Shame on NTUC

Delivery workers in Singapore are providing an essential service for our economy and deserve better protection to safeguard their rights, safety and interests from being exploited by irresponsible businesses.

In Europe, delivery and point-to-point business operators like Uber are being compelled by their regulators to treat their drivers like employees and are no longer hesitating in penalising them for trying to circumvent their responsibility.

Good to see that regulator in China are also demanding for better labour rights protection from delivery firms operating in China.

In Singapore, our regulators are still playing catch up with these operators, and until they are able to decisively regulate those rogue operators, then Singaporeans working in these sectors will remain exploited.

Shame on NTUC for failing to stand up for Singaporeans working in these sectors.

Delivery workers and PHV drivers do not conscientiously aspire to join these sectors, and the majority do so out of economic survival and hardships.

This itself is a failure on the part of our government.

After years of denial, the government has now conceded that many Singaporeans were unfairly deprived of good job opportunities due to ill-conceived manpower policies and poor oversight.

Sadly, this positive change was due largely to the selfless contributions from fellow Singaporeans who empathise with the plights of our Singaporean Workforce and not the effort of NTUC.

While Singaporeans welcome foreign investments, we do not welcome investments that are outright exploitative of our Singaporeans Workforce right in our own backyard.

As such, our regulators should start auditing the system used by these so called technology companies and single out potentially exploitative processes in their systems that are detrimental to the well-being and safety of workers.

For a start, ensure the operators are able to provide our workers with a fair day wage, for a fair day work.
If still clueless, then the regulators should at least set up a Resolution for Fair Employment so that workers who are not paid a fair day wage despite doing a fair day work can claim for compensation while the authorities can look into such systemic discrepancies and fix them.

Yes, the compensation should be punitive to incentivize operators so that modern day slavery will not be allowed to take roots in Singapore.

Road Safety:

For years, we have been hearing about officials from our Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Traffic Police (TP) claiming that “one life lost remains one too many” but the reality on the ground shows a different story.
Has anyone from MOT or the TP actually try to audit a Job Order and see how irresponsive some of their apps can be?

When workers are placed in an environment where they are hard pressed for time while unable to get timely support in dealing with order discrepancies, the risks for accident increases exponentially.

The numbers of road accidents that had occurred on our road and pavement due to this factor should be taken more seriously by our MOT and TP before more lives are lost.

A multi-million dollars fund was set up for families of road accidents many years ago but why aren’t the TP looking into reactivating this fund to help the families of these workers who got killed on our road?
No, we cannot afford to keep waiting for NTUC to conduct more expert-reviews or set up more committees to look into these exploits when the problems are already staring at us so blatantly.

Until our government is committed to eradicating this scourge by acting more decisively and with greater consistency, then more Singaporeans are going to suffer.

Has our government forgotten that one life lost on our road remains one too many?

Modern day slavery has no place in Singapore if we still believe that Singaporeans deserve better…


Joseph Nathan




19 Responses to “Shame on NTUC”

  • Red light signal:

    The NDP speech somehow I take it as a confession

    How short sighted the administration IS.

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  • Grap by the balls:

    I switched from doing Grab to other platforms. Not happy with the fare system. Have to do 200 Orders in 4 days to get the incentives. Reminds me of min retirement Sum.

    Other platforms don’t require this much before releasing the incentives which is essentially what you suppose to earn but WITHHELD.

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  • oxygen:

    THE GIG ECONOMY is unlikely to provide a means of subsistence survival as the key pillars of the economy collapses for two reasons.

    Firstly, more and more displaced/retrenched PMETs flooded that service sector.Secondly, demands will taper off as out-of-work can’t afford services.

    That is to say, more hungry mouth eating/sharing the shrinking pie.

    I shudder at the state of the pandemic-riddled global economy already crippled by global trade war. My take is that the Fed and CBs misread the economy – inflation will rise due to supply chain/source disruptions won’t be transitory but stimulus spending has got to be tapering off soon DESPITE FED/CBs denials otherwise.

    Interest rates is moving up. Gold tumbled despite escalating global economy/pandemic uncertainties. Bond market and all asset classes are bubbles waiting for the pin to prick it (may be soon). After a steep fall off last week, gold saw a flash crash yesterday (fell USD60 per once on opening) before some recovery through the day in EU/US financial market.

    US 10 yr treasury bond speed up its sudden upclimb, credit market is tightening (interest rate rising worries lenders and borrowers alike) – IF AND I SAY AGAIN, IF CREDIT MARKET gets more jittery from here forcing the US 10 year bond prices higher, FINANCIAL MARKETS AND ASSET PRICES WILL VIBRATE AND DEBTORS ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE.

    The damage of these happenings – IF IT COME TO THAT OF ACTUAL HAPPENING – is severe correction/damage to weaken economy THROWING OUT EVEN MORE PEOPLE OUT OF WORK and GIG ECONOMY food delivery etc etc looking for falling demand for their services – EVERYONE HUNGRY but no income, not even in gig economy.

    Gold is usually safe haven investment BUT NOW IN FEAR HAVEN of its own refuge in hiding from global economic and financial market turmoil.


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  • oxygen:

    OF COURSE, how resilient is the global economy (and the derived demand for services in the gig economy sustaining) rests largely on the unpredictable impact of variant delta pandemic spread wreaking havoc in major economies now.

    Here is one contrarian out-of-consensus BEARISH view.



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  • nitrogen:

    Red light signal:
    The NDP speech somehow I take it as a confession

    How short sighted the administration IS.

    BUT the pap clown still insists ceca ah nehs create jobs for cotton sheep.

    1, it is a lie. because if ceca ah nehs can create jobs for cotton sheep, they would have stayed back in new delhi and make ah neh land great. for sure it ain’t so. that is why ceca ah nehs are flooding the small island at the moment run by pap.

    2, pap clown England is very bad. there is never any xenophobia in small island. NEVER. not with 39%. not with 61%. rather, almost everyone has a problem with too many, TOO MANY, ceca ah nehs admitted into small island. after all, if numbers make a nation great, for sure ceca ah neh land already Super Power. yet, look at ceca ah neh land today. just a 4th world slum.

    all in, everyone with a brain knows pap knows what is wrong. BUT the allure of S$ with more ceca ah neh hands, so, the choice between lucre and wrong, pap chooses lucre and continues to commit wrong even though pap knows very well why it is wrong to admit so many ceca ah nehs into small island.

    will pap change?

    when it comes to S$, pap will NOT change. so, the only way to get out of the pap pile of shit is to vote out pap.

    THERE is no other way.

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    Why KPKB? Stinkies should know that the PAP Government motto “Labour must be cheap, cheap and good, better, betterer…remember”…lol. Stinkies voted for PAP so no one to blame except yourself. Minimum wages is your only way out. Another note, there is no cure for cowardice.

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  • Asd:

    I think discrimated in own country says it all but don’t f ing complain go do the right thing

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  • #08-193 Huang Ba Dan Always:

    Why expect NTUC to act for workers?

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  • Billy ma:

    PAP will let this current situation to go on at least for a long while.

    In this way, PAP can report that unemployment is beyond 3% or lower.
    You add those private taxi, food delivery jobs & part timers, you get a good chunk out of the mainstream employment.

    PAP is more than happy with the situation.
    Just like how PAP contains the overcrowding in MRT & public buses by allowing every kind of motorised bicycles & scooters to race all over the country.
    Only when people start to die or badly hurts does the PAP pretend to look into the situation.

    The same tactic is employed now. Let the situation goes on until something happened then PAP once again pretent to come in & solve the problem.

    Create the problem then solve the problem to claim credit.

    BTW, don’t place your hope high that PAP will solve the overflowing of foreigners, lol will pretend to reduce the numbers either for a period before GE or manipulate the figures to blind the people.

    But I believe this time the water is so much muddled that Singaporeans will see easily the dirty water even if PAP does what it always do to paint a beautiful picture.

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  • LKY did not care:

    Strait Times: Why Albert Winsemius’ legacy matters

    His legacy matters because it can be used later to show LKY did not really listen to Albert. LKY was fixated by GDP growth at all costs instead of productivity growth. The latter determines real wage and the standard of living.

    LKY was more focused on getting the “bragging right” that he made Singapore a 1st World country in terms of per capita GDP. But took the “soft (easy) option” to achieve it instead of the “harder” one through sustained growth in productivity. Why? The answer is political. LKY knew Singapore would need a well-educated workface like 1st World countries to increase productivity. But local graduates are a threat to PAP political dominance. His decision was to limit the no more than 30% of each cohort can have a local tertiary education. PAP will “pick-the-winner” in each cohort that can go to the local universities. The rest is history.

    The stupid education policy of LKY and the PAP is still in place. They use “meritocracy” to justify it. Singapore is the only country that has this stupid education policy. Other countries might have it because of limited resources. But this does not apply to Singapore with massive reserves and perennial Budget surpluses. LKY preferred to keep the money in reserves instead of investing in young Singaporeans.

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  • PAP hates local graduates:

    Straits Times: Parents in Singapore spend more for kids than for their own future

    Why is this happening? Let me lay it out step-by-step.

    (1) Parents have to spend more for kids because PRIVATE TUITION is the norm in local pre-tertiary education.

    (2) It is the NORM because local education is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE.

    (3) It is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE because PAP’s self-serving education policy is to limit to NO MORE THAN 30% of each cohort can have local tertiary education

    (4) Why ONLY 30%? Because PAP considers graduates as a threat to PAP political dominance. But the (absurd) “cover story” given by PAP is “meritocracy”. PAP basically “hates” local graduates so it tries to keep their number to a minimum.

    (5) Also, by “draining” the savings of Singaporean families through private tuition. They will be more dependent on PAP generosity and handouts. They will also “toe-the-line” and not “rock-the-boat”.

    (6) Also, PAP want to have more places in local universities available for foreign students because PAP prefers graduates that cannot be involved in local politics. So it must limit the number of places for Singaporeans in local universities.

    (7) If Singapore needs more graduates to compete with other First World countries PAP but will do it mostly with “PAP-friendly” foreign graduates.

    What is the solution: REGIME CHANGE

    Throw out the always self-serving, pro-alien PAP at the next GE. Bury it with LKY so Singaporean families can have a brighter and more secure future.

    Singaporeans must take their country back for the PAP before it gives it all away to foreigners and make Singaporeans 2nd class citizens in their own country.

    Singapore is NOT PAP and PAP is not Singapore. PAP is a “spent force”. Singaporeans should get rid of it once and for all.

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  • More bullshit from "experts":

    Straits Times: Laws to tackle workplace discrimination in Singapore cannot be too rigid: Experts

    This is bullshit. Making it “flexible” will most likely lead top abuse make discrimination the laws ineffective. A good example is the boyfriend/girlfriend scheme for allowing foreigners into the country on short-term visa pass. It was abused and had to be cancelled. But it was too late. It started the KTV cluster that spread to the Jurong Fisheries Port. The rest is history.

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  • ah chik:

    NTUC is just another money-$ucking vehicle of PAPies.

    You think they care?.Fat chance!

    Sgs ,i mean common sgs,you die your business
    Making money is OUR BUSINESS,remember that.

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  • Gift of sight:

    The Tiger don bright colours!

    But its prey,are colour blind.

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  • LKY cared for his dynasty:

    LKY not only didn’t heed Dr. Winsemius’ economic counsel in the 80s but also disregarded Dr. Goh Keng Swee who warned him against his poltical innovation: the Pappy CEO-politician! Unique among all first world nations, LKY professed that if his politicians were to be very well $tocked then bureaucratic corruption would be a thing of the past. Of course, he was also boasting to the public that his eldest BG Maths Guy son was so promising a talent that if LHL was not his offspring, LHL would become PM earlier still…. Fuiyyoh! There were many talented people around in the Republic mind you, which is a common heritage of Singapore – for instance, the much beloved Ong Teng Cheong, the DPM and Chairman of PAP (1981-1993) & father of the MRT. He should have been our second or third PM if history had not been carved out by some searing ambitions. As it stands today the PAP is not the “People’s Action Partyl no more …. I think sheeples get the drift.

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  • #08-193 Huang Ba Dan Always:

    Just rebrand Fairprice as a retailer and not a cooperative?

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    Mr Oxygen, you are so negative about almost anything you write here.
    You said very loudly last month that a market crash is coming in mid Aug, it is now 11th of Aug, don’t look like it is happening. The FED will look at the next 2 months employment data, before deciding on tapering. What is happening now, the 10yr yield up to ONLY 1.35%, US$ appreciation is due to the good job data last Friday. The FED rates policy (nearly 0%) will not change until even mid 2022. And with the just passed US$1T infrastructure spending and low rates (max 1.8%) for the next 1 year at least, crashing won’t happen in the duration. I suggest you breathe more and get more oxygen.

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  • oxygen:



    MATHS IDIOT: You said very loudly last month that a market crash is coming in mid Aug, it is now 11th of Aug, don’t look like it is happening.

    I recall that bearish sentiment will prevail until mid-August, beyond which I was correctly silent that it is no man’s land of firm knowledge and awareness of anyone at that point of time of my writing.

    YOU DON’T READ VERY WELL, it seems. I will never talk about ‘CRASH” (nor I think anyone else should) because nobody got monopoly of telescopic vision or clairvoyant of predicting future “crash”.

    BEARISH ISN’T THE SAME AS CRASH just like slow traffic in a jammed congested road is NOT A CAR CRASH.

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  • Grab driver quickly:

    The term for the Grab driver left much to be desired.
    Suggest that it should be improved quickly.
    Now more like exploitation of the drivers.
    Should tax the company heavily if not willing to help its own drivers to have a better quality of life by improving the engagement terms.

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