Party list proportional representation

Someone asked for my view on this issue – Should Singapore use a party-list proportional representation instead of the current first-past-the-post voting that use constituency like SMS and GRC to give the opposition many seats if their party got 5% of votes in the elections?

This article¬†explains the “party list proportional system”.

I think that it is better to have a mixed system, where a member is elected to represent the constitutuency under the “first past the post system” and additional members are elected on the “party list proportional system”.

This article¬†explains the “mixed system”.

My preference is for a “one party system” where election of leaders is carried out democratically by the members of the party (which could represent 5% to 10% of the population. This system ensures that the leaders are elected by people who are willing to spend time to understand the system and to know the people that they are voting for.

Most countries consider that “democracy” requires all citizens to have the right to vote. In practice, a large majority of the population do not pay attention to the political system. They are easily swayed by messages made during the election campaign. The political parties and candidates with the most funds are able to reach out better to the votes. The winners are usually the people with the most election funds.

This is a real weakness of a system where every citizen has a vote. It explains why most democracies are not able to deal with the challenges faced by the ordinary people.

There is another weakness in a system based on competition among political parties. These parties spend more energy fighting each other than to find solutions to improve the living standards of the people.

A “democratic system” allows for the governing party to be thrown out of office if it does not perform. In most countries, the governing party does not perform and have to be replaced at a future general election.

Tan Kin Lian




4 Responses to “Party list proportional representation”

  • opposition dude:

    PAP will never revert back to all SMCs since GRCs have served them very very well. So far they have lost 2 but could have lost more if all wards were contested as SMCs. But not to worry since their vote share is expected to drop in future elections since voters don’t trust them as much as in previous decades.

    So just wait for the day when they don’t have the majority in parliament. Once that happens they can kiss their GRCs goodbye as well as their obscene salaries.

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  • Nathan Chen:

    Don’t flop the dead horse.Proportional representation and other similar model like the PAP splitting into two teams had been discussed before.PAP can afford to be condescending,why not? They look good playing games with the opposition and voters.PAP is not invincable.The opposition must meet the PAP head-on regardless of the ridiculous gerrymandering and construct of more and more laws to make the playing field even more uneven.But we have seen how the WP had beaten the PAP in their own games.WP can do it,so can other oppostion parties.There is no need to give the impression that the opposition need the patronage of the PAP to take away seats from them.The younger generation of opp political parties must be shrewd and patient to play the waiting game.PAP cannot last forever. But how long would it last after Ah Loong.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    We need a new government to check what is going on with the reserve, the CPF, the money the PAP lost under Ho Ching.

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  • SantaClaws:

    All these systems will fail, including any modified ones because all people are primarily self serving( my life or interests over your dead bodies) so any elected or representative leaders are similarly motivated. And at the end of the day, you are putting a “super ego” at the helm or top of the ivory tower, which history has time and again attested is a formulaic for the tower, supported by the people, to ultimately crash( great sufferings and lawlessness shall come upon the people).

    You need to be…born again.

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