Traveling for the Qatar World Cup? Here is What You Should Know

The World Cup has brought different unique experiences in different hosting countries. Some would swear that the 2010 South Africa World Cup was the best. The 2018 Russia World Cup, on the other hand, is considered a phenomenal success.

The World Cup is here with us again, hosted by Qatar. As usual, fans are expectant as they look forward to seeing their favorite players working the ball on the pitch and placing wagers with sportsbooks. As you wait for the World Cup matches, you could go to Play Croco casino login and play some casino games as you wait for the big season.

If you are planning to experience the World Cup firsthand and planning a trip to Qatar, here is what you need to know.

1. Covid-19 Requirements

Regardless of immunization status, anyone who plans to attend the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar must provide negative Covid-19 test documentation. A fast antigen test administered within 24 hours of arrival or a PCR test performed within 48 hours of departure must yield a negative result.

Both assessments cannot be self-administered and must be obtained from recognized medical facilities.

Ehteraz, a government-backed contact tracing tool akin to the UAE’s Alhosn mobile app, must be downloaded by GCC nationals and residents over the age of 18.

Facemasks are required on public transportation, at the airport, and by employees.

Visitors are urged to review the most recent recommendations made by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health while traveling with their preferred carrier.

2. You Should Have a Hayya Card

To participate in this event, all visitors from outside of Qatar must be aware of the entry requirements.

All foreign nationals who intend to visit Qatar for the FIFA World Cup beginning on November 1 this year must possess a Hayya Card to enter the country. Holders of Qatari residency permits are exempt from this requirement, and the card will be made available as soon as it has been approved using the Hayya app.

It is unclear, nevertheless, whether or not visitors with Qatar temporary work visas must possess the Hayya card.

All individuals attending any of the games played in Qatar must possess a Hayya Card, sometimes referred to as a Fan ID, provided by FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. It has been made clear that visitors cannot access the stadium without both a match ticket and a Hayya card.

Travelers from other nations can enter Qatar using the Hayya Card. However, those who want to visit before November 1 will be able to do so if they meet the conditions for their visa category. To enter the stadium, they must still have the Hayya card.

3. Will Alcohol Be Allowed?

Both grocery stores and restaurants have strict policies on serving or selling alcohol. Additionally, it’s against the law to be drunk or drink alcohol in public.

These regulations have also caused travelers to wonder if they will be allowed to consume alcohol while visiting Qatar. Qatar’s authorities have stated that they are making an effort to make the regulations more palatable for visitors from other nations.

4. Are Tickets Available?

Tickets are available even though the Portugal and Argentina games, opening ceremony, and finals have sold out.

Fans can buy World Cup tickets in two ways. They can get tickets for match hospitality from Expat Sport or the FIFA website.

Expat Sport ticket has category one seats, with a good view of the stadium and four hours of access to food at the stadium. The first person’s ticket is $950 (AED3,489.36).

Verify the validity of your citation. Buy your tickets through or Expat Sport, the UAE’s official and exclusive agent, to ensure they are legitimate.

5. What to Wear

While driving, as much as when out in public, tourists should dress modestly; the shoulders of women must be covered, and short skirts must be avoided. When visiting governmental offices, medical facilities, or shopping malls, men and women should avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless tops. You might be asked to leave or denied entrance to these places if you are not dressed modestly. Although the rules are anticipated to be substantially unchanged, they are anticipated to be somewhat eased during the World Cup.

6. Accommodation

To boost accommodation, the organizers provide shared rooms in villas, vacant apartments, tents, and fan villages.

Two cruise ships are being converted into hotels at the port of Doha. Seventy thousand more rooms are anticipated to enter the market due to all these actions.

Qatar will provide up to 130,000 rooms, according to the nation’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy.

There are few and pricy lodging choices on the ground in Qatar. Refabricated cabins are being marketed as a low-cost alternative at so-called “fan towns” in Doha’s outskirts.

Due to the shortage of accommodations, hundreds of fans have been forced to go outside Qatar for solutions, with many choosing to base themselves there.

Daily shuttle flights will be run by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman to transport spectators to the host nation.

In advance of the World Cup, demand for hotel rooms has skyrocketed in Dubai, a renowned travel destination. The city will run around 50 shuttle flights daily to Doha, which is slightly more than an hour distant by air.


If you plan to attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup tournament, there is a lot to consider to have an easy time. Ensure you are well-versed with Qatar’s Covid-19 requirements to stay compliant.

Understand the country’s laws to avoid legal issues, and plan for your accommodation in advance to beat the pressure on the available accommodation options.





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