Japanese football in the World Cup

The Japanese football team’s performances in this World Cup (WC) so far is nothing short of spectacular, an almost fairly tale comes alive story.

They are grouped alongside Costa Rica, Spain and Germany in Group E with the latter 2 being former World Champion and the Japanese players, although physically smaller, overcame both teams and hammered them soundly. They are only at the halfway mark of their WC journey. I wish them the very best.

Now, looking back at my home country Singapore and what do we see regarding football under the pap government’s leadership of more than 2 decades?

In a few words, it sucks, it rots and it doesn’t even rank among the top 3 in ASEAN despite it being peppered with big talks by big pap ministars, even led by a former pap ministar and a former pap mayor… etc.

I quote Goh Chok Tong in 1998, ‘last year, I told you that Singapore would never have a chance in the World Cup……I have changed my mind after watching the French victory. If we change our immigration criteria to bring in top football talents and made them citizens, then one day too, we can get into the final. In fact, we intend to do just that’.

Mah Bow Tan was the President of FAS in 1999.

To Goh Chok Tong and he is still alive, I want to ask him what happen to your 1998 dream of football greatness of 2010?

Today, we are into the last month of 2022 alearly. Many suckerporeans have forgotten Goh’s boast in 1998 and younger Singaporeans are unaware but surely Goh CT must still remember and I want ask again, what happen?

Singapore is a very, very rich country and money is not an issue. I ask did the pap government dish out big enough carrots to attract the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to don our national football jersey and if not, why not?

Watching the superman performances of the Japanese team and remembering what Goh CT said made me both shy and angry.

If the World Cup or some boxing Championship Belts or even the Olympic Gold medals could be bought, I am sure the pap government would have by now purchased a truckload of them with their big smiling photographs taken together to boot.



Simon Lim




8 Responses to “Japanese football in the World Cup”

  • Sungai Road Ah Beng:

    Comparing Singapore with Japan on performance in sports?

    Japan, population: 125 millions

    Singapore, population: 5 millions

    Do something meaningful and logical, not something with intention to humiliate and belittle!

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  • Its a rich man's world:

    Buying foreign top talents and winning for SG, does not make real SGs feel proud and triumphant.
    This gov solves everything by throwing money at people.

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  • xoxo:

    After those Kallang Roar days,Sg Football is basically gone.
    Those days,we witness the glorious days of Sg Soccer.
    To dream of World Cup is just what it is,dreaming.
    We need players like Kim Swee,Kim Song,Dollah,Rajagopal,Arshad Khamis,
    and their team members.
    Even Fandi’s kids are nothing to shout about.

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  • Big balls:

    Those people can play only small balls. Even that, have to hire foreigners to play.

    Big balls – out of their capabilities.

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  • what a joke!!:

    It’s a BIG joke when the clown commented that TEAM SINGAPORE will play in the 2010 WC!! Now, another clown also jumped into the WC boat and also commented that Singapore will play in the not so far away WC!!
    Are they not farting through their top orifices!!??
    For decades when the WC comes around, citizens have been asking to watch the WC matches for free, but those clowns who are supposed to promote football in Singapore, either pretend not to hear the loud and long free viewing voices or they come out and commented that it’s a commercial decision!!
    Don’t these clowns know that the WC is THE best platform to promote football in Singapore? The WC generates passion, emotion, enthusiasm with fury and anger etc etc!!
    The live telecast of WC matches will create a backdrop for Singapore youth to get interested in football!!
    All the hot air of promoting and wanting TS to play in the WC is just hot air if we don’t have a large base of young Singaporeans interested in the game!!
    So, next time when those clowns talk about football and TS playing in the WC, just show them the middle finger!!

    Tech: You mean WC in Singapore is not free? My God!

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  • Be realistic:

    SG winning The WC? Not in a million years!
    Wont even make it to the qualifying rounds.
    Maybe sgov should employ that Japanese coach /manager , for starters… teach and prepare our boys..
    But players all should be 100% SGporean!

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  • $inply Bochap Incorporated:

    Just witness the wit-less construction of goalposts on all the public futsal courts around Singapore’s hdb estates! Too wide and too low… for the last 20 years the kids have been compelled to practice on goalposts with wrong dimensions!

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    I do think our Singapore need to immediately disband off all women soccer teams ,remove off all soccer women activities from participation of international events which are a costly events and being sponsored by our Singapore governments be it as grants,scholarship,….The huge cost of all these women soccer teams which will eventually bring no medals,no cups,no top finals ,…..and few words simply sum it off-a total waste of public funds to pay them incentives,salaries,benefits,…..and that is another reason why our GST need to increase to fund a big white elephant project-the useless women soccer team of Singapore ! Insteas,you get all these women soccer players to sweep up our environment flooring will be more useless work rather than participate in international women soccer in which Singaporean women 100% cannot make it unlike swimming ! Dumb government to spent unnecessary money on such women soccer team ! Pui !And Singaporeans or taxpayers are suffering for it !

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