What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated

The battlefield is still warm, following Canada’s war on the unvaccinated. The mandates have let up, and both sides stumble back into something that looks like the old normal — except that there is a fresh and present injury done to the people we tried to break. And no one wants to talk about it.

Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated. And as a deputized collective, we force-multiplied that pain, taking the fight into our families, friendships, and workplaces. Today, we face the hard truth that none of it was justified — and, in doing that, uncover a precious lesson.

It was a quick slide from righteousness to cruelty, and however much we might blame our leaders for the push, we’re accountable for stepping into the trap despite better judgement.

We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. We said they hadn’t “done the right thing” by turning their bodies over to state care — even though we knew that principled opposition to such a thing is priceless in any circumstance. And we truly let ourselves believe that going into another ineffectual lockdown would be their fault, not the fault of toxic policy.

And so it was by the wilful ignorance of science, civics, and politics that we squeezed the unvaccinated to the degree that we did.

We invented a new rubric for the good citizen and — failing to be one ourselves — took pleasure in scapegoating anyone who didn’t measure up. After months of engineered lockdowns, having someone to blame and to burn simply felt good.

So we cannot hold our heads high, as if believing we had logic, love, or truth on our side while we viciously wished death upon the unvaccinated. The best we can do is sit in the awareness of our rabid inhumanity for having cast so many aside.

Most of us who pilloried the noncompliant did it because it seemed like certain victory, like the unvaccinated would never make it through unbroken. Indeed, the promised new normal looked unbeatable, so we sided with it and made punching bags out of the holdouts.

But betting against them has been a scathing embarrassment for many of us who’ve now learned that the mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not through quiet compliance that we avoided endless domination by pharmaceutical companies and medical checkpoints at every doorway. It was thanks to the people we tried to tear down.

So for those of us not among the hopeless few that pray for the return of mandates, we might find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated. We took the bait by hating them, but their perseverance bought us the time to see we were wrong.

It seems right now like the mandates will return, but this time there’s hope that more of us will see them for what they are: a rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our wellbeing. If there’s an enemy, it’s the confidence game of state power and the transparent attempt to tear us apart. Heeding that looks like our best shot at redemption.


Susan Dunham


* The author blogs at




11 Responses to “What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated”

  • xoxo:

    No jab No Entry still?
    At the airport,the GATEWAY INTO SG,MANY UNVACCINATED from high risk countries are mo$t warmly u$hered in.
    No problem?

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  • Spec Ops:

    There was one article that had a bad enough headline against the un-injected, but the URL was revealing in the original edit before it was changed to the headline used:


    A mere apology will not be enough.

    They wanted us dead, and now the curse they placed upon the un-injected rebounded upon them and the result is all beds full and 50 hour wait for hospital bed.

    Half the medical staff knocked out because they had to take the shot.

    And this is just the start.

    “Funeral workers wanted in Singapore: At least 800 job vacancies available over next few years – Faced with an ageing population, Singapore’s annual deaths are set to rise from about 24,000 in 2021 to 40,000 in 2040.” – Cocaine News Asia

    Reading between the lines, 800 people is the size of an entire infantry battalion ( HQ staff + 3 rifle Companies + Support Company) plus 2 additional attached Companies.

    or 4x production factories on 24/7 operation

    sounds like preparing for lot more than 40,000 dead a year.

    We know they don’t accurately report on anything and slant it towards creating an impression favorable to the MiW, so the reality of ‘vacancies’ is likely a lot higher.

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  • Spec Ops:

    Continuing from previous post:

    [My Speculation]

    This one also just occur to me, very clever ( in an evil way ) how they write.

    Why choose so far away date of 2040?

    Are people expecting a linear increase only from 2021 to 2040?

    Or is 40,000 deaths per year at 2040 the tail end of the big one in around 2024-2030s?

    Maybe estimated figure of 250,000+ deaths a year on average for the time period = most of those who took the mRNA booster / 3rd shot?

    This fits with the speculated timescale of 5-10 years for long term deaths from Myocarditis scar-tissue hearts, V-AIDS, V-Prion Disease Encephalopathy, clots.

    I hope I am wrong. But I am not the optimistic type.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Pointless article that shows this blogger missed a great opportunity to learn from this global disaster of “Xperimental mRNA Jabs”. LOL.

    Its NOT about what “other people” or “society” do or not do lah.

    Me keeping my own “Pure Blood” has NOTHING to do with you and neither has what you say or feel towards the “Pure Bloods” anything to do with me. The “jabbed” can hate or love the “Pure Bloods” but it still doesn’t change the fact YOU CHOSE the path yourself. LOL.

    You can hate “Pure Bloods” just to try to psychologically absolve yourself of YOUR OWN faults & failures, but it does nothing for your soul & you know deep down, it is pointless.

    Whether right or wrong, each soul have to make their own choice. Letting yourself be “coerced” to take some jab just to keep your salary (i.e. subscribing to Mammon) is your CHOICE.

    Sometimes merely following “society” or allowing “someone else” to decide for you IS also a choice that you make; but always remember YOU ultimately bear the consequences for your own choices.

    Its ALWAYS been about YOUR OWN CHOICES and whether you as an individual have the integrity to chart your own course and/or have the COURAGE to take responsibility for your own body/life/health.

    The idiocy of social conventions & external social pressures is always present in every age and in every culture throughout history.
    There will ALWAYS be some external socio-political /medical/commercial/ideological pressures in life.

    That’s why as a Human Being, you were born in this realm to LEARN.

    Only as a human being, you have the mental capacity to make your own choices & chart your own course. An animal cannot decide its fate. It is subject to the whims of its behavioral instincts, external environment or what its owners decide to do to it, for better or worse.

    For a full-fledged Human Being, the Universe made you with critical faculties that allow YOU to make YOUR OWN CHOICE(S), so you cannot blame anyone else. Get it? LOL.

    That’s why even the Devil CANNOT forcibly inject you, otherwise no points for the Devil. LOL. As an allegory, if the Serpent had used physical force and coiled around Adam & Eve to force them to eat the forbidden fruit, then only the Serpent will be at fault and Adam & Eve would NOT have committed the Original Sin.

    So the Serpent tried DECEPTION and Lies to trick Eve first, and then Adam, in a moment of weakness, blindly trusted Eve and ate of the fruit too. So, you see even Adam cannot blame Eve, because he himself did not exercise his God-given discernment & simply allowed “others” / externalities to sway him or be fooled by them.

    I am NOT a Xistian or claiming the above story was a literal incident or not. Nevertheless the spiritual / human lesson(s) on PERSONAL responsibility is still very much valid. So Good Luck to all.

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  • @Spec Ops

    Very well analysed indeed, but then Sinkies cannot think that far, they are very forgetful especially when they are given $100 rebates here and there.

    Grab the popcorn and watch the show, just a matter of time before the Big Bang. lol

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  • unvax:

    I had been waiting for the data of ICU and death by Vaccination Status for 29/10/2022 till data of 30/10/2022 came out.
    Since 21/10/2022, 7-Day Moving Average of Number of Active Cases in ICU, per 100k Population for Fully Vaccinated has been higher than that of Non-Fully Vaccinated. Let me calculate using data on 30/10/2022.
    Non-Fully Vaccinated 0.12
    Fully Vaccinated 0.25 (more than doubled, doubled on 29/10/2022, 0.24)
    92% of total population Completed full regimen
    Singapore total population 5.64 million
    0.12*5,640k*(100%-92%)/100k=0.5 (Non-Fully Vaccinated)
    0.25*5,640k*92%/100k=13 (Fully Vaccinated)

    Tech: Nice breakdown, although the MTF is apparently trying very hard to cover up. Want to be our C19 correspondent? You can publish this on TRE on a daily/own time own target basis, contact me if you want to.

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  • unvax:

    Thank you. I’d like to comment, not publish. It’s too formal. And the data by vaccination status may not be available later, like other information.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    TR Emeritus really has no topic to talk about?Only talk about unvaccinated,vaccinated,covid vaccine,effectiveness,….However Singapore has a lot of issues like frequent fires in Singapore due to battery fires,suicide deaths in Singapore,kailan costing superprice of $91 for two plates at restaurant ,……

    And can also look at all the expensive prices in malls and why malls with basically little or no customers can continue to survive the high mall rentals without closing down .Also can discuss why too many aestetics expensive women shops open in malls with no customers can continue operations! Plenty of huge pre schools especially in Punggol and still opening more at Punggol Hub and what a joke is that when birthrate hasn’t improve,still opens too many childcare centres for what ? Building more unnecessary white elephant structures don’t cost money meh ? Look at everywhere also has huge extremely large digital screens that cost huge public funds to pay but little use and few are watching such large screen tv lcd/led everywhere wasting electricity ! Pui ! And with so many large digital screen everywhere that can advertise,why is those shameless Punggol women MP still paying for large printed banners that are put up everywhere for NDP printed banners and Deepavali printed banners !Extremely waste of public funds when digital greetings can be put up at white elephants LCD screen projects that has been installed in every ground level lifts .But there is no investment returns on public money spent on ground level lcd for nobody using the lifts actually watch those ground level lcd that waste electricity at least 12-18 hours per day ! And all those malls lcd,few watch too ! Pui! Waste so much money installing such useless projects everywhere !Pui !Lee Hsien Loong as PM position no need to question out how public funds are wasted ? What about all oppositions party like WP and PSP too!Chee Soon Juan,don’t depend on him to question ! Tan Cheng Bok maybe must be in sleep mode till now after General Election ?

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  • Sad:

    Maybe next time be kind to others.No need to go to the extreme.
    We may not be always right.

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  • tangboiboi:

    Persistent men will NEVER learn from their lesson.. no matter how much they have been tekaned and punished my the powers that be.. They think if they are garang enough and endured enough, (just like the NS low wall obstacle), knocking agiunst the wall long and hard enough, the wall will give way.


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  • vd:

    vd[vacc distcrimination] and coercion is a very serious matter.
    using citizens as political pawns is treason
    all these were followed by allowing pfizay etc to produce mRNA vacc here is good enough reason to throw out PAP in addition to all the current socioeconomic woes frmo them

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