You Don’t Open Up Until The World Situation Is Stable

Read what a Chinese health economist has said about the disastrous handling of the pandemic by the PAP!

I totally agree with her views and this is what PV and I have been saying all along.

Singaporeans are paying not only a heavy economic price but also with their precious lives for the catastrophic mistake Lawrence Wong, Ong Ye Kung and Gan Kim Yong made in April / May in allowing in high-risk travellers from the Indian sub-continent to enter our country.Today, over 98% of the Covid cases in Singapore come from the Delta strain!

Yesterday, 18 lives were lost to Covid and there were close to 3900 new cases. The number of people in Hospitals, home recovery, community care facilities and treatment facilities total around 23,000.

Our entire nation appears to be engulfed by the virus.

For decades, Singaporeans were told it was imperative to have strong reserves. We were told strong reserves were needed for rainy days. According to Leong Sze Hian, the reserves were in the region of S$1.4 trillion!

With that type of reserves, the government should have closed up our borders and protected our public health and human lives. They could have done so and supported our people and our economy to tide through the perilous times until the worldwide Covid situation stabilised.

Instead, a new narrative was spun. That we could not remain closed and had to open up as soon as possible. The government acted as if $100 Billion was all it had. And it wasted no time in trying to claw back what it had spent through new taxes such as the ridiculous petrol tax this year.

I say with all the contempt I can muster- what rubbish the government has fed Singaporeans! A rubbish narrative that has led to tragic loss of lives.

Finally, Singaporeans realise from this pandemic that they have weak incompetent men helming our country and earning obscene salaries!


Lim Tean




6 Responses to “You Don’t Open Up Until The World Situation Is Stable”

  • xoxo:

    Covid is too dynamic to declare the situation as *static*(stable).
    The dust is not settled yet .
    Dont act hero or we may become ZERO faster than we know .

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    So China can look to Indonesia or malaysia or thailand or japan or korea or afghanistan or China daddy Rusdia …. ?

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  • opposition dude:

    This endemic pandemic will be well remembered when the next election arrives. All that is needed are the nonsensical ways that PAP has tried to contain the virus, the worst one which was to ban unvaccinated people from dining in and entering shopping centres.

    The PAP already had a lousy election last year when their good for nothing leader thought that the party’s name alone would easily ensure him 70% of the votes ha ha ha. And it’s a good thing he didn’t get the strong mandate he wanted as well, just look at the thousands of cases daily and seniors passing on too. 60% of the vote already like that, if it was 70% and above it would be even worse!

    PAP’s heyday is long gone and now is the time for them to decline. You can’t run from the fact that we have more opposition than ever in parliament, you can only choose not to publish it!

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  • MarBowling:

    Great article by Pao Zin oops Lim Tean!

    Unlike his Big Daddy Lee Kayu and a few of his able and capable comrades like Dr Toh CC, Dr Goh KS, Mr Lim KS, Mr S Rajaratnam, etc who had helped him to BRING and GUIDE SinKapore from so-called 3rd World aka Fishing Village to 1st World, his DSon, Mai Hum under the armpit of Wifey Holee Jinx and a bunch of World Class 4G Ministers drawing World Highest Obscene $millions salary, are SLOWLY and GRADUALLY BRINGING AND GUIDING SINKAPORE BACK TO 3rd WORLD status! AFTERMATH COVID19 AND IN THE LOONG TERM, SinKaporean May be able to witness and EXPERIENCE SUCH DIRE SCENARIO, PERIOD!

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  • Rubik's Cube:

    I had earlier posted this on 26 Sept 21 :-

    Just ask yourself these questions.

    What is endemic ?

    The term endemic refers to diseases that are constantly present within a population, with infection rates maintained at a predictable rate.

    What is living with the C19 endemic ?

    It means easing up or opening fully the economy and living lives normally in the midst of C19 infections with losened or unrestrictive social and economic norms.

    Why do you think that Singapore must ease or open up her economy into endemic from pandemic ?

    The underlying reasons are SMRT ( MRT & Bus ), Singapore Transit Link ( Bus & MRT ) but the mother of all is SIA.

    In fact it is all about SIA ( Singapore Airlines )

    Why SIA ?

    It is the precious baby of LKY.

    It is perfectly alright for other mega enterprise like Hyflux to fail.

    But not SIA.

    JEWEL Changi Airport costing $1.7b will be just a nice tombstone for SIA if it fails.

    What is it about SIA ?

    Singapore Airlines uses up last $600m of $8.8b from 2020 rights issue.

    Deep down inside, Singapore is dead worried and very desperate to not let SIA go belly up.

    Opening up our border and economy is the surest way in the hope for its survival.

    Full speed ahead, cannot wait any further. The sooner the better.

    What about YOU and ME ?

    It never has been about protecting its own people.

    The huge chucks of the 3 budgets from our reserves in this pandemic have been used to save their business corporations and foreigners.

    Citizens on the other hand are forced to sacrifice their own lives and livelihoods at all costs to breathe life into SIA.

    SIA is BIGGER than all of us.

    Read the ST on VTL and take a look at SIA office ticket sales counter.

    SIA is now jumping for JOY !!

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  • Vote for the Opposition:

    If you are not happy with what the pap govt is doing, VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION IN THE NEXT ELECTION !!

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