Two years to investigate Lim Tean

The police has most probably spent two whole years to investigate Lim Tean to put up the CBT charge against him but now, after charging him in court, they are telling us they need another 2 months to investigate for further potential cheating and CBT?

Then why press the charges now? Since they have taken 2 years, why not wait for another 2 months before pressing the charges altogether?

I always remember what my economics lecturer cum Honours thesis supervisor told me, “don’t come and serve me half cooked food when you are not even ready!”

Well maybe they need that 2 months to look for that missing key witness who had failed to appear in court yesterday?

Ok, we have to wait till July and see what additional potential charge of cheating and CBT the police will come up with.


Goh Meng Seng




6 Responses to “Two years to investigate Lim Tean”

  • Clowns Of Parleeament:

    Pink says he’d step down as pm at 70. He’s now 70! Why is he not honouring his words? I can’t wait to see him go coz only then his personal lawyer, oops, I mean the AG would also have to retire. After all, he’s already 69! This loyal puppy has been helping Pinky fix his enemies for a long time. It’s time both of them go and die together, oops, I mean both of them retire together.

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  • Wah… heard from some readers AGC also going after M Ravi and wants him struck off and suspended wor.

    Apparently LawSoc cleared him but the AGC is mounting an appeal.

    Suay suay if both M Ravi and Lim Tean 88 liao, then next time who represent the lunatic fringe?

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  • Total control or nothing:

    Clear as day…PAP culling off all the strong oppos… first.
    WP, PSP, SDP and now PVP.
    Our SG now practises 3rd world justice ..only w/o the killings…they destroy opponents financially and professionally..thats their M.O.

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  • C’est la vie:

    The Judge should’ve succinctly told these incompetent idiots , …… “not to waste the Court’s time” !!!

    But of course, no Judge in can do that, … not when they’re all, on the same side of incompetence and irregularities !!!

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  • opposition dude:

    No lah, they need 2 months to sit down and come up with a better plan against Lim Tean, it’s as simple as that. If they have something that they can use against him then it wouldn’t even take 2 months. But if they scratch their heads and still can’t come up with something then expect them to put this on the backburner with some headline saying that the matter needs to be looked into further without saying how long it will take.

    Typical PAP mah, who hasn’t seen this before? When they want to do something like raise GST they will tell us all the cock and bull stories to justify it. Same thing happens when people ask for more assistance, they will say this cannot that cannot to justify not helping.

    So I ask you lah, what else is new?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Two years to investigate Lim Tean ?

    Responsec:Nothing surprising about how government forces work slowly waiting for top instructions to act and react ? That is why we need to haul out Lee Hsien Loong to question him out why he haven’t given any instructions to beadt Janil Puthucheary ,MP of Punggol ,to release the water cooler at Punggol bus temporary interchange to the public to use to help lower water cost to the public ? Look at those b**** women Cheers store and 7 eleven store all selling mineral bottle warer at super high cost of easily $2.10 fir a 600 ml water bottle that super expensive ! Pui! All of us going to suffer and some may die of heat stroke with no drinkable public water available by Puthucheary still sleeping and too lazy to check why that water cooler at Punggol Bus Terminal is still covered up with plastic bag and not opened to public ! Even shopping mall no need trace together token check-in already ! Lee Hsien Loong must also be sleeping !Pui!

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