Saving Big Businesses

Orto at Yishun

Just because it involves the people, does not mean it is to save them. It is to save big business.

When Covid struck, businesses were horrified. They would not survive if people were in perpetual lockdown. SIA, SATs, Changi Airport Group, hotels, cruise ships, exhibition and convention centres, casinos, cinemas, recreational centres, malls, just to name a few.

The silver bullet was vaccine – inoculate the population, and if it works, herd immunity would be reached, and the people can resume their functions as workers on the one hand, and consumers on the other, and business can breathe again.

So, in warped speed, Pfizer, and then Moderna, sensing a big killing, announced that their vaccines would soon be ready. Since it was the silver bullet, governments fell over one another, to pre-book even before approval, and never mind if the contracts were onerous.

When it arrived, the people were strongly encouraged to take the jab, not only for their own health, but for their loved ones, especially the aged. Not only that, it’s a social responsibility and possibly national service because the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, or so the narrative went. Make no mistake, vaccination is voluntary – you just ignore your family and friends if they pester you, put up with the disapproval, forget about restaurants, eat at coffee shops and hawker centres, don’t think about traveling, pay for your own rapid test if you have to go to work.

So, after a Circuit Breaker and Heightened Alert, costing taxpayers close to 100B, with a big portion transferred to big business, we achieved more than 80% vaccination rate. But, hold your horses, herd immunity is no where in sight but instead community and unlinked cases are shooting through the roof, so much so that the number of cases that triggered the CB, was a walk in the park.

No, we cannot chase after every case, we have to learn to live with Covid. That the cases are shooting up are expected because we are opening up, to revert back to life, locking up the people has never been a long term solution, we need to allow people to socialize and travel again.

At the beginning, we needed to shock the people, so it was useful to publicize every case, especially if they weren’t vaccinated, just so to get people to vaccinate. Now, with an 81% vaccination rate, and herd immunity an impossibility, big business getting impatient, and we seem to have painted ourselves into a corner, we will not report the number of unlinked cases.

My brother just came home and he said he saw a lot of crazy people crowding the mall and Orto, which is a recreational complex with prawning & fishing ponds, plus a trampoline park and a go-karting track at Khatib.

With unlinked cases at an all time high, although we do not know exactly how many since the MTF will not announce as they are “no longer relevant”, these people are putting themselves and their loved ones at risk.

But hey, it’s ok, what matters all the while is business anyway. Oh, the hypocrisy of it all!


Foong Swee Fong




10 Responses to “Saving Big Businesses”

  • #08-193 Huang Ba Dan Always:

    Businesses are about making money. Do you think people’s well being are top prioirity?

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  • Smart Nation:

    They are anxious to get the economy up and running again. Better not report unlinked cases because it will scare away the public from going out to shop and spend their money. It will also deter potential tourists from coming even if they are vaccinated. Besides, people might question the effectiveness of TT/Safe Entry when they see an upsurge in unlinked cases. Therefore, no need to report unlinked cases!

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  • Balance:

    Not easy to balance between people well being and business survival in this difficult time.
    Need to do all that is possible to reduce the Virus spread ,whether by Government or individual.
    Business should ensure their place is safe for users(Install Virus killers and monitor the Indoor Air quality) and take all necessary precaution.
    SBS and SMRT should installed Virus killer unit on all buses and MRT to reduce the Virus spread as many people are in close proximity.
    One good proven unit is from Aura Air
    I understand you can get it from Intraco/Intrawave here.

    As individual,we should take all precaution necessary to protect ourselves and loved one.Be socially responsible.

    Government should continue to give all the necessary protection kits ,especially to the Lower income families.
    Better still give the test kits and also do the PCR for free for anyone in close proximity with Covid case including those that volunteer to come forward .MOH notice is taking too long for now.Need to ring fence case fast to reduce the spread especially if we foresee surging cases ahead.

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  • oxygen:

    QUARANTINING unlinked cases information from informing public mind and giving them a false sense of security is TRUTHS FOUND MISSING – be that by deliberate irresponsible concealment or plain dumbass stupidity beyond infinity.

    Booster jabs pending strongly touted proves the fictitious efficacy of vaccines and the truth of politic cows mistakes till now which they can’t and won’t admit are wrong of intended objective of reaching the phantom “herd immunity” impossible of eventuality.

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  • opposition dude:

    Just wait for PAP to constantly put the blame on the unvaccinated, it’s all they are good for anyway. They think by keeping quiet about the FACT that the vaccinated can spread the virus it will just silence people but oh hell no.

    This goes to show that PAP never has a backup plan should things go awry because they operate solely on theory. Try telling the virus that once herd immunity is achieved the virus slowly goes into extinction ha ha ha! The virus just flips the middle finger at PAP and continues spreading happily whether one is vaccinated or not!

    So now we once again see PAP fumbling just like last year when they tooktheir own sweet time to impose a lockdown. They just love waiting for things to get out of control before doing something don’t you agree? Last year we had loads of soaring cases before the stupid breaker was implemented and now we have the same exact situation but no breaker ho ho ho.

    We are a few years away from the next election but if covid keeps mutating PAP will be pretty busy for the next few years liao. And we would have more than a few years worth of resentment built up by then in regards to how this endemic pandemic has been handled!

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  • All Emperor Dowager's Minions:

    “All tragedies are finished by a death, all comedies by a marriage.”

    — Lord Byron

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    From Ivory Tower sterilsed Top to Toe daily why WORRY…let the sheep be sheared as they sleep in wooly comfort…

    Some things Never Change!!! Yonder are suckers n idiots are born everyday

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  • TRUTH in OPPO land:

    did we ever report nationally on a daily basis how many caught the flu bug?


    so why are we doing it with covid?

    BECAUSE covid, although it is also a flu bug, is far more deadly than the flu bug.

    didn’t everyone, at least 89% of them, get 2 jabs already?

    Yes. 89% already has 2 jabs.

    So WTF is there a need for CB or HA or restrictions?

    after all, after 2 jabs, anyone who catches covid does not need hospitalization. neither does the person need anything stronger than rest at home for 7 days.


    restrictions are to protect the 11% who has yet to get at least 1 jab of the vaccination.

    89% suffering because of stupidity of 11%?

    YES. the 11% has been conned by the likes of pap haters gms or pseudo experts such as oxygen hydrogen and such spouting nonsense, being pseudo aka no substance including writing clearly. after all, these folks don’t even have a basic degree. so believe in them is as good as behaving like gms oxygen hydrogen.

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  • xoxo:

    It is not a pandemic Covid.
    It is now an ENDEMIC COVID.

    Never mind if we breach 1000 cases a day.
    If seniors die lagi better,no need to care for them.
    Also can import more FTs here,even those with Delta variant.

    Dont forget,WE need to claw back $100 BILLION we gave out recently to ourselves n our kakis n FTs.
    We oso gave you $600,REMEMBER?

    You daft sgs Pay And Pay,WE Pro$per And Pro$per.

    Thank you daft sgs for voting for us even after wr $crewed you hard.

    Good to see you daft sgs enjoy being $crewed; WE WILL SCREW you MORE to make you more SHIOK!

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  • into a mini ward:

    //No, we cannot chase after every case, we have to learn to live with Covid. That the cases are shooting up are expected because we are opening up, to revert back to life, locking up the people has never been a long term solution, we need to allow people to socialize and travel again.//

    yar lor ?? now possibility of turning your own home (or room ??) into a mini ward lor when cases rise (thanks to living with convit99 ??) ??? and again, if you do not have the habit of treating your home in a mini ward and do not complies with strict instruction, again get fined or get penalized when got caught lor (possibly got some who will be made as showcases ???) ??

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