Third booster jab a success?

Don’t count your chicks before the eggs hatch.

Third booster jab a success? We had just witnessed a super spike in infection numbers in Israel which DOUBLED the peak of last highest!

I believe the ADE had happened when such unusual signal pops up. A super mutated variant which is highly resistant to mRna vaccines will be born out of these numerous breakthrough infections. There were even breakthrough infections among those who took the third booster jab!

It will become a serious fatal mistake if Vax people are made to have such False Sense of Security with drastic discriminatory rules against the unvax, making them more vulnerable to breakthrough infections which will feed mutations for the making of the super virus.


Goh Meng Seng




18 Responses to “Third booster jab a success?”

  • PAP_is_my_Father:

    RNA virus Covid + vaccines, is like virus on steroids.

    Now is like everyone catches HIV. Vaccines dependent, good job world leaders!

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  • Desperate Politicians:

    Politicians in many countries have failed to control covid. What do they do best? Blame somebody else. Who? The unvaccinated! Nevermind Science showing that the vaccinated are even more infectious and infected now.

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  • LongTong Ai Hum:

    Doomsday is coming, 3rd jap for Delta’s?

    4th jab for C.1.2?

    5th jab for C.1.2 plus Hum?

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  • Sagittarius incognito:

    The virus will mutate to become milder to coexist with its host.

    The third jab will strengthen immunity to make the virus nothing more than the normal flu.

    Light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

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  • Beginning of Sorrow:

    It’s the beginning of sorrow. However, it need not have to be this way.

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  • oxygen:

    THE SECOND JAB tells all the first one is impotent of efficacy whether by design or inevitable.

    When the two combined still didn’t work requiring a “booster” jab so urgent of distressed defeat, WHAT IS THE CHANCES of the third (single) jab works?

    HOLY FART OF FICTION in self-delusion!

    LIAR’S POKER and cover-up from incompetent failed political cows WHO WILL NEVER AND CANNOT ADMIT THEY ARE ALL IDIOTIC FOOLS.

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  • "INTERNATIONAL" guideline:

    aiyoh. even if no success can say follow “INTERNATIONAL” guideline and practice (the ultimate fall-back cover-own-AXX ‘excuse’ ?) ???

    do not worry (if vaccine efficacy comes down over time) lar, there is always a 3rd, 4th, 5th …. 9999th booster jab and can always can find IB doggie boys to spin it off as a pandemic of those unvaccinated (if they do not comply with up to Nth jab ???) ???

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  • Science Follows the Money:

    Sadly, “science” these days is not about testing viable alternative hypotheses with an open mind. It follows the money to censored other (not profitable) viable alternatives.

    Currently, there is no effective vaccine against Covid-2 virus. However, what we have is an effective vaccine against senseless discrimination.

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  • follow the decisions:

    //Sadly, “science” these days is not about testing viable alternative hypotheses with an open mind.//

    aiyoh. unfortunately, science or scientists (or any other professional ??) must also follow the decisions of their political masters who sometimes can be very super wayang one lar ???

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  • nitrogen:

    dislike pap is not the same as being as stupid as pap.

    dislike pap does not mean reject vaccines provided by pap.

    they are 2 different things.

    NOBODY says after jabs no infection. that is a wick*d twisting of a statement.

    after jabs, can get infected but NO icu or death for any normal person. this is the statement.

    twisting the statement to say, no infection after jabs is ain’t true and is a wick*d piece of deliberate lying.

    just because never having done it does not mean it does not exist which is way before covid, folks on the know already do 2 jabs a year for flu. even school children know, at least something, about the winter flu jab because they mostly take vacations in December in cold countries.

    flu vaccines last a few months and are different each time because the flu bud mutates. and this is way before covid.

    that the covid jabs need booster jabs are nothing surprising. because covid is a flu bug and it mutates and so to counter it regular jabs are needed.

    don’t be fooled by hatred for pap. getting jabbed is a wise thing to do. so that can live to vote out pap.

    don’t listen to gms. he is evil as far as this foolish hole he has dogged for himself. he should be against pap. and not against the jabs for covid. gms is doing himself a disfavor, because when he meets the Maker the other side of River Jordan, gms shall need to take responsibility for this piece of evil he consciously spewed out of his evil mouth.

    don’t listen to gms. gms is WRONG.

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  • xoxo:

    4th,5th,sixth coming.

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  • opposition dude:

    Third jab to seniors will be offered by next month is my guess. Keep jabbing every 8 months or so and see how the situation gets for the rest of this year and the first half of next year loh.

    And watch PAP give excuse after excuse about how the unvaccinated are dying and all that. Even if 99.9% of the population were jabbed they would still go on and on about the 0.01% who weren’t jabbed. That’s how it is with this inept government after all.

    Look forward to more waves after this current one and expect daily cases to be above 100 every alternate month or so.

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  • Smart Nation:

    If the 2 jabs do not protect you from reinfection, what guarantee is there that a 3rd jab will protect you, and for how long before it wears off again? Have the mRNA vaccine been tried and tested against other new variants like Lamda and Mu?

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  • MarBowling:

    The Husband(Mai Hum)and Wifey(Holee Jinx)Tag Team are NOW SHOWING DESPERATION and SWEATY under the armpit.

    WHY? Using taxpayers hard earned money they have pre-ordered and already PAID about $1.2 billions for about 6.8 millions doses of the Holee Pfizer vaccines for about 3.4 millions out of about 3.5 millions,local citizens. They have ONLY ordered and paid for 200,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine Sinovac for 100,000 citizens. With about 80% of the population being vaccinated MOSTLY with the Holee Pfizer jabs and the LEAST with Sinovac vaccine, there remain about 600,000 local folks UNVACCINATED! Believe at least the 17 Patriotic Doctors who PENNED the OPEN LETTER and their family are among these 600,000 local folks who don’t MIND PAYING $98 for 2 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine which have just arrived in SinKapore. Understand there is a very LOONG QUEUE for the Sinopharm jab. If 1/2 or 2/3 of the 600,000 have subsequently CHOSEN to be poked by Sinopharm, that mean there will be lots of UNUSED HOLEE PFIZER JABS(only 6 months SHELF LIFE)LYING AROUND! No wonder, Mai Hum has so WILLINGLY OFFERED TO DONATE 500,000 doses of the Holee Pfizer vaccines to Australia. And no wonder MOH has instructed their subordinates to PHONE and PESTER THOSE UNVACCINATED WITH HOUSE VISIT TO URGE AND PUSH HARD AT THEM TO GET VACCINATED ASAP! And NO WONDER CALLING FOR BOOSTER or 3rd Dose of the Holee Pfizer(TO CLEAR the HUGE STOCKPILE!). Half a year or a year down the LOONG and WINDING ROAD, the Tag Team May Call for a 4th(in Cantonese Say or DEAD)Jab!

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  • Kudos:

    From the 5th sept update from MOH, 12 fully vaxxed are in need of oxygen supplementation. If the vaccine works, there should not be such cases.

    Seeing the situation in Israel where hundreds of double vaxxed are in ICU, i expect over a hundred fully vaxxed in SG in ICU or oxygen supplementation in the coming months.

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  • Kudos:

    For vaxxed people, to detox the covid vaccine spike proteins, take antioxidants to detox and decay the spike proteins:

    Most important:

    Also useful:
    vitamin D
    Milk thistle

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  • Reality Chec:

    I dun see getting injected with the vaccines as being given a false sense of security. A friend if mine caught Covid 19 just last week. He had been fully vaccinated with the 2 jabs. He was warded in hospital as he complained of feeling uncomfortable. He reported that while in hospital, many doctors came to check on him and he was indeed grateful for their care and encouragement. By the 4th day, he was discharged and now is recovering at home.
    Let me put it this way – Medicines for many types illnesses work most of the time but sometimes it doesn’t just like the Covid 19 Vaccine. Thats the reality of being sick and needing whatever medication available.
    Vaccines and Covid 19 Virus have one similiar feature ie Both are work in progress playing one upmanship against each other.
    I have read so many instances of younger superfit people with an invincible thinking and refusing the vaccine but unfortunately getting infected with Covid 19 and before dying encouraging everyone to – “Go get that damn vaccine”.

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  • yuckbear:

    Virus on steroids, those asking others to get vaccinated are a piece of shit in his/her character.

    Hope you will suffer from long term consequences while you lives.

    Tech: If I may, let me put this to you. Those who are vaxxed know that they are screwed. As with selfish human nature, why drown alone when you can get everyone to drown with you, right? So they wayang and come up with all sort of BS to try to CONvince those unvaxxed to get jab. Sound possible?

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