Dirty and filthy food centre

A Chinese netizen took this video and posted it online to show how dirty and filthy this food centre and its surroundings at People’s Park was. I share his sentiments and I want to add that this hawker centre isn’t the only eyesore and embrassassment that one can easily find in Singapore these days.

In many HDB heartlands and rental blocks such as those in Bukit Merah and Chin Swee etc…especially the more mature estates, the level of cleanliness or more precisely, the lack of it, isn’t any better either.

I once personally highlighted to retired pap MP, Sam Tan that the cleanliness level of a few rental blocks in his constituency at Radian Mas was atrocious and all that he could said to me nonchalantly was that the prescint is the dirtiest in Singapore. I stress, he said to me that is the Dirtiest prescint in Singapore and it was in his constituency! (Please read this paragraph again and I post it publicly online to shame him again).

The only 2 things that saved that useless pap MP Sam Tan from being voted out a long time ago was one, the Bangladeshi cleaners there do their cleaning jobs fabulously well and two, very importantly, the people who live there are very largely poor/destitute seniors many of them are on public welfare, low income or no income people and they don’t care and don’t complain whatsoever how their living environments are rotting away.

With the huge influx of foreign workers over the decades, the lack of serious public education about public cleanliness and personal responsibility directed specifically at a younger generation of Singaporens who grow up in a different era and a mediocre pap government to boot etc, our once highly disciplined, desired, proud and world renowned Clean and Green Garden City (CGGC) under the premiership of the late MM is gone and the rot is spreading. GCGC is history and mere memory.

To add insult to injury, I believe that the accompanying clip is in Josephine Teo’s Jalan Besar constituency.



Simon Lim




22 Responses to “Dirty and filthy food centre”

  • Camera:

    No worries.ckeaning can always depend on covi.

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  • Harder Truths:

    UNESCO world heritage site. Do not clean. Ever.

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  • Good Simon:

    Simon, please start a “Dirtiest MP” award.

    “Highlighting” is good only for POWERPOINT, not MP.

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  • xoxo:

    Even outlets of fast-food chains are dirty these days.
    Tray return policy is being abused by food chains which leave tables n floors unclean.

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  • Stupid Singaporeans Vote PAP:

    How about cleaning up the “dirty” government first?

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  • Cleanliness:

    Need to ensure the place is clean. Cleanliness affect health.
    Our Standard has dropped while other countries are improving.
    Need to do more.
    Too much reliance on cleaners. Should educate everyone to keep the place clean and not litter in the first place.
    Hope not only work with heavy fines…

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  • Come one come all:

    Dont blame the cleaners. Pity them.
    Blame the notorious litterers!
    Who else ?
    Our sgov doesnt care as long as money flows in…
    Its happening all over our once clean abd green city..
    So depressing..

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  • smart nation:

    Not only the hawker centres are dirty and filthy, but they are also infested with birds!! And the birds nuisance is getting worse as days pass, since no one is taking any actions to get rid of the birds!!
    All they are good at is, keep telling the public not to feed the birds!!..and you’re be FINE blah blah……..
    Hello!! those birds need not be feed, there are left -over food aplenty lying in and around the tables and collection stalls!!
    Maybe they are waiting for another outbreak of birds flu to erupt then take actions!!

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  • KT2:

    The never-ending dirty and littered public places could be due probably to shortage of public health inspectors on the grounds. The authorities shld oso re-appoint the ex-safety ambassadors and train them to nab littering offenders. Alternatively, they can use CCTVs to catch the offenders. If LTA has CCTVs to nab traffic offenders, why the NEA is not doing so ? It is time to raise productivity and pro-activeness of senior civil servants ! Hope they will take up netizens’ recommendations and suggestions.

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  • Trust only myself:

    You already said ex-MP……………will the liar care even if he knows it is the dirtiest area around?

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  • Observer:

    Most likely tourists.

    Foreign workers know they have to pay the fine in order to keep their work passes. Unless they plan to leave their SG job.

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  • Has the PAP done NS?:

    PAP Administration has always told SGpns that their education of SGpns on keep SG clean, no drugs, courtesy is our way of live IS THE WAY to go in building a resilient society, a gracious society.

    Didn’t the HDB flats lifts display monitors messages indicate, ‘let’s do good?’

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    Are you kidding Simon,SinCity is the Cleanest,carbon free friendly,& oldest Hawker Centre CLEANERS in the World…Due for lisring in World Heritage Club a city 1st in everything even cleaning a$$e

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    That’s China town. Mostly Chinese and prcs and prcs stalls there. Then you know the culprits.

    Then again you go little india tekka hawker center and surroundings. Same thing right.

    Depends on individuals. For me If food is good plus free wifi , environment secondary.

    Malaysia same thing. Prior to covid. When in JB, Always patronize the 沙煲飯 stall at the food center or hawker center ( not sure what they call it ) nearby leisure mall in the evening. Environment also not clean but business good.

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  • MarBowling:

    Top beam crooked, bottom sure goes slanting one!

    Top Gun of NEA is World Class Minister DisGraceFool who has been COMPLAINING about her World Humongous Obscene $millions Salary IS NOT ENOUGH since the reduction of their Ministerial salaries a few years ago!

    So do expect her to Hentak Kaki in discharging her Ministerial duty unless her USELESS a Big Boss takes the OBVIOUS HINT by quietly increasing her salary(only hers)by 30%! So pending any concrete ACTION to be taken by her Big Boss, expect more popular eateries and hawker CENTRES to be in 3rd world condition!

    DisGraceFool, Jia Yu!

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  • Keep SG clean:

    TC fees going to increase…PAPs will wayang no enough cleaners.. …higher cost to import more FW workers blah blah blah..
    They always hit us where it hurts.
    Why not impose a Tourist charge.
    Bhutan for decades imposes a $200 per tourist entering the country..also keeps the rift raft away.
    I read few more countries are now following suit .
    But i doubt PAPgov will opt for this…here money is king!

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  • ScourgeOfGlobalisation:

    The infective filth of globalisation infiltrates.Hiring or importing people, and to some extend the disillusioned locals mired in conflicting interests , who basically do not give a damn about your NATION(here only for the money) and your well being(in their selfish interests) – like everyone who does the least but lust for more money will do the minimum and compromise their work ethics to short change you or over your dead bodies if their selfish interests are undermined.
    When eat out do it at your own risk because these foreigners are doing most of your “dirty work” or work you shun.
    Ask yourself how thoughtful of others are you as a person? Nah, you are the same.
    There is no cure for the scourge of globalisation

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  • Spec Ops:

    Yes this is the 7-11 you come across when you come up from Chinatown MRT opposite the one leading up to Pagoda Street.

    Was always an open rubbish pit for years (used to go through this dump as part of the job from 2013-early 2020). Even before the FTs the People Park’s Complex felt like a depressing place where people go to die but now going through there makes you want to have a shower once you come out of it.

    Josephine Teo being the elitist who went over to that meeting place for losers in Davos’ World Economic Forum obviously looks down on people who don’t make $600,000 a year (the Mrs Wooden Goh’s peanut benchmark). No surprise they put her in charge of the poorest areas.

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  • panyusg:

    Who are littering…mainly Singaporeans.

    What is there to complain? We are used to have FTs sweep up for us. Littering laws have little enforcement as such inspectors are no longer deployed.

    The worst culprits are local contractors and that includes those from Malaysia.

    The Indian, Bangla workers are busy working. Even on week-ends when Little India is crowded, littering is much less.

    If Singaporeans want to live in filth, they deserve it.

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    panyusg: Who are littering…mainly Singaporeans.

    Well said… Singaporeans are the main culprit in dirtying the enviroment.

    Now 7th month coming and it will worsen the dirty environment and the C19 pandemic.

    As we are in the midst of C19 pandemic, I urge all sound and rational minded Singaporeans to call SCDF fire/smoke hazard dept. at 1800 280 0000.

    If Singaporeans insist on burning and dirtying the environment to worsen the C19 pandemic, take video of them and upload to UT to shame them.

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    panyusg: What is there to complain? We are used to have FTs sweep up for us.

    Well said. Singaporean poor are very fortunate.

    Our great PAP even hire cleaners to clean up for the Singaporean poor.

    Where else do you get such caring government ? Only PAP Ok.

    Freedom, Human Rights, Demoncracy? All without the need for responsibility ?
    Streets of Philadelphia, “True Story” June, 2022

    PAP Huat, Huat, Huat

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  • Smart Nation:

    With so many diseases going around, perhaps it is best for hawker centres to use disposable cutleries for better health and hygiene. I have doubt that the hawker centres clean and dry their cutleries thoroughly especially when they have to cater to so many customers. Hawker centres should be built with a washroom equipped with heavy-duty dish-washer and dryer to ensure that cutleries are washed and dried properly. Until then, using disposables would be more hygienic.

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