Lawyer Lim Tean and TRE’s Class Action against MTF

Lawyer Lim Tian

* For ease of future reference, we shall be referring to the class action suit brought by the group of litigants led by Ms Han Hui Hui (coordinated by TRE) against the MTF for alleged discriminatory policies against the un-vaccinated as the TRE’s suit/action.

This is to avoid confusion as there is reportedly another ongoing suit against the MTF by a secretive group of 5 litigants, the suit of which is believed to be currently at the PTC stage. Rumor has it that they have increased their crowdfunding target from the initial $300,000 to $500,000, probably to engage a SC or a QC?

There was a delay in penning this statement as there was confusion as to whether Mr Lim Tean, the lawyer acting for TRE’s litigants, has been officially charged in court, partly due to the reported “8 weeks adjournment” which the prosecution has sought.

After checking with his bailor, we can now confirm that Mr Lim Tean has been officially charged in court on Thursday (12th May) with 5 alleged offences, namely:

1. Unlawful Stalking x 1 count.

2. Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) x 1 count.

3. Practicing law without a valid license x 3 counts.

This statement serves to address one of the concerns that some readers and current litigants have emailed to ask; as to whether Mr Lim’s present predicament will have any negative bearing on TRE’s current class action against the MTF.

The simple and direct answer is NO, it has absolutely no bearing on our current action because the hearing has already been completed on the 18th April, and judgment has been reserved to an unspecified date.

We understand that even in the very unlikely event that Mr Lim is suspended from practice when the judgment is finally ready to be delivered, a stand-in lawyer or the lead litigant can continue to represent the group to ‘receive it’.

On a related note, we wish to state that Mr Lim has discharged his duty as a lawyer adequately, and has made strong arguments to the best of his ability in this action. He was assisted by Mr Leong Sze Hian throughout the course of the entire case preparation stages insofar as crunching numbers were concerned.

We were also furnished with copies of all necessary statements and affidavits throughout the entire course of the action and were constantly kept in the loop. These documents were made available to all litigants if they request them, either from TRE or Carson Law Chambers.

That having said, we understand that Mr Lim will be contesting the alleged charges against him vigorously and we wish him every success.

We hope our readers would avoid prejudicial bias in jumping to any conclusion and leave the merits of Mr Lim’s case to the courts.

Thank you for your continued support.


* TRE is no longer accepting any donations towards the class action as the hearing has been completed. Updates will be posted as and when available.





6 Responses to “Lawyer Lim Tean and TRE’s Class Action against MTF”

  • MarBowling:

    Hopefully those squatting in the Hide Court handling this Holee Case against Bao Zheng aka Bao Gong aka Bao Lim TEAN are folks with INTEGRITY AND HONESTY! Not folks under the ARMPIT AND THUMB OF THE HAND THAT COVERS HEAVEN OOPS THE WHOLE SKY OF SINKAPORE!

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  • Asd:

    I think you trying to say cannot think about it and say one’s opinion ar

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  • Sue:

    Mr lim Thean should sue Ag for damages to clear his good name.

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  • Wah, unconfirmed sources are suggesting that Characterist LLP, the law firm purportedly acting for the secretive 5 may be pocketing $500,000 as the group is trying to raise the amount for their Judicial Review against the MTF.

    Last heard, their original target was $300,000 and they have raised most part of it. Now they are increasing their target to a whopping $500,000 (1/2 MILLION)!!!!!!!!!!

    On hindsight, Carson Law Chambers damned cheap man (TRE got a bargain good deal?), or maybe because Characterist LLP is fielding an SC or importing a QC?

    Come to think of it, why are other people’s lawyers all so expensive one? Iris Koh’s is pegged at more than $100,000 and this secretive 5 is believed to be $500,000. How come?

    Hm… maybe TRE should engage a QC to argue their appeal and ask for 1 MILLION? lol

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  • Harder Truths:

    It is important to know the ‘judgement’ of the marsupial courts to understand how future lockdowns will be managed. Yes, there will definitely be future security restrictions for many reasons.

    If a person can be deprived of his/her rights then it is very clear what kind of situation anyone who opposes the Regime will find themselves in if they refuse to obey Regime commands.

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  • pro and anti vax, come in:
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