Local transmission is more prevalent

My friend entered Singapore from Indonesia to visit his father.

He was tested negative on arrival and placed on home isolation. He was again tested negative after the isolation period.

A week later, he was tested positive and placed on quarantine in a government facility. He was discharged after being tested negative again.

During his one month stay in Singapore, he was restricted most of the time.

It was likely that he was infected while in Singapore, as the virus is now quite prevalent in the community.

It appears that the current regime frequent testing and of isolation and quarantine is causing a lot of inconvenience, and is probably not effective in stopping the transmission of the virus.

It also appears that the virus is quite mild in most cases and that the effort put into the testing, isolation and quarantine is quite useless.


Tan Kin Lian




10 Responses to “Local transmission is more prevalent”

  • Trust only myself:

    Of course very true it is very prevalent in the community, every now and then there are people I knew who ended up positive and stay home for self recovery.

    How can it be only 3000 + cases daily, don’t let the incompetent liars continue telling lies.

    For those of you who know about long queue for curry rice in Beo Crescent area, probably you will not find them serving for the next two weeks…………..don’t ask me why.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “It also appears that the virus is quite mild in most cases and that the effort put into the testing, isolation and quarantine is quite useless.”

    @Mr. Tan, you think that were useless? What about temperature scanning, QR code scanning, Trace Together app/token scanning and Vaccination status scanning? That’s right it is still using by retails and F & B, not only at the malls’/buildings’ entrance but shops inside these venues too! So you need to do one or more of the scans multiple times inside the same venue!

    Case in point; I went inside a mall wanted to take coffee and toast. I entered the main entrance scanned my TT app and show my vaccination status, when I made my order at the counter I did the QR Code scan and was asked to show the vaccination status again. I told the staff I already shown my status at the entrance, she replied she could see my status at the entrance. So you say stupid or not. They blamed the government for the drop in business, but they did not know they themselves created it!

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  • Ya lor:

    As long as there are human, thare are infection going on. Infected, re-infected, dormant, whatever…they are everywhere in everry corner of this conuntry. The water is already muddy, you need extremely strong leader like LKY to stand firm, filter out all the nonsense going on by the current leaders.

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  • Stupid Singaporeans:

    PAP knows Singaporeans are stupid. Why? Because they know themselves they are useless yet Stupid Singaporeans still vote them.

    So, they ended up Ma Ma Fu Fu, flipping pratas, no need to be so serious with stupid people.

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  • Is Testing Too Frequent?:

    It appears that the current regime frequent testing and of isolation and quarantine is causing a lot of inconvenience, and is probably not effective in stopping the transmission of the virus.

    It also appears that the virus is quite mild in most cases and that the effort put into the testing, isolation and quarantine is quite useless.

    It’s laissez-faire approach to combating the virus when compared to what China (note your beloved China, TKL) is doing. Not everyone are required to do the ART test weekly. Even then, results of the ART test is not conclusive, still have to carry out the PCR test. Most people are doing their ART test at the comfort of their homes. Not sure about PCR test. Is it very inconvenient to do PCR test, compared to China where people are made to queue up outside overnight to rush through the PCT testing. In Gansu province they are queuing up for PCR test while it’s snowing.

    If frequent testing and isolation is not effective in stopping the transmission of the virus, then TKL may suggest what is?

    If the virus is quite mild, why do we have unnecessary Covid related deaths reported daily. That wasn’t the case before we decide to co-exist with the virus. Does the virus care about co-existing with human beings? Probably, there is nothing to lose. Are we liken to practising “euthanasia” on people with comorbidities? Of course, to an actuary, these are merely numbers to create more profitable insurance products.

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G is the VIRUS HUB of Asia. Tourists will definitely come flocking to $G so they can experience CoVID Delta and then bring it back to their families overseas.

    Catching a CoVID virus from $G will be the new Asian craze, and if you infect more than 100 people you can collect a prize from $ingapore Tourism. I am sure other countries want to share our wonderful CoVID experience via tourists and returning workers.

    And don’t forget the H6N5 bird flu also coming to a hawker center near you! Lots of exciting diseases coming your way this Christmas season.

    And don’t worry – stocks will never run dry. If you are a visitor, do not despair. Just ask your hotel reception for the most infected shopping center or mall near you. You will not be disappointed.

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  • Fire:

    Zero Covid
    Living with Covid

    So many restrictions .
    At the end of the day , singalean SUFFER !

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  • Harder Truths:

    Deaths from CoVID ‘vaccines’

    “I think it’s highly likely that the next phase will involve death [From CoVID -19 vaccine] on a scale which will dwarf the claims of “covid-19 deaths” to date.”

    Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President

    Paul Craig Roberts (

    There is no evidence that Big Pharma’s Covid “vaccines” are effective and no evidence that they are safe. Indeed, all the evidence is to the contrary. The “vaccines” were rushed into use before they were tested or approved on the basis of the falsehoods that there was a deadly pandemic afoot for which there were no cures.

    These lies were soon exposed. Except for people with serious illnesses who were left untreated, Covid had a low fatality rate. Doctors soon discovered that HCQ and Ivermectin were both preventatives and cures, but the medical establishment and the presstitutes joined Big Pharma and Fauci in suppressing the information. The large number of alleged Covid cases was manufactured by the use of the PCR test intentionally run at high cycles known to produce mainly false positives.

    The fear that was orchestrated prepped frightened and gullible people for the “vaccine.”

    Now the results of the “vaccine” are in. These are the known facts:

    The jabs do not protect. Thus the advent of booster jabs and the protocol that the vaccinated continue to wear masks.

    The “vaccine” is associated with a high rate of deaths and injuries, rates far higher than rates associated with vaccines and medicines the use of which was stopped.

    The vaccinated spread the virus more easily than the unvaccinated.

    The majority of hospitalized Covid patients are vaccinated people and people suffering adverse reactions to the “vaccine.”

    The “vaccine” permanently impairs your natural immunity.

    Deaths and injuries rise with the rate of vaccination. The larger the percentage of a population vaccinated, the higher the excess deaths.

    Covid attacks the elderly with comorbidities who are left untreated; the vaccine attacks the young.

    This important article provides evidence that mortality rises with vaccination

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  • @Harder Truths

    “depopulation”, heavy word here.

    They are intentionally trying to finish off all the oldies but goodies so that they can replace the aging population with new, fresher blood and maybe even FTs.

    No wonder they die die want to torture the unvax, to achieve 100% vaccination rate because most of the unvax are oldies but goodies.

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  • Feedback:

    Ah Lian

    You think you are in casino playing the Roulette Red or Black. Mild or not mild is not for you to judge.
    But remember, there is always the green slot. Where viruses win it all.

    Green slot consists of the Delta , Delta Plus or Maybe AY 4.2. Or there are four dominant variants of SARS-CoV-2 spreading among global populations: the Alpha Variant (formerly called the UK Variant and officially referred to as B.1.1.7), the Beta Variant (formerly called the South Africa Variant and officially referred to as B.1.351), the Gamma Variant (formerly called the Brazil Variant and officially referred to as P.1), and the Delta Variant (formerly called the India Variant and officially referred to as B.1.617.2). It is anybody guess when we are hitting the green slot.
    Yes, last year was peaceful. Not much death involved.
    Since we allow flight coming in. Every flight reported positive cases without fail. Wasn’t PCR tested before flight? If every flight cannot even get zero positive ! How to get to single digit! ! Looking at the sudden surge on the average of 3,500 infected and number of death just in one month.
    Can you tell me and ascertain which of these variants are so deadly or mild! Go find out. Don’t just talk cock sing song. And bull doze all your way as though you are an expert. In fact: you are just making things worst to encourage the spread and treating this Covid as mild.

    Will infected person get reoccurring infection? If answer- Yes. Ah Lian , go look into your wonderful statistics of the total number of already infected Zombie walking around. Hope you meet one of them!

    We go back to the 2003 SARS era now with the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), or an unexplained respiratory illness
    Look what happen! Go check the number of death only 34 – infected only 238 and world affected 8096 infected no ART kits or vaccine since then, SARS killed 774 globally . What”s our death toll today! Correct me if my figures or facts are wrong.

    Last year 2020.
    Was told No sign of community spread. Is there a community spread now?
    Was told Covid don’t infect children. Suddenly, there were a surge in children infection! Even though when the kindergartens or schools were open. All Teachers were tested. Some Teachers were tested positive.
    What went wrong ?and How could this happen.? What the medical experts advice?
    Give up and live by it! Or it’s it beyond control!
    In other countries, zoo animals were tested positive. Maybe Fake news! Well. we never learn our lesson or too complacent that It will never happen in Singapore. Oh, shit 4 Lions tested positive. What about rest of the other animals in the zoo? Chicken farms , will Bird Flu or Avian Flu variants turn WILD infected us.
    Please Mr Tan whether mild or serious . I say again You are again not only caught with your pants down but your underwear too.
    Have you ever thought of the zoo staff attending to the animals was what you said was …… your notion. Are you happy maybe with your assurance to the staff of the zoo that their symptoms are mild. So just carry on… at your own timing … shit…the 4 Lion tested positive! Now are all the animals going to be tested… is it a waste of time as you put it ! Wait till the baby panda tested Positive… then I will say it’s … mild. Headline news again!
    Who say no trace of human associated to animals spread! Oops ! Maybe the experts meant was no evidence of animals transmitted to human. So is Singapore the first to claim the spread of human to animals? Surprise again Ah Lian !
    Where are all the medical experts. Care to comment?
    Don’t you think that we should be warning as precautionary measures : Any Singaporean tested Covid positive on SHN should avoid their home pets while in isolation !

    You are just too complacent or arrogant. Hypothetically one flight consists of average 5 positive imports everyday as I mentioned how these positive by pass the PCR before schedule flight. With the infected positives in an enclosed compartment of just 6 hours flight . What about long haul flight ! Did you check how many will be positive infected walking around! Which passengers in Red or Black slot! Which passenger fit in the green slot !
    Last year. When the spread in the dormitories infection were spreading. Dormitories workers were serve with Food and free wifi to contact their family. They were free from STRESS. Well done!

    Why the community spread now? Could it be Singaporean now in STRESs mode. I am in disSTRESs mode . Facing with financial problems and making ends meet. With a miserable $300 plus monthly receiving from my monthly CPF to get by! Could that be a contributing factor – STRESS. Stress Even to decide to take a booster shot! Will let you know if I landed in hospital !

    I am praying hard Karma take its course but not cursing at you.
    You claim you are healthy and have taken the booster shot. Just await for you to be in the green slot. I will like you to experience whether the mutated green slot variants are mild or serious.Only time will tell. As you are not in stress mode. You are rich. So it boils down to you – Suay or not Suay to make friend with the mutated variants. And your so call the mild Viruses will Tikam tikam to meet you.

    Going back to our history. SARS was detect in TTSH. But TTSH was infected again this round! Very disheartening to see the spread and so much money spend to contain the Covid spread. Yet, is this present situation better than the SARS situation in 2003 ? At that time, No contact tracing or the token thingy. Yet, the source of detection could be trace to a “lady”. What is happening now! Ah Lian?

    Any medical experts care to comment as so much blah…bla..bla bla …in the beginning of 2020 when iCovid started! Give Up! Wait for it to Covid to disappear? Wishful thinking ! Unless you build the “Noah of Ark”.

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