different ministries.
    and it is a good venue to give direct feedback.
    If not, aiyah complain no use . Just write to the forum or press. Then action will be taken.
    Please polish up the QSM back to previously how the QSM was born and it’s purpose again.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Now is a good idea to install CCTV in your house like Nike did. It is to protect your youngs, the elderly and women folks in your house. You never know when URA officers come. Or any government authorities using the power of URA to enter your house without a warrant.

    Be warned. If you have no record, URA will deny everything including losses, injuries etc.

    Remember when they said Trace Together is for Covid tracing only, what it turns out is, police can use it for investigation!!

    The bottom line is don’t trust this government!!

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  • quite scary!:

    Yes! it’s quite scary that any Tom, Dick or Mutu can come into your house without any warrant or prove that they are genuine enforcement officials!!
    If someone has the intention of committing robbery, he can easily gain entry into any house, posing as enforcement official, by displaying fake badges or cards. What or who is going to stop them??

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  • I think most of you have missed the fact that they are accompanied by uniformed police officers, will any robbers be accompanied by police?

    I think there is no point in trying to patch the legislation at all. If a warrant is needed, then just make sure that a police ASP is in the team, how hard is that, since ASP is aplenty in the police force (former redundant Insp all promoted to ASP).

    That having said, I also feel that these Distancing whatever should not be more powerful than the police and can suga suga enter any premise to check check, it is so prone to abuse.

    I remember during the pandemic in China, and during lock down period, some 协警 (assistant police with no real powers, like VCs) thought they are God and entered premises and smashed a family playing mahjong without being accompanied by police.

    Of course the villagers cried father cried mother, make a lot of noise and eventually these 协警 were asked to apologise, but the villagers dare not ask for compensation from the police, still lan lan. At least the point was made that these 协警 are not God and do not have any powers in the absense of the police.

    Coming back to this Distancing whatever, I think their powers should not be more than say those issuing tickets in car parks, at most the ability to issue tickets and no powers to enter or make an arrest. If they need to enter, then they MUST BE accompanied by the police.

    It is absurd to think that the Silliyzens should accept that the gahment agencies can suga suga pull someone off the street and then deputize them with powers exceeding the trained police, without putting them through police academy or something like that. And I heard they are paid more than a fresh police inspector, at almost $4k.

    I would ask myself why should I spent 9 months at the police academy sweating when I can simply signup for a Distancing whatever post and be paid more than an Inspector with far greater powers than a police inspector.

    Anyway, I think this should be brought up in Parliament and openly debated. Lets see what crap of an excuse the PAPies have for this outrageous “deputizing” of Tom, Dick and Harry.

    What do you think?

    P/S: Better start installing CCTV in your home, they are dirt cheap.

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  • Billy ma:

    It’s clear that the only solution to this is to vote out every single MP that voted for this law.

    This law is as good as enacted.
    Singaporeans can only just be fedup.
    At least for now.

    Just make sure Singaporeans do the right thing at the next election.

    This is the only way to protect ourselves.

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  • Harder Truths:

    This is the Communist Regime sending in its Loyal Party Members to screw with you. With 61% approval of course.

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  • Smart Nation:

    Thank you JN for making time and effort to write on these pertinent issues that face the nation. For those interested, look for the title “How To Become A Tyrant” on Netflix. One of the tactics in a tyrant’s playbook is to create an atmosphere of fear and distrust. You suspect your neighbors, your friends or relatives because they might tell on you or make a false report about your activities; you never know when you will get a knock on the door by the secret police or state agency. Distrust creates barriers and divide people – divide and rule is one of the tactics tyrants use to stay in power. Go watch if you can find it.

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  • MRNA:

    Yes, Singaporeans must help one another and stay united as we find ways to clear out those deadwood from our parliament.

    Well expounded!

    We need to have an united MRNA calling “Ministers to Resign for Non-Accountability” drive till next GE to remove the deadwood!

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  • $100,000/- pm:

    The 4gs also go5 sucidal thoughts.

    They also live hand to mouth…….they got expensive bungalows to upkeep……

    A few maids and few cars to maintain……..

    Where git enough $100,000/- plus per month?

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  • Overpaid Underperform Minister:

    The Singapore Parliament today is comprised mainly of people from the rich, controlled by the rich and formulated policies for the rich.

    We need a Parliament with people from the poor, by the poor for the poor.

    Therefore, the Singapore Parliament today is a dichotomy and a dysfunctional entity that serves only the ruling elites. It does not serve the masses, the voters and the poor.

    It has to be changed as soon as possible, for the good of the people, the majority, instead of serving only the minute minority of the Ruling Elites.

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  • SG is only good in....:

    Finding faults in oppo and keep quiet, act innocent or blurred when policy don’t work and gaps uncovered.

    Its time to retire the useless law minister who only good at threatening people. I still cannot believe he imposed law ban alcohol at coffee shop after 10pm after the little India riots.

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