Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

For many unvaccinated individuals who find today’s announcement troubling, here is the takeaway:

I do support that our country needs to open up and declare the situation from pandemic to endemic. However, we have a government that is practicing endemic for foreigners but pandemic for its citizens, further discriminating and ostracizing the innocent unvaccinated citizens and individuals.

This is why:

1. Unvaccinated cannot dine in hawker centres (not even alone) where hawker centres are a day to day living culture for many. What is the rationale for this policy? Close proximity with a dining partner? If this is so, it shall mean unvaccinated individuals should not be taking any public transport like MRT or public buses because they are jam packed and usually for more than half an hour for most commuters.

2. Unvaccinated cannot enter shopping malls but stand-alone supermarkets are exempted. If the unvaccinated are seen as posing risks to the vaccinated, then such supermarkets will be a haven for the unvaccinated. Hence, in order to protect the vaccinated, should you not ban the vaccinated from visiting these stand-alone supermarkets? Why is there this need to segregate and divide the harmonious community?

3. You close your doors to your unvaccinated citizens (due to so many ostracizing policies removing their very basic rights to live normally) making them stay in a Pandemic situation, but you allow the foreigners quarantine free, practising Endemic. May I ask is this a fair manner in treating your own citizens? You already have a compliant 82%.

4. So it is said vaccines wear off after 6 months and therefore booster shots are recommended. Hence, what is the difference between a person fully vaccinated 6 months ago vs the unvaccinated/partially vaccinated?

5. Government or rather the PM told us not to be alarmed or fear covid-19 and should treat it like a flu. Is this not hyprocritical when there remains further restrictions in the economy and community especially the F&B sector, further tightening our own market when the unvaccinated now cannot be the spenders.

6. When the ministers and PM tell us not to fear and especially with now only the vaccinated can dine in restaurants and go to malls, why is the 2-to-a-table restriction not eased? What is the fear or concern in allowing dining back to pre pandemic days? Preach Endemic, but act Pandemic?

7. Telling us to respect Covid-19? Hello, would you respect your enemy / killer?

I know of many who have health problems who cannot be vaccinated; I know of an unvaccinated friend who is just earning a living operating a small store in a shopping mall but with this new further tightening rule (it is not an opening up), she ended up crying because she does not know how to continue to run her store in two days’ time, where she will certainly chalk up more losses during the shop closure. Why is she not vaccinated?

She is pregnant and although they say it is safe for pregnant ladies, her concerns to protect her first pregnancy is definitely valid.

It is an opening up in disguise back to what it seems like a 90% circuit breaker, further tightening and constricting our own market by sending our elites and wealthy out of our country spending outside our country, leaving the unaffordables to continue in this struggle and the beauty now is government no longer has to pay relief and help struggling businesses. Brilliant.

Vaccination is not by choice in Singapore. Devising it mandatory but Not declaring it mandatory is for obvious reasons. The wisemen know why.

Really poor Singaporeans.

PS: And I have one more question:

If I stay in a one room flat and tested Covid positive with mild or no symptoms and the direction now is not to visit any hospital but to isolate and recover at home. Obviously, I don’t want to infect my beloved family members. Can I go to either of the MTF’s ministries to look for OYK GKY or LW and seek a solution? A squatter in your bungalow will do.
Jun Low
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16 Responses to “Vaccinated and Unvaccinated”

  • What those idiots at MTF are trying to do is to make life as difficult as possible (short of killing them directly) for the unvaccinated so that they lan lan and guai guai go for the jab, in order for the LEEders to look good and claim 100% vaccination success on the world stage.

    Some local authorities in China tried to use the same tactic on their populace (children cannot go to school if parents are not vaccinated, etc) but eventually was taken to task by the central government, asserting that vaccination is ENCOURAGED but is on a willing basis ONLY.

    In the hypothetical case of 2 oldies but goodies with heart problems who cannot be vaccinated and therefore cannot go buy food or go anywhere, I would suggest for them to call the community centers EVERYTIME they are hungry or out of food, and/or maybe even the police?

    What do you think?

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  • Harder Truths:


    Agree completely. This is bulldozing to show us that any challenge to the orders of the regime will not be tolerated, The unvaxxed will be pariahs in their own country. The underlying message is don’t fight us or we will me you crawl and later beg”.

    This is not the end of it. Not by a long shot. Just wait for the next round of facist laws to make us not even dare to go out of our units.

    CoVID is being used asan excuse to make us obey any new law when the economy finally crashes. Once being vaxxed is shown to be bogus they will need some other excuse to keep this circus running.

    Tech: To the Chinese, C19 is something which cannot be tolerated at any cost, while to the PAPies, it is a tool to control the dafts, thus the unwillingness to eradicate the C19 completely. Unfortunately, the dafts cannot see through their ploy.

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  • XOXO:

    So stringent on unvaccinated un infected sgs but so lax on IMPORTED INFECTED cases?

    Can open air lanes but unvaccinated restrained from malls?

    Say to protect?
    Then why dump INFECTED CECA-FTs n relatives here just after lockdown.

    Surely, not the unvaccinated sgs.
    If one is quick to claim glory, one shud also not push away blames.


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  • oxygen:


    First whether one refused vaccination by free choice, forced choice of health constraints, or by prudence of risks containment/minimisation from vaccine injury, the UNVACCINATED already by national health budget allocation via taxation contribution or any other financial allocated funds already PAID for those vaccinated (and their own share of declined vaccination) vaccine costs.

    Having benefited as such, what superior rights does the vaccinated or its political cow elites have to impose mandate coercion for those recalcitrant non-vaxxers to comply other than simply pure political despotism? It feels like giving the undeserving vaccinated undisclosed rights to exert compliance of all others i.e. they have choices but not the unvaccinated.

    The flawed logic is this – do you pay your supermarket bills PLUS A COMPLIANCE FEE for the check-out to tell you what amount you owe of purchase.

    Not me, I pay for my purchase amount and walk out from there with what I paid for. No further discussion is needed or warranted. I DON’T PAY TWICE UNDER ANY OTHER PRETEXT OF COMMAND ORDER from anyone or anywhere else.


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  • To Protect or to Punish?:

    Maybe to punish the 20% most likely are oppos to govt. policies.

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  • The LEEders care only about “face” and if the LEEders want the entire populace to be vaccinated to look good on the world stage, then by hook and crook, it has to be done. So the onus falls on the clowns at MTF to make it happen, at ANY COST.

    If they had a choice, I think they would order that everyone who is unvaccinated be shot. lol

    Through the C19 pandemic, it can be clearly seen that this is a party that don’t give a shit about peasants, who are mere statistics.

    UNLESS some family members of the LEEders up the lorry, don’t expect any improvement on the current situation. Sinkies are on our own.

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  • xoxi:

    Whoa!PM says ,*we must respect Covid 19 but we must not be paralysed by fear…*

    Shall we say *we should respect Covid 19 and not be PARALYSED BY FOOLISHNESS* instead?



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  • Ah how:

    Time to change the Merlion to a spike globe!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    There are a lot of clinics, dentists, therapists, opticians, law firms etc situated inside shopping malls, how the unvaccinated going to consult these professions operating inside the malls? Also there are unvaccinated working inside the malls too!

    Please note there are people who were unvaccinated not by choice!

    Ministers in the task force, have you thought about that?

    Be mindful, it is the unvaccinated who are more afraid of the vaccinated!

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Mmm…cannot enter shopping malls / shopping centers.

    Actually this proposition we are not alone.

    “Only vaccinated shoppers should be allowed in malls, says Solly Lew”

    Ok. Anyway more finer details!
    Is it strictly 24 hours or before 10pm ( premises with 24 hours NTUC or Cold Storage )? If anyone notice before and currently after 10 pm entering mall does not require token or mobile QR code. Security guards also dont bother. Morning also same thing. Before what hours ( not so sure) also no need to scan when entering. Plus no more safe distance ambassadors.

    Dont tell me they going 3 shift ?

    Why not in phases ?

    Eg Not vaccinated starting by not dining in hawkers centers plus coffee shops plus shopping malls restaurants, eatery and fast foods ( take away allow ) say for a month. We observe any improvement.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Plus cinema as well. Because when the lights are out who knows who take off masks.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Just think of the simple logic:

    1) If “vaccinated” with (mRNA) jabs REALLY WORKS, then those “vaxxed lab rats” should have nothing to fear right?

    It should be those with “NATURAL untainted blood” without any mRNA genetic experimental substances in their blood, who should be fearful of going to crowded places such as malls, MRT etc. correct?

    2) So, such draconian limits on those with “NATURAL untainted blood” is to protect which group hah?
    The 80+% “vaxxed lab rats” or those (approx. 20 % including those children below 12 years old) still having “NATURAL untainted blood”??

    - If its to protect those 80+% “vaxxed lab rats”, that means the (mRNA) jabs are USELESS right? LOL.

    Note: The Science already proves that those (mRNA) jabs does NOT prevent spreading nor does it protect the “vaxxed lab rats” from getting infected.
    The only dubious and thus far unproven “benefit-which-outweighs-the-risks-of-the-jab” is that it MAY protect you from serious illness. LOL.

    But since PAPie says (mRNA) jabs or FOREVER booster jabs is supposedly working, then the ONLY logical reason for such restrictions is to PROTECT the lives of those remaining +/- 20% , with “NATURAL untainted blood”, yes?

    3) Thus, by logical extension, it means LHL is very CONCERNED and COMPASSIONATE so much so that he is now GOING ALL OUT to protect the lives of the remaining 20% minority or so, by restricting their freedoms (of course, all for their own good ;)

    I’m so touched by LHL’s great CONCERN & COMPASSION for the ~20% minority and their lives. LOL.

    4) Since the (mRNA) jabs are having rapidly falling efficacy, so in about a few months time or less now, all those “vaxxed lab rats” will revert to being “unvaxxed” status, UNLESS they continue to take booster jabs, yes?

    As time goes on, more and more of those 80% will eventually DROP OUT of taking (forever) booster jabs, because more & more will realize its “more risk than benefits” the more jabs you take… just like Heroin addicts… the more you take the needle, the more risk to your the health & life.

    So, those in the 20% minority now shouldn’t be worried at all, because in a short few months time, MORE of the 80% will also be restricted from going to hawker centers or crowded places…just like you. Until, eventually with passing of time, they will have no choice to lift all restrictions since practically everyone will no longer take the 7th / 8th/ 9th /10th booster jabs or have passed away from taking too many needles… just like Heroin addicts.

    Thus, the 20% with “NATURAL untainted blood” just need to sit it out and WAIT patiently. Just let the PAPies play out their STUPIDITY until they also give up. It is INEVTIABLE. LOL.

    Tech: To those clowns at MTF, medical facts and logic do not matter, it’s all about what the LEEders want.

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  • Realistically:

    @ PAP mandate strong:
    October 10, 2021 at 9:04 pm (Quote)

    >>Mmm…cannot enter shopping malls / shopping centers.

    Actually this proposition we are not alone.

    “Only vaccinated shoppers should be allowed in malls, says Solly Lew”<<

    And "Sally Lew" is an expert on the Sars-CoV-2 virus and how an economy is run like in the case of SINKaPOOR and what the differences in the mall make-up/composition as to the mix of biz in such malls.

    No wonder SINKaPOOR is going to the dogs under the useless and incompetent emperor without clothes and his siow char boh "MAVERICK" wife.

    I read that SINKaPOOR is looking into NO LONGER offering FREE testings for COVID-19 and that the rich are being asked/surveyed as to the level of increased taxes they are prepared to shoulder……………obviously the emperor without clothes regime had squandered much of the reserves……….by LOSING humongous amount from a long time ago.

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  • MarBowling:

    Think it’s PART of the Game Plan of the Husband(Mai Hum)and Wifey(Holee Jinx)Tag Team and by extension their mouthpiece, the World Class Ministerial Trash Force of the 3 STOOGES, TO EVENTUALLY ACHIEVE FOOL oops FULL 99.99% VACCINATION(except those folks who are IMMOBILE and BEDRIDDEN)FOR ALL, YES ALL SINKAPOREAN, PERIOD! They are also TELLING us the BEAUTY of being poked by the Holee Pfizer jabs: if Kenna INFECTED, WON’T DIE ONE! They keep on REITERATING that those UNVACCINATED folks have a higher chance of being INFECTED and the early RETURNING of their NRIC if they are STUBBORN and REFUSING to go for VACCINATION ASAP!

    Quietly They also have given assurance to ALL VACCINATED folks that the Coverment has already PRE-ORDERED and PRE-PAID using $Billions of our taxpayers hard earned money to ACQUIRE the up and coming Wonder Drug called Molnupiravir which is being developed by pharmaceutical company NO MERCY oops MERCK! Unlike pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and MODERNA which initially CLAIMED that their Holee mRNA vaccines have 95% EFFICACY, This $MART Company, NO MERCY oops MERCK has only claimed that their Wonder Drug Molnupiravir CAN PREVENT AGAINST HOSPITALIZATION AND DEATH BY ONLY 50%! Wonder whether is there ANY LOONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS! Upon approval and arrival of this Wonder Drug to SinKapore, it will be distributed FOC to all household. Understand, it’s NOT CHEAP! A few rich countries have already placed their order for this Wonder Drug. And as usual, like Pfizer and MODERNA, NO MERCY oops MERCK, wiil be LAUGHING(even in their SLEEP)ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    After all the F IDIOTS completed their COMEDY of ERRORS…The COMmander-in-Chief of the COMics…The COMIC-in-Pink declare tha PANdemic JOKE n turn it into the ENDemic…


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  • cartonme:

    if people still so ignorant why there is discrimination against the unvaccinated ? This might not be surprising because those jokers already give away the main reason when they announce these measure along with news of border opening to more countries concurrently. The discrimination is because the foreigners ! Those jokers open up the borders to more countries and usually foreigners are allowed in if they are vaccinated so the foreigners tend to frequent malls, hawker centres, and so those jokers decide that if foreigners get virus, it is not due to unvaccinated.

    So the jokers sacrifice the unvaccinated because of foreigners again.

    Understand ?

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