PURTIER Placenta is a health supplement containing stem cells from deer placenta.* Only extracts from fresh deer placenta go into the formula. The most advanced freeze-drying processes are used to maintain the highest bio-active levels for as long as three to four years.

Remaining true to its purpose whilst embracing progress, we continually seek to further improve on PURTIER Placenta’s formula. Through our extensive research and development, the 6th Edition of PURTIER Placenta by RIWAY has created a revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare and synergistically work together with deer placenta to improve PURTIER Placenta’s performance, making it the perfect and only health supplement you ever need.

PURTIER Placenta is a complete supplement; virtually everything necessary for good health all in one capsule.

By combining nature’s bounteous nutritional gifts with the latest in modern technology, PURTIER Placenta harnesses the regenerative powers of deer placenta in a health-promoting formula that is revved up with eleven other nutrient-rich and performance-proven ingredients. In this sixth edition, new components have been added to promote even greater health. Each of the following ingredients in Purtier Placenta is carefully selected for its high level of performance.

  1. Deer Placenta : 100 mg , good bio-compatibility with the human body, highly nutritious, richer in contents with an increase from 50:1 to 100:1, in a smaller capsule for easier consumption.
  2. Nucleiclavem™: 100 mg , detoxification.
  3. Fucoidan Extract: 50 mg, a great source of protein, minerals and antioxidants, boosts the body’s immune system, maintains and improves gut and digestive health
  4. Apple Polyphenols: 20 mg, nutritional Powerhouse rich in antioxidants, protects cells from free radical damage, strengthens the body’s defence system, each capsule’s contents are extracted from 100 apples.
  5. Marine Collagen Peptides: 100 mg, marine organisms extracts with the most complete 18 types of amino acids, boosts immunity, maintains youthful skin, in peptide form, providing 10 times better absorption.
  1. Dendrobium: 20 mg, combats fatigue, promotes blood circulation, maintains joint mobility, nourishes the stomach and moistens the lungs.
  2. Evening Primrose Oil: 100 mg, rich in vitamins and minerals, regulates vitality, promotes metabolism, maintains body functions.
  3. Avocado Oil: 100 mg, rich in β-carotene and potassium, provides fatty acids required by the body, powerful antioxidant.
  4. Squalene: 100 mg, increases metabolism, rich in EPA and DHA, improves blood circulation.
  5. Aloe Vera Extract: 10 mg, excellent source of amino acids, active enzymes, vitamins and nutrition complexes, boosts the body’s immune system, improves digestion
  6. Borage Oil: 200 m, improves the skin’s condition, maintains the cholesterol level
  7. Lycopene: 50 mg, natural carotenoids known as super antioxidants, promotes metabolism.

Nitrogen-Filled Technology

Nutrients are prone to oxidation and deterioration when encountering oxygen, free radicals, UV rays, or bacteria, during typical capsulation methodologies. To prevent this, PURTIER Placentauses nitrogen-filled technology for encapsulation. This eliminates oxygen in the process and prevents the nutrients from decomposing.

Enteric-Coated and Bio Softgels

A high-quality enteric coating acts to prevent gastric acid from destroying the softgels and their nutrients before they have a chance to enter the small intestine, where nutrient absorption is the highest. 

*No deers are harmed in the production of this product.

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