A new social media platform that provides quality posts

Here are my views about the new social media platform that Elon Musk can build, if he does not buy Twitter.

1. All users have to be authenticated (i.e. no fake users, duplicate users or bots are allowed).

2. Each user can follow other users – like Twitter and Facebook

3 Any user can create a post and tweet (send) it to its followers (all followers or a restricted list).

4. Each user has to pay a charge of (say) 0.1 cent per tweet, beyond a free limit of (say) 1,000 tweets a day.

5. When a recipient opens a tweet, the status is recorded. This allows the sender to know the active followers (based on proportion of tweets opened) and to create a restricted list.

6. By imposing a charge on each tweet, the sender will put in the effort to compose posts that are more meaningful and relevant to the followers. The followers are more likely to read the posts.

7. The new platform should not duplicate the services that are already present in existing platforms. Instead, it should provide a different focus.

8. If Elon Musk goes to this new platform, many of his 93 million existing followers in Twitter are likely to move to the new platform. If Elon Musk tweets two post a day, the platform will have a revenue of 93 million X $0.001 X 2 a day = $186,000 from him. If the platform attracts 10 times the traffic from other organizations, annual revenue is $186,000 X 10 X 365 = $678 million. This is 18% of Twitter’s current revenue of $3.72 billion.

9. The operating cost for this platform is extremely low, say 30% of revenue. This platform will become extremely profitable.


Tan Kin Lian




7 Responses to “A new social media platform that provides quality posts”

  • Delina Arumugam:

    The proposal makes sense, nice!

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  • Tan Ku Ku:

    Mr. Tan is looking for a job.

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  • xoxo:

    Elon Mu$k’s social website?
    He will promote ELITI$M N THE GREEDY.

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  • maju:

    Tan Kin Lian didn’t really understand how tech world works. Why does he think that Twitter has monopoly ? Just because everyone using Twitter, Twitter can change business model and start charging ? Tan think like PAP, where PAP as a government monopolize everything to make money through law in tiny red dot, but in Tech world is different, another startup or large companies could come out similar service to capitalize it and make it free. Just look at telegram, if the telegram founder can create a similar Twitter service, aka Twitgram or Twitle , that will be end of Twitter.

    Everyone thinks that Elon is going to buy Twitter is obviously didn’t understand the situation. Elon never interested in Twitter to own, he has just enough money to play around with, but he is not stupid to overpay for Twitter or buy it. He just want to find ways to expose this company’s practice. 100% sure that the deal will be off and Twitter will be the laughing stock of the century. Elon has the last laugh.

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  • M.I.A.:

    Hey! Where is oxygen.
    Seems like he is MIA.
    Miss his posts here.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    How come the Changi airport [email protected] keep getting disrupted in minutes after connected ? The [email protected] in Terminal 3 is getting from bad to worse and worsening especially the area at the big cinematic screen showing free video in basement 2 !Pui ! Elsewhere Singapore free wifi is not ready and easily available everywhere and malls also hard to get free wifi access ! Is this called digital Singapore ? Pui ! Everywhere also need to use ownself paid mobile data ! Pui ! Few places has free good wifi signal ! Pui !

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  • panyusg:

    I am not using Twitter. Using WhatsApp and Wechat because international calls are free. Using Facebook to access business sites I need to interact with.

    Otherwise e-mails are sufficient. I refuse almost all sales calls by phone…I say..stick to e-mails. And if I do not like the emails, I put them to my spam box.

    There are many sites for watching videos with Youtube still the best as many great videos are there. For movies, I use Youtube as I am not fussy that it must be the latest Hollywood ones. I love Chinese period drama.

    Life is peaceful for me.

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