All Singaporeans who stay in HDB flats should take note

AMK SERS – All Singaporeans who stay in HDB flats should take note.

Although HDB and PAP Ministers have said that only very small percentage of HDB will have SERS, BUT I don’t even believe that is actually feasible NOT to carry out redevelopment of all old HDB flats at any point of time in the coming decades.

The logic is simple, most of the HDB flats built in the 1970s or 1980s may not last till the end of 99 years lease.

Even for those newer HDB estates built after 1990, it is IMPOSSIBLE to let the whole town of HDB flats expire their lease altogether. There will be a massive mismatch of demand and supply of flats which will create turmoil and even homeless situation by then.

It will be extremely challenging for modern Highrise concrete structures to last 99 years. We are already witnessing sparring concretes falling off in some older flats.

Thus I believe that it is totally inevitable SERS will be carried out as ongoing planned process else future Gov may face grave consequences.

Thus it is important to make sure each and every SERS is carried out fairly and properly. You may think these unfairness only happens to these unfortunate AMK SERS flat owners but it is just a matter of time you or your children aka future generations will face the same situation.

The HDB time bomb will inevitably implode and there will be definitely pain. It is now about who gets more painful and who shoulder more damage… The gov vs citizens.

If majority of Singaporeans just ignore and heck care, then good luck to everyone. Don’t complain later when it actually hit you.


Goh Meng Seng




7 Responses to “All Singaporeans who stay in HDB flats should take note”

  • PAP the Narcissist:

    For once, GMS eho some of my concerns which I dwelled on for some years.

    The other is the PAP likely already thought out of some ‘gifts’ every 5 years for a certain ‘block’ of HDB flat pseudo owners, then next block of pseudo owners.

    Then come next 5 years, they had already planned out who are the next batch of beneficial recipients of their HDB presents.

    These gifts I reckoned are lease extensions – it could take the form, like flats that had hit 50 years balance of pseudo ownership, the PAP Administration (if they are still in power) could extend another 29 years which then make those flats at 79 years old.

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  • theforgottongeneration:

    That’s why I said LW/4G will inherit a lot of shxt which the useless Golden Prince didn’t bother to address past 18+years. Aiya, No Blaming Culture, hor?

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  • xoxo:

    BEWARE THE RobinHoot$!
    Rob the poor,anyhow give to the RICH(them$elves included) plus some ALIEN$!
    HOOT AH!

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  • Harder Truths:

    This is not about HDB or housing for citizens. This is about taking the land and building condos and private residences for the highest bidder. The land will be sold to developers and rented to FT. There are literally millions waiting to come to $inkieland.

    The outcome is high inflation. Locals will not be able to afford even the simplest of living conditions. Young people especially have told me they have no way to make a decent living and on top of that they cannot buy a unit, even looking at a thirty – year mortgage.

    This is the new wave of Regime money-making recycling ideas. I have satisfaction that karma has hit the Regime stronghold of AMK.

    Let the good times roll.

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  • No cash needed:

    For those elderly who does not have the cash to pay for the new flat,just give them the new flat with a shorter lease.
    So no need to come up any more cash as it will be difficult for them.
    They need money for their retirement needs.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    If majority of Singaporeans just ignore and heck care, then good luck to everyone. Don’t complain later when it actually hit you.
    This is so clear that Goh Meng Seng is inciting/instigating.

    If you are not happy, you yourselves alone go do something about it.

    Don’t incite and don’t instigate hiding behind a forum.

    Go walk the ground yourselves…don’t hide!!!!!!!

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  • Xoxo124:

    All the Chinese New citizens know that this is a raw deal compared to SERs in China. Depending on the urgency. They can get up to 3 units as compensation. And no shortage …at times they get back more.

    That is how they get Rick on China SERs. In Singapore you get poorer.

    This is the country that you chose to migrate to and you are now the laughing stock of your relatives back in China.

    But you can always vote them out.

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