Newest desalination plant on Jurong Island

Singapore opened its 5th and newest desalination plant on Jurong Island. Among other things, it was also reported that it is 5% more energy efficient. I like what I have read although I have some thoughts.

Despite our fast aging population, our population is growing, courtesy of the government’s immigration policies, hence, the demand for housing, competition for jobs and health care etc will always remain heighten, however, all those will play second fiddle to the demand for water and energy.

The opening of Hyflux Tuas Spring started off very promising but it ended miserably due to a variety of reasons and among them, collapsed of the electricity prices. There are many valuable lessons that we can learn from the Hyflux’s failure if only we bother.

Desalination is a highly energy intensive operation and imported gas generated > 95% of our electricity. Singapore is in a very, very vulnerable position on water and energy and will be even more so going forward.

Nuclear technology has made great strides over the years and whenever Nuclear is mentioned, safety issues have always come to the fore of people’s psyche and it is totally understandable because just one accident whether it is resulted from some strong earthquakes that happen in nearby Indonesian islands, successful sabotage or successful terrorism etc could thoroughly wipe out our little red dot, however, given our extremely tight situation, I say never say never to nuclear energy usage. It maybe worth our while to objectively take a second look at it again in a technological elvoving environment.

We can muster the best technologies that the world has to offer, both local and international nuclear top brains, scientists and relevant professionals to explore and study the possibility of having a small and highly regulated nuclear reactor to serve our desalination needs and more. Needless to say, all safety aspects and contingency requirements must exceed the most stringent international standards at all times etc.

Outside Singapore, we are also likely to encounter our neighbours’ objections. A strong government must be able to work through all that and secure our national interest.

I doubt if we can ever have one with iron in them, the lhl administration or a new one under a new Prime Minister. I am sharing my thoughts and I invite feedback from all.



Simon Lim




6 Responses to “Newest desalination plant on Jurong Island”

  • 2Daft2Live:

    It looks like we are hell bent on going over the cliff. When facing the new normal of climate change and the resulting increased probability of food and energy crises as well as future pandemics, our great leaders chose to adopt more of the same old strategy for growing the country.

    In an age of climate uncertainty and its associated consequences instead of pausing and re-thinking our strategies, we chose to wayang as if we are working hard to address these issues. Ignorance is suffering, guess the daft needs to suffer more. As long as they don’t die in the process, I guess there’s still hope. If not…’s a relief for them too.

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  • xoxo:

    Whatever! If got problem,just COLLECT MORE MONEY fron DAFT sinkies.

    What can fail financially for PAP?
    JUST PLUG HOLE$ with citizens’ money.

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  • I am all for a Nuclear Plant at Jurong Island. If got problem, Malaysia also kenna, how nice?

    Since Sinkies are going to drop like flies eventually, even if the blowout from the Nuclear Reactor don’t kill them, the vaccine will, anyway.

    Either way, it would be a slow and painful death. lol

    For those 5% who have maintained the die die don’t vax stance, I say congrats! The end result was worth all the shit that you have been through.

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  • Harder Truths:

    TRE Tech: I am all for a Nuclear Plant at Jurong Island. If got problem, Malaysia also kenna, how nice?

    No lah – Sentosa is better. We can catch the radioactive three-eye fish nearby one day.

    Tech: On 2nd thought, I think Isetana better, then electric cables no need to go undersea, heard these cables are very expensive. lol

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  • Simon Simple:

    Heh, look at all those nuclear power accidents. Which is not built according to the world’s best standards?

    Why risk the entire country and population? The good easy solution is to stop the population growth from foreigners. Think simple. Don’t be so stewpig.

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  • lithium battery:

    //I say never say never to nuclear energy usage. It maybe worth our while to objectively take a second look at it again in a technological elvoving environment.//

    aiyoh ?? nuclear lar, better say NEVER to nuclear ?? even by standing at a bus stop, accident can still happen with car mounting kerb barrier to hit someone ?? even humans can sometimes trip and fall ??

    nuclear accident is not like some PMD fire or some small lithium battery explosion (not even a plane crash ??) ?? nuclear means nuclear lar and accidents are bound to happen – it is matter of WHEN and not whether it is going to happen or not ??? when you have something, that something will never remain in a same state forever and in perpetuity – as the surrounding conditions (human and non-human based ???) around it are always changing affecting its current state and reaction ?? BUT THEN, we know hor HUMANS can be conditioned to accept nuclear accidental deaths (similar to CONVIT99 deaths ??) once it is “normalized” (through propaganda and self-interested marketing campaign ??) ???

    sinkie land while only a small red dot needs plenty of energy & water because of open-leg policy and plenty of rent-seeking lar having to service a lot more people and businesses (ponzi effect ???) ???

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