Chinatown Complex cluster – Weak leadership and enforcement?

(ST; 12 Sep) “Hawkers try to clear food before closure of Chinatown Complex due to Covid-19 cluster”

Interestingly, my friend Ying (not her real name) pointed out that the initial title of this article was “Chinatown Complex Hawkers lament poor business, late notice about shutdown due to Covid-19 cluster”

Arguably, the original title was less flattering than the ‘new’ title. What does this tell you about the 160th ranked media in the world?


One prawn noodle seller was quoted as saying that he had received the notice to close at 3pm only at 9pm the day before. As a result, much of his food will have to be either thrown away or taken home to give away to friends and family, causing him a loss of $90.

My friend Ying commented that this reflected very badly on the MTF task force. She told me that her hawker friend who sells noodles sells about 200+ bowls of noodles a day, and each bowl of noodles only makes a profit of $0.50.

Does this mean that the prawn noodle seller would have to endure one day of back-breaking work to recoup his losses?

Also as a frequent visitor to Chinatown, Ying also commented that she observed large numbers of elderly who congregated at the entrance of Chinatown complex to play chess and drink beer without their masks on. This is something that my other friend P had also observed.

What does this tell you about the enforcement standards, especially when the task force appears to be most concerned with the unvaccinated elderly?

Finally, it was mentioned that the strategy going forward is to treat covid-19 as a pandemic. Before the MTF stopped providing the number of unlinked cases on 8 Sep, the ratio of unlinked cases to total cases was about 31.86% on average.

3 Sep – 56 out of 216 = 25.9%
4 Sep – 84 out of 253 = 33.2%
5 Sep – 63 out of 186 = 33.8%
6 Sep – 91 out of 235 = 38.7%
7 Sep – 91 out of 328 = 27.7%

Does this mean that in the past 3 days alone, we may have more than 456 unlinked cases 31.86% X (347 + 568 + 517)? The number of warded cases also rose from 664 to 689 in the span of a day.

Is the writing on the wall that more restrictive measures are needed to be taken, but the MTF task force are simply ignoring the warning signs?


Leong Sze Hian




13 Responses to “Chinatown Complex cluster – Weak leadership and enforcement?”

  • Smart Natin:

    One case at MBS and they made a big issue of the “badge lady” but why no action taken on those large numbers of elderly who gathered to drink beer and play chess without wearing mask? Is the Chinatown Complex under Tanjong Pagar GRC? Do the MPs there do walkabout in their Constituency? How could such regular occurrence gone unnoticed if they are in touch with the ground?

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  • deduce the results:

    when you open up, there will be more cases especially in open-leg congested sinkie land ?? that is how the virus works, it needs close proximity of people ???

    no amount of enforcement will be able to detect every moment everyone on putting mask properly or whether he / she will social distance at the right distance – e.g just look at buses and mrt during peak hours ??? and look around at eateries, many happily chit chatting and sometimes laughing away (happy time lar ??) ??

    come evening and night time where more fun time is available where many social distancing and enforcement officers do not work, and you can more or less deduce the results ??

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  • Social Distancing vs Vaccines:

    Much has been spent on advertisements to encourage people to go for the experimental jabs. Why not spent on advertisements to educate people the importance of social distancing and proper wearing of the mask. Personally, I believe the such social habits are more effective in reducing infection and hospitalization rate.

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  • opposition dude:

    597 cases reported for 13 September, we can look forward to the magic 1000 number soon enough. The virus is spreading everywhere and no one knows who has got it since we are all allowed to walk freely anywhere on the island.

    And with Lambda and Mu it’s only a matter of time before they reach our shores if they haven’t already.

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  • man power shortage!!:

    The clowns will tell you that ,due to manpower shortage blur blur….
    On the other hand, whilst collecting $$$$ is concerned, the ‘watch dogs’ looking out for people who leave their tables after makan, without clearing their tables in hawker centres have increased!!
    That is to say, you die your business, whilst ‘what is wrong is collecting more $$$?? is more important!!

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  • xoxo:

    Zero community case after lockdown,well almost.

    Imported cases were much higher.

    Now,the opposite?
    So much for HELICOPTER VIEW.

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  • Lack enforcement:

    Problem is fatigue coming in already…Too long already this Pandemic.
    Need to double up on enforcement action…that is why the Virus is spreading now with so lack enforcement everywhere.
    Asking for trouble.
    Not sure what the Safe Distance Ambassador are doing these day…more like passing time.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    No problem leong kor…submit a claim leh!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    “The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When the people want the impossible, only liars can satisfy.”

    ― Thomas Sowell

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote-”

    837 new Covid-19 cases in S’pore; new cluster at All Saints Home in Jurong East

    A new cluster with 10 cases has also surfaced at All Saints Home in Jurong East.PHOTO: ALLSAINTSHOME.ORG.SG
    Syarafana Shafeeq
    SINGAPORE – There were 755 new cases reported in the community on Tuesday (Sept 14), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in its daily update.

    This is the highest in more than a year.

    There were also 77 cases among dormitory residents and five imported ones, bringing the total to 837 new Covid-19 cases.

    A new cluster with 10 cases has also surfaced at All Saints Home in Jurong East.

    Nine are residents and one is a staff member.

    The total number of infections in Singapore stands at 73,131.

    In a week, the number of cases today more than doubled from last Tuesday’s total of 332.

    Of the local cases today, 231 are seniors above 60 years old.

    One case was added to the cluster at Ren Ci nursing home, taking its total to 29 cases.

    Another 15 cases were added to the Chinatown Complex cluster, bringing the total there to 126 cases.

    There are currently 809 Covid-19 patients in hospital, including 75 cases in need of oxygen supplementation and nine in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

    Of the cases requiring oxygen supplementation, 59 are seniors above 60 years old.

    There were also nine new cases added to the clusters linked to staff at three bus interchanges in Toa Payoh, Tampines and Boon Lay.

    The total number of cases at these interchanges is 520….”Unquote.

    Response :Wow ,837 new cases in Singapore reported out and more new clusters at Jurong East !!! Before National Day celebrations,the xovid figures are pretty low but after National Day top level heads celebrations with their obvious public funded paid events and dances,and more children get infected with covid ! Why didn’t Halimah Yacob stop the National Day events and why didn’t the information minister Josephine Teo Li Min stop the covid knowing the information covid is damgerous and killing ? How do Lee Hsien Loong still continue to employ these two women and not fired them off to hold responsibility for the spread to such an ugly level endangering citizen lifes ? No minister and President need to hold responsibility meh ? I already highlight in this website to stop Nationsl Day activities yet the whole government refuse to listen ! And now the spread and Lee Hsien Loong no need to hold both the President and information Minister to account for citizen suffering of covid meh ? Even an idiot will know that covid period should not hold National Day events and dances ! What,welcome American vice president woman to Singapore during covid ???

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  • 837 new Covid-19 cases in S’pore…There are currently 809 Covid-19 patients in hospital, including 75 cases in need of oxygen supplementation and nine in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

    Ah… that’s more like it, the Delta that the world knows and fears.

    A SINGLE traveller from Sinkieland to Fujian has caused a massive outbreak of almost 100 (asym and sym) in China, despite being quarantined for 14 days and tested negative 3 times! [LINK]

    How many times is Fujian larger than Sinkieland? And those court jesters think that the THOUSANDS of ACIVE cases in Sinkieland are “controllable and managable”? They think the Delta variant is Delta Eunuch and dare not bite the MIW?

    Before Christmas, the hospitals will be overwhelmed with those seriously infected and the ICU will be packed, the entire Sinkieland will be infected within a year at an R0 of 6. If the so-called experts in MTF still dilly dally with the measures and continue to undermine the Delta and treat it as a common cold virus.

    Their complacency and ignorance will screw Sinkies BIG TIME!

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  • Enforcement and Education:

    Enforcement and Education need to be step up fast.
    The Virus will spread like wild fire at this rate…
    Enforcement..Enforcement ….Enforcement.
    Now too lax…

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  • Seriousness:

    This Covid better to take it more serious…
    More than 4.6 Millions death around the world already.
    Don’t play play OK ?
    Learn from China…

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