Red Dot United Seminar 2022 – Closing the Pay Gap

Pay gap occurs in all countries and societies and across most professions, and Singapore is not an exception. A pay gap which is not corrected prevents the rights of the more vulnerable and marginalised from being better protected and improved. It becomes a hurdle and deters them from achieving economic independence and security.

Red Dot United is organising a seminar to address this very important topic as wage inequality makes us all vulnerable.

Through this seminar, we want to explore how some work in the core economy is unpaid or undervalued and exploited, generating life-long inequalities in social standing, job opportunities, income, and power by those affected. It is our hope that by exploring this we can uncover the compass for the progress of Singaporeans in the 21st century and discover the possibility of creating a more just Singapore.

18 June 2022, 2pm – 5pm
Training Room @ The Commerze, 1 Irving Place, #08-10, The [email protected], Singapore 369546 (Google map:


Anna Mohan: Anna is a master’s student in social policy at the LSE specialising in International Development and urbanisation. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Anna was then inspired to launch her career in intersectional feminism, as Deputy Director at Women Unbounded.

Lee Un Su: Un Su is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies. He is currently exploring tools for helping communities become more inclusive and empathetic. He has a background in philosophy and filmmaking, and believes that stories are what moves people the most.

Liyana Dhamirah: Liyana is an entrepreneur and the author of the best-selling book ‘Once Homeless’. From being homeless to becoming an entrepreneur, to contesting in a General Election, Liyana has broken down stereotypes. She is a voice for the marginalised.

Ravi Philemon: Ravi is the secretary-general of Red Dot United. He has been involved in the socio-political scene in Singapore, being active in various movements, since 2008. Ravi believes that unfair discrimination of any kind is not good for the progress of the country.

JOVIAN JAMES (Moderator) – Jovian is a Practice Trainee at a law firm. He has a background in engineering, law and public policy. He has experience working with NGO’s in the setting up and operation of various welfare projects. Jovian takes keen interest in social and public policy studies and has a critical yet responsible approach to problem solving.

As there are limited seats for this public seminar, pre registration at this link, is required. Seats are allotted on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.




4 Responses to “Red Dot United Seminar 2022 – Closing the Pay Gap”

  • Dr Fire:


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  • John Doe:

    All the best.
    Wish u unlimited success in your pursuits.

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  • John Doe:

    Be careful, guard your steps to not allowed the PAP to steal your ideas and concepts the act of this the PAP is so infamous for.

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  • xoxo:

    Wish your namesake was true,Red Dot united,truly.
    Look how fragmented we are as A People.
    Seen many daft sgs bashing own countrymen while sucking up to aliens especially ang mohs even if such behave disrespectfully and UGLILY towards sg-hosts.
    Look at the fragmented oppo !
    How to convince sgs to stand behind you,oppo,when you all dont STAND UNITED?

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