Britain records 29,520 new Covid-19 infections, 93 deaths – mostly vaccinated

Another 29,520 people in Britain have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases in the country to 6,241,011, according to official figures released on Saturday (14th Aug).

The country also reported another 93 coronavirus-related deaths that occured within 28 days of a positive test for the virus, bringing the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in Britain to 130,894.

With approximately 90% (47.3 million) of the adults in the country having had their first dose of vaccine and more than 76% (40.4 million) of adults having received both doses, Britain has lifted almost all of its remaining Covid-19 restrictions on July 19.

Apparently from the figures, the vaccines do not effectively help prevent infection, injury or death.

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5 Responses to “Britain records 29,520 new Covid-19 infections, 93 deaths – mostly vaccinated”

  • Traveler:

    They will change their narrative to “dying WITH covid” (the previous narrative is “dying FROM covid”) to align with the situation. hahaha.

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  • Smart Nation:

    Britain should learn from SG. After loosening up the CB, SG has an average of 50+ cases a day! The MTF must be doing a fantastic job with “managing” the virus! Should give all the experts a promotion! LW or OYK should be made PM without further delay. What do you all think?

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  • I think:

    I think …. they show more guts than you and your kind.

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  • High rate of infection:

    High rate of infection may be from the high Vaccinated rate.
    Basic problem is the Vaccine is not good enough.
    Solve one problem and create another one.

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  • fpc:

    that’s a stupid way to read the numbers.

    The key thing is has the mortality rate of the infected drop significantly after vaccination. The answer is yes.

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